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To drink more and spend less

 TAGS:In 2012 Spanish households increased their wine consumption and reduced the spending on these purchases. They tend to choose cheaper wines and increased their consumption by 0.2% over the previous year.

We’ve seen cheap wine options that have emerged successfully in Spanish market thanks to the new behavior of consumers, looking for new options in order to serve wine at their tables and enjoy a good family meal.

Spending on wine purchases fell 2.6%, representing 2.36 Euros per liter. This is a reflection of the fall of prices for wines with denomination of origin and sparkling ones. In addition, there was an increase in the consumption of wines without designation of origin at affordable prices in the Spanish market.

Wine consumption in Spain increased to reach 435, 3 million liters in 2012, this is a considerable amount and a good part of this consumption comes from Catalonia. This Autonomous Community consumes more wine and spends more money on food.

Today we recommend the most popular and economical wines with denomination of origin in Uvinum:

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Txomin Etxaniz Txakoli 2011



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Gran Feudo Chivite Reserva 2006

The Glamourous Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary is a well known cocktail. Its distinctive red color is very attractive and offers glamour to the warmer nights. Now that the weather is good, the Bloody Mary is a good alternative to mix different flavors.

Traditionally, this cocktail mixtures vodka, tomato juice, salt and black pepper, a few drops of Tabasco sauce and a little lime or lemon juice. Served very cold, it is even better with a little salt and lime on the rim of the glass. In this way, the tomato marries well with the potent flavors of Tabasco and vodka.

It supports several variations, as the spicy pepper and Tabasco can be increased or lowered according to the consumer taste. In the United States, they often replace vodka for gin and is drunk as an appetizer before lunch or dinner. No one knows the exact origin of this sweet and tasty cocktail, but according to the most widespread theory it was invented by Fernand Petiot, a bartender from the New York bar in Paris who found this formula in 1921.

Since then its fame spread to various countries across the world and started to be really popular in the U.S., where it is consumed today. His name is also curious: it is named after the daughter of Henry VIII, Mary I of England, better known as Bloody Mary. She wanted to restore Catholicism in England, causing many deaths. Here comes the Bloody marry, bloody meaningful for England.

The legend says that this cocktail, by its ingredients, is perfect to fight hangovers. I recommend it after a heavy dinner with friends.

Are you a fan of Bloody Mary? What vodka would you choose? We recommend:

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Grey Goose Vodka 1L

New cocktails from the far East

Hong Kong has numerous flashy cocktails, product of the characteristic ingenuity of the Far East?s inhabitants. You might dare to prepare some of them at home with ingredients you get in our store, or perhaps these cocktails will give you the expected final push that will make you undertake that trip you dreamed of so many times. If you make them at home, remember, all of them are characterized by the excellent presentation and aesthetic harmony. Think Feng Shui!

Among the most innovative cocktails we have the Super Lemon, a cocktail meant for those who truly love the citrus beverage. It is made with lemon cream, gin and lemon juice, usually served with a super bitter lemon sweet. This candy is the last touch that will transport you to your childhood, according to Antonio Lai.

The Nine Dragons is a vodka-based cocktail that was designed to pay tribute to Feng Shui. It is served in the InterContiental of Tsim Tsui, and has become very popular. It is made with nine different ingredients that represent the nine dragons Kowloon: Absolute Blue, Citron, Campari, cranberry puree, lime juice, currants, mango, grapefruit and cranberry bitters. Besides it has a very attractive look, thanks to the color Gradation.

The Dragon is surely one of the most prominent symbols of Hong Kong and the cocktail that is named after it must have something special. It is served in the Room Ning Peninsula, and made with Absolut Citron, gin, lemon juice, orange juice and syrup rubber. Its colour is striking and its fruit flavors will make you smile. Additionally, spicy cocktails to refresh your palate are an interesting option. Motox is one of them. It is made with coriander, ginger, Belvedere Citrus Vodka, Luxardo lemongrass, apple, pineapple and lemon, and you can get it at Mo Bar, in the Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Finally, the Oolong Tea Collins has a tea extract taste, sugar and citric acid, served before pouring Absolut vodka and soda water in the glass, creating two levels of flavour and colours. Want to make Hong Kong cocktails? Then you surely need some Vodka and Gin in your personal bar.

Today we recommend two great spirits:

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Tequila Corralejo Reposado



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Armagnac Cles de Ducs V.S.O.P.

The rise of rum

 TAGS:The WHO shared new statistics about the average baskets in the United Kingdom. The results show a significant change in the consumer?s habits, more specifically in the alcoholic beverage consumption: it still tends to decrease.

In the UK, alcohol consumption declined for several years in-a-row. The lowest percentage was recorded in 2011. It appears that average consumers prefer to choose white rum over other drinks like champagne, which sales reduced dramatically.

The demand constantly changes and we can ask ourselves if it is a reflection of the society?s evolution. But if we take a closer look at the study we can see that blueberries, salami, e-books and even men T-shirts sales are decreasing too. Not easy under those conditions to figure a general trend from those statistics… However, let?s play a little bit and allow ourselves to imagine an explanation to the ?Rise of the White Rum?

What is pushing the UK into abandoning champagne? Champagne represents luxury, victory, effervescence, and sparkling occasions. Nowadays, it may also convey a certain idea of overdoing things. On the contrary, rum seems to fit any kind of events, from the most mundane parties to the average teenage binge drinking nights. In effect, rum has a large price range, depending on its aging and quality.

White, gold and black rum are the result of the fermentation and distillation of sugar cane. The barrels of oaks, the sugar cane quality, the aging and the distillates used are decisive in the final flavour of the beverage. If you choose a medium quality rum, you can still use it as the main ingredient of the two popular cocktails Pina colada and Cuba libre.

Would you like to experience it? Today we recommend:

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Champagne Billecart Salmon Brut Réserve



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Legendario Elixir de Cuba 7 Years



The 10 favorite drink of the gay community

 TAGS:What created the recent interest the alcohol industry showed toward the gay community? A new social fight for the industry ? Let?s be honest, the reason of this renewal of consideration is more likely to be laying on the results of a new study that revealed this breaking news: the gay population invests between 6000 and 8000 billion Euros a year in beverages in the UK. In those conditions, satisfying the tastes of this huge market might not be a bad idea. Question is, is there?s any specific ?gay community tastes?? (In terms of cocktails.) Or is it just a new marketing invention? Well, let?s give some credit to the Queerty Web Site and see what those so called favorite drinks are. 

10 – The Margarita. Faithful to his great fame all over the world, the Margarita seems to be consumed within the gay community too. The key to its success definitely is the tequila‘s quality.

9 – Granada Martini: The gay Queerty website affirms that it has been popularized thanks to resemblance with the Cosmopolitan, in term of color.

8 – The Mojito: Despite appearing simple at first, this drink hides a complex equilibrium that is hard to reach. Its Latin origins and its strong taste make it a daring cocktail that is consumed everywhere in the world. The gay community seems to drink it too.
7 ? Égalité (Equity): We already mentioned the launch of this Cremant de Bourgogne specially created for gay weddings. This New York label is known for its heart surrounded by the gay community rainbow.
6 – Dirty Martini is made with a splash of olive juice, and is garnished with olives. It tastes delicious and gives a new facet to the common Martini.

 5 – Appletini: Its flavor is very delicate, thanks to the fruits that are used as a main ingredient.  
4 – Purple Hand Beer: This drink was created in 2011 in Mexico. It is very easy to recognize thanks to the purple hand label.
3 Rosé Wine: The rosé wine is a classic and doesn?t lose its fame thanks to innovating winemakers. For example, the St. Ynez vineyard is only produced by women. Such a great progress needed to be mentioned.
2 – Two-Manhattan: Few cocktails have as much personality as this one.
1- The Cosmopolitan: Is Sex and the City a reference in terms of drinks? Finally the ultimate gay drink cocktail is the Cosmopolitan. Its invention is claimed between Miami and New York but the fact is that since its creation in the late 1980s it never went out of fashion.

Do you think the “gay drinks” really exist? Or is it just a new marketing creation? Anyway, we recommend you two good vodkas in order to try the famous cosmopolitan !

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How many bottles must I buy?

 TAGS:Are you one of those people who enjoy organizing meeting with friends and family at home, but always doubt about the right amount of wine you need to buy? It might help you to know that the international standards are 6 glasses of wine per bottle. But you must consider some specificities in order to please all your guests.

It is important to note that the amount of wine used is different for each occasion. If during a regular occasion you will be able to serve 6-7 glasses of wine per bottle, you must keep in mind that the tasting glasses have less capacity than regular glasses.

The wine bottles classic content is 0.75 liters, and the glasses themselves have a standard capacity of 125 milliliter. But those standards can be changed, a good example is the glass of Bordeaux. These differences are generated by the type of wine and its flavor, because some of them (such as Muscat) should be used moderately in order to keep the taste.

The temperature issue has an impact on the number of glasses per bottle. Sometimes, by serving hosts several small amounts of wine in repeated rounds you can prevent a too big change of temperature.

If you take these factors into account, and if you do a conscious choice on the type of wine you will serve, you will have a better estimation of the amounts of wine you need to buy for your celebration.

Are you ready to serve wine? Today we recommend two great wines at the best price:

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Siglo Saco Crianza 2008



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Palacio de Monsalud

Cosmopolitan: about cocktails

 TAGS:We start a series of articles devoted to various cocktails from around the world. From gin and tonic to bloody mary to the latest cocktails. It appears that such combinations don’t go out of style and are more alive than ever. To begin with… fancy a cosmopolitan? 

The poshest drink, preferred by Carrie Bradshaw, the protagonist of the TV show Sex and the City, a character portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker, it does not know about trends, and survives the passing years. Madonna also made it famous in the 90s, drinking one in a bar, attracting the interest of many fans who were asking what drink it was. Regarded as a classic, the Cosmopolitan mixes up vodka, Cointreau or other liqueur with cranberry juice and lime juice, but it allows other variations. 

With these ingredients, the flavor is dry and strong because of the vodka and a bit sweet and sour thanks to the fruits. The variations of this cocktail are the Barbados Cosmopolitan, with rum as a substitute of vodka, or the Cosmopolitan Morning with flavored vodka and coffee. The trick is knowing how to combine all these ingredients with ice, shake them and serve in a rather chilly glass. 

Although different people are attributed as the creators of the colloquially named ‘Cosmo’, the bartender Cheryl Cook, from Florida, invented the recipe in the mid 80s. Then it was made with vodka, triple sec, lime drops, and some cranberry juice. 

The truth is that it’s a cocktail very easy to make, 100% American and offering sweetish flavors. It is perfect as an aperitif before dinner, so New Yorkers usually do that on weekends, or after a dinner to share with friends. In the United States it’s very popular and is said to be an aphrodisiac, so is consumed preferably among 30-35 years old women. 

What vodka do you prefer for your cosmopolitan? We recommend:

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Grey Goose Vodka 1L



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Smirnoff Gold 1L

10 Diet cocktails: guilt free pleasures

 TAGS:There are many drinks with a high percentage of calories, that are fattening and which are avoided by people watching their weight. But now we will reveal you the 10 drinks that have fewer calories so you can have them among your first choices if you are on a diet but still want to have some fun.

  • Cosmopolitan: This delicious cocktail has only 150 calories and its ingredients are vodka, Cointreau, lemon juice and cranberry juice.
  • Low-alcohol wine: low alcohol winemakers have attracted more consumers thanks to the low percentage of calories indicated on the label of their products. For those watching their weight :132 calories is a good choice.
  • Bloody Mary: A Bloody Mary has only 100 calories, its basic ingredients are vodka, tomato juice and a sprig of celery, although there are also those who add a personal touch using a bit of Worcestershire sauce or lemon juice.
  • Coors Light: There are many choices of beers low in calories and carbohydrates, one of which is this brand with 105 calories in each bottle or Michelob Ultra beer with 95 calories.
  • Diet Gin & Tonic: This drink is made with 80 calories when using sugar free diet tonic or corn syrup, so its low calorie content.
  • Smirnoff Light Sorbet: Diageo launched the Smirnoff vodka sorbet Light, low in calories and available in raspberry, mango and lemon flavour. Just 78 calories per drink and a delicious flavour.
  • Rum with diet cola: This mixture of rum and cola is very similar to the famous Cuba Libre created in the late twentieth century, but without the lemon. Diet cola makes possible that this cocktail has only 75 calories.
  • Straight Up Spirit: This drink has just 55 calories and remains one of the most delicious ones.

Do not forget to consider these delicious low-calorie options to watch your weight and keep on shape while you take a guilt-free pleasure, as often as you need it to relax.

Do you want to start? Then we recommend:

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Ron Cruzan Light Rum 2 Años



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Blue Nun Light

Simple and easy cocktails


It is time to give to your loved ones. Besides champagne and wine are, which are in all tables, the cocktails are ideal for a special occasion. Which do you prefer?

Champagne or/and cava are both of the most special drinks. For this reason, the cocktails mixed with cava will be delicious and, in this way, we use the cava sometimes leftover from open bottles.

The Champagne and mixed fruits give an exquisite flavour. You can combine a bit of a sparkling wine with peach juice. As simple and straight forward and, at the same time, original because you’ll surprise your guests by offering this combination. We recommend serving the cocktail before the meal as an aperitif.

Moreover, if you like sweet and creamy drinks, nothing like the White cocktail, made with amaretto, a cream liqueur of your choice and vodka. It makes a great dessert after eating so many candies. Its elaborations is simple: just mix the ingredients described above in a shaker and pour them in a martini glass for better decoration.

For those who prefer something without alcohol, is very easy to use fruit juices, cinnamon, vanilla and a little milk. We can also add sugar to make it even sweeter. We can mix the milk with natural fruit juices (orange, lemon…) apart and then pour in a crystal goblet. Then, add the spices, such as cinnamon or vanilla. We’ll put ice on int to make it much cooler.

Red is the colour of this year. The cocktails take this colour in order to offer a more festive feeling these days. You can make a fun cocktail mixing Campari, currant and strawberry liqueur. An explosive mix that will be sweet… even we we can add red berries.

The best drinks for a corporate event

 TAGS:Many of you will be already fully at work. Now comes a new year full of exhibitions, events and company presentations. If you are organizing a corporate event, you must take into account what beverages will be served to make it a success.

If you are going to invite clients or partners overseas to this act, it’s essential to offer Spanish DO wine. We can make a selection of the best known, like Rioja, Priorat and Rias Baixas, three really significant Denominations of Origin from different places, with wines that are identified immediately.

In the tables, the reds will be mixed with whites, especially if it’s a day event, to reach as many palates as possible. Sweet wines are also recommended with desserts or even to break the routine.

It’s essential to serve water. Good to quench thirst or to refresh palates. But not just any water. Currently, the market offers gourmet waters, such as Finé (still water) or Ty Nant (carbonated), whose bubbles are great for passing the digestion quietly.

If we give away a small cocktail for our guests, we will choose something with gin, which will be combined with acidic and exotic fruit juices. It’s a good idea to have the figure of a bartender who will elaborate drinks at the moment. For events of this magnitude, always it’s best just to put some notes of gin.

Another recommendation is the tonic water. It likes many palates and also helps the digestion of the meal which we will also offer to our guests. Clear examples of tonic waters to succeed in these events are Abbondio, that cleverly combines a touch of lemon and sugar cane with the bitterness of quinine; or Original Mint, with hints of mint. Happy event!