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The 5 best vodka for a Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary is one of the most attractive cocktails: its combination of fresh, alcohol and spicy make the Bloody Mary cocktail suitable for any occasion: in addition to his reputation as “anti-hangover drink” the tomato makes it perfect as an aperitif, and is consistent enough to drink between meals.

Choosing the perfect vodka for a Bloody Mary is not as easy as it seems: although the Bloody Mary is a flavorful combination, which can hide some of the vodka?s defects, the purity and quality of good vodkas is noticed. You will feel it in the final result! Whether you choose neutral vodkas or prefer slightly flavored vodkas, we present the top 5 vodkas for a perfect Bloody Mary.

5. Are you ready to play?

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Black Jack Vodka 1L



 4. The classic Bloody Mary

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Smirnoff Red Label 1L



3. The special for a golden Bloody Mary

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Smirnoff Gold 1L



2. A touch of originality

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1. The Best-seller

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Grey Goose Vodka 1L

The 10 favorite drink of the gay community

 TAGS:What created the recent interest the alcohol industry showed toward the gay community? A new social fight for the industry ? Let?s be honest, the reason of this renewal of consideration is more likely to be laying on the results of a new study that revealed this breaking news: the gay population invests between 6000 and 8000 billion Euros a year in beverages in the UK. In those conditions, satisfying the tastes of this huge market might not be a bad idea. Question is, is there?s any specific ?gay community tastes?? (In terms of cocktails.) Or is it just a new marketing invention? Well, let?s give some credit to the Queerty Web Site and see what those so called favorite drinks are. 

10 – The Margarita. Faithful to his great fame all over the world, the Margarita seems to be consumed within the gay community too. The key to its success definitely is the tequila‘s quality.

9 – Granada Martini: The gay Queerty website affirms that it has been popularized thanks to resemblance with the Cosmopolitan, in term of color.

8 – The Mojito: Despite appearing simple at first, this drink hides a complex equilibrium that is hard to reach. Its Latin origins and its strong taste make it a daring cocktail that is consumed everywhere in the world. The gay community seems to drink it too.
7 ? Égalité (Equity): We already mentioned the launch of this Cremant de Bourgogne specially created for gay weddings. This New York label is known for its heart surrounded by the gay community rainbow.
6 – Dirty Martini is made with a splash of olive juice, and is garnished with olives. It tastes delicious and gives a new facet to the common Martini.

 5 – Appletini: Its flavor is very delicate, thanks to the fruits that are used as a main ingredient.  
4 – Purple Hand Beer: This drink was created in 2011 in Mexico. It is very easy to recognize thanks to the purple hand label.
3 Rosé Wine: The rosé wine is a classic and doesn?t lose its fame thanks to innovating winemakers. For example, the St. Ynez vineyard is only produced by women. Such a great progress needed to be mentioned.
2 – Two-Manhattan: Few cocktails have as much personality as this one.
1- The Cosmopolitan: Is Sex and the City a reference in terms of drinks? Finally the ultimate gay drink cocktail is the Cosmopolitan. Its invention is claimed between Miami and New York but the fact is that since its creation in the late 1980s it never went out of fashion.

Do you think the “gay drinks” really exist? Or is it just a new marketing creation? Anyway, we recommend you two good vodkas in order to try the famous cosmopolitan !

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Cosmopolitan: about cocktails

 TAGS:We start a series of articles devoted to various cocktails from around the world. From gin and tonic to bloody mary to the latest cocktails. It appears that such combinations don’t go out of style and are more alive than ever. To begin with… fancy a cosmopolitan? 

The poshest drink, preferred by Carrie Bradshaw, the protagonist of the TV show Sex and the City, a character portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker, it does not know about trends, and survives the passing years. Madonna also made it famous in the 90s, drinking one in a bar, attracting the interest of many fans who were asking what drink it was. Regarded as a classic, the Cosmopolitan mixes up vodka, Cointreau or other liqueur with cranberry juice and lime juice, but it allows other variations. 

With these ingredients, the flavor is dry and strong because of the vodka and a bit sweet and sour thanks to the fruits. The variations of this cocktail are the Barbados Cosmopolitan, with rum as a substitute of vodka, or the Cosmopolitan Morning with flavored vodka and coffee. The trick is knowing how to combine all these ingredients with ice, shake them and serve in a rather chilly glass. 

Although different people are attributed as the creators of the colloquially named ‘Cosmo’, the bartender Cheryl Cook, from Florida, invented the recipe in the mid 80s. Then it was made with vodka, triple sec, lime drops, and some cranberry juice. 

The truth is that it’s a cocktail very easy to make, 100% American and offering sweetish flavors. It is perfect as an aperitif before dinner, so New Yorkers usually do that on weekends, or after a dinner to share with friends. In the United States it’s very popular and is said to be an aphrodisiac, so is consumed preferably among 30-35 years old women. 

What vodka do you prefer for your cosmopolitan? We recommend:

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Grey Goose Vodka 1L



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Smirnoff Gold 1L