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Best wine accesories gifts

 TAGS:It’s time to get the best glassware, the good cutlery and the most elegant tablecloths, to begin the new year. Family gets together and from weeks we are already planning recipes to present them with the best dishes and meals. Wine is an important part in such celebrations and how we serve it also says a lot about us. Let’s take a look at the best wine accessories for table service.

Decanter, oxygenator, ice bucket … those are the basics. For large meetings we can add to this list the identifier of glasses, which will help us to share only what is necessary. However, where we can speak at length is in terms of corkscrews. Here we go!

The idea is to stop using the same corkscrew for all wine which will be served during dinner. Like good wine lovers probably we already have at home a significant collection of corkscrews that we have received as gifts over the years. But I’m sure there are still some models that we are missing.

The idea is to show off our corkscrews. Let’s start by one to impress our guests a little for the debut wine. We will start using a two ? pronged corkscrew… very professional. I recommend practicing before the dinner to avoid embarrassment and I also advise using this method at the beginning of the evening, to prevent that our pulse plays a dirty trick on us after a few drinks and we get all disappointed.

We will continue with a classic updated on the outside and graphite coated: Pulltex Pulltaps Graphite Evolution. Its dual lever helps us elegantly uncork. This corkscrew will help us demonstrate our skills in the art of opening a bottle in an amusing way.

Dishes come and go, conversation is in full swing and wine bottles keep coming to the table. It’s time to delegate. To pass the baton to one of our guests we will give him the chance to show off with our latest acquisition: the Pressure Corkscrew + Capsule Co 2. If you still do not know it you will like it because it is extremely easy to use and requires no effort. It works inserting an inert gas in the bottle which with it extracts the cork without helix.

And for the sparkling wines time, a special corkscrew made for sparkling ones such as the Sparkling Corkscrew Metal Platinum, who will leave everyone flabbergasted. It is worth collection.