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Christmas hampers, we are still on time

November has not started yet, stores have not embarked on to the massive Christmas decorations and supermarkets are weeks away until you can start buying nougat (and if you can already find it… watch expiration dates!). However, this is the best time to order Christmas hampers.

First I would like to appeal to employers (although there are fewer and the few that remain are going through a hard time), to tell them to bet on the Christmas hampers. Neither company dinner nor that post card with some extra money for Christmas: the Christmas hamper is the most valued and save up option.

It saves quarrels and odd situations, because you know how sometimes Christmas work dinners end. One just need to take a look at YouTube or to read the hundreds of blogs where many people give advice about what should be avoided in these kind of meetings, based on the most bizarre personal experiences.

And it also saves money, because a Christmas hamper costs much less than a company dinner and also costs less than the reasonable amount to put in a decent tip on the Christmas postcard.

The Christmas hamper can also be costumed in many cases and there are all kinds of possibilities to choose. Christmas hampers that include a ham or a ham shoulder (these are the Rolls Royce of the hampers, especially if the content is Iberian), total Christmas hampers, in which you can find from the peaches, to sparkling wine, red and white wine, nougats and all what you may need for a very typical Christmas day and even gourmet hampers, which are as varied catalog of delicatessen.

Anyway, you have to be proactive. Why waiting until your boss takes the initiative? If you fancy a Christmas hamper: buy it yourself. In addition to the illusion and the nice moment to share with your family while opening the hamper, it is often cheaper than to buy the whole lot of things separately.

If you do not know where to find Christmas hampers you can check on the Internet (of course) and for example, at the Uvinum web from this week on you have them and you can find different models of Christmas hampers which can be purchased from a single unit.