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5 wine accessories for a perfect service

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Not every day we have the time to relax and have wine, with the ritual required, leaving the wine to aerate properly and enjoying it at the right temperature. Fortunately, not all wines require such elaborate preparations, and we can enjoy great wines with only opening the bottle and drink.

But if you are someone who occasionally likes to enjoy a quiet drink, without stress, and a good conversation in the background, today we present 5 wine accessories that you should not miss:




 TAGS:Wine cellar VN 8Wine cellar VN 8

A wine cellar is the best way to preserve the wine ready to drink. But unless you’re a coleccionist, you do not need more than 8 bottles at good temperature at the same time, so why spend more?

Buy Wine cellar VN 8 99,90


 TAGS:Lote 2 Copas de Vino RiedelPack 2 Riedel Wine Glasses

If you are someone who takes the wine in water glasses, you must know that wine tastes better in the appropriate glass. They are also extremely resistant.

 TAGS:Buy Pack 2 Riedel Wine Glasses 20,00

 TAGS:Bilaminar corkscrew with metalBilaminar corkscrew with metal

This is the most reliable corkscrew, which never fails. Requires a little practice but it will ensure a perfect bottle remains open and cork remains.

Buy Bilaminar corkscrew with metal 19,28



 TAGS:Decanter 'Morfeo' Pulltex + CleanerDecanter ‘Morfeo’ Pulltex + Cleaner

Most good wines improve with decanting. This decanter “Morpheus” is well priced and, above all, includes an accessory that will prevent you from getting fed up with the decanter: a decanter cleaner.

 TAGS:Buy Decanter 'Morfeo' Pulltex + Cleaner 35,67

 TAGS:Wine Set 'Venus' PulltexWine Set ‘Venus’ Pulltex

The detail of the final elegance. With this set you can control the temperature for serving wine, and if you serve directly from the bottle you have a wine drop stopper for the best service.

Buy Wine Set 'Venus' Pulltex 20,45



What do you think? Which one is more useful? Do you miss something?