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Best Drinks for Autumn


Humid air, cold winds, rainfalls….love it or hate it, but autumn is inevitable. But in order to stand the cold weather, you just need the right drinks. 


Although in summer the most refreshing and citrusy drinks tend to win, in the autumn, gin tonics and long drinks that mix vodka, Cointreau or whisky with sweeter creams and juices are usually preferred at this time of year. When the cold comes, you will want one of them for sure.

Rosé wine

Yes, in addition to spring and summer, rosé wine is still a drink that can be consumed before the toughest cold. Especially for light dishes, such as salads, pasta, rice or chicken and other more powerful like stews, because they offer a refreshing touch that we still need.

Red wine

It is one of the drinks par excellence of the autumnal months. You can really drink it all year long, but with meats and fish, and spoon dishes, it is the best option to get warm and appreciate the nuances of sauces, herbs and spices.


Because it is warm and when the hard work of autumn comes we need a good boost. Tea recharges our batteries and at the same time, it relaxes us, in order to avoid unnecessary stress as winter gets near.

Stout and craft beer

Lager beer is perfect for the heat, but in autumn we recommend toasted, black and artisan beers. Each one brings a different flavour and they are usually are consistent and rich, giving us the energy that we lack these days.


It is the all-time classic that gains relevance when we meet with friends or co-workers again. Ideal as an appetizer, an after-work talk, with tapas… whatever it may be, vermouth is the right choice for this time of year.

10 myths about beer


Drinking beer makes you fat… There are many myths around that don’t do justice to that great drink called beer. In the following we will share the most common ones with you and give you the reason why they are false.

  1. Drinking beer is bad for your health. Beer is low in calories, 42 Kcal per 100 ml. It does not contain any fat or sugar, but carbohydrates, vitamins and proteins. Hops is a sedative and stimulates the appetite. Malt contains organic acids and vitamins.
  2. Beer makes you fat. Following a study with 891 men and 1.098 women between 25 and 64 years in the Czech Republic there is no relation between how much beer you consume and the size of your belly.
  3. The darker the beer the more alcohol it contains. Wrong. The color of the beer is in no way related to the alcohol level. The dark tone of some beers is a consequence of roasting the malt.
  4. Light beer has less alcohol than lager. The difference between light and lager is the amount of calories while the alcohol level depends directly on the process of fermentation.
  5. Craft beer is better than commercial one. Both varieties of beer are brewed the same way. The difference lies in the shelf life: craft beer has a shelf life of 90 days while commercial beer keeps for 250 days. The formula is the same, what makes the difference here is the packaging. That is also the reason why draught beer appears to us more fresh, it is not packed.
  6. Green glass bottles mean better beer. This myth originates from the end of World War II when there was a shortage of amber colored and transparent glass in Europe. Seeing the imported beer always being bottled in green glass, the rumor went round that it was a sign of quality.
  7. “Ale” is dark and “Lager” is of golden color. The color of the beer depends on the kind of malt they are brewed of. Malt varieties differ in the grade of roasting from a Pilsner malt used for a Lager Pilsner style to a chocolaty malt used to brew an Ale porter or stout style.
  8. Beer and food don’t go well together. You can combine beer with food just as well as wine. In Belgium there are Restaurants specialized in “beer cuisine”, where you can find dishes cooked with beer, while others offer beer recommendations for each meal in the menu.
  9. Alcohol-free beer has no calories. ‘Alcohol-free’ beer in Spain by law has an alcohol level  below 1% and very few hydrocarbonates, between 2 to 5 grams per 100 cc. One beer contains between 40 to 80 calories. The difference between a ‘normal’ and ‘alcohol free’ beer is thus around 50 calories.
  10. American beer is very poor and does not taste like anything. Beer in the US has changed. Today there exist more than 1.000 little breweries in this country. Besides the typical beers brewed with wheat and not with malt, there can be found others with a strong and delicious taste.

 TAGS:Traquair Jacobite AleTraquair Jacobite Ale

Traquair Jacobite Ale



 TAGS:Hobgoblin 50clHobgoblin 50cl

Hobgoblin 50cl



Eating through Europe (II)


In the first article on the European gastronomy, we presented the richness of French cuisine or Scandinavian smoked fish. Today, we will discover other countries through their culinary characteristics.

In Belgium, the kitchen has French roots, and some of its most typical dishes are cooked mussels, eat with chips and accompanied by craft beer. Belgium has an important winemaking tradition.

 TAGS:Irish cuisine consists of boiled potatoes. These tubers are the basis for many other dishes like colcannon, made with potatoes, garlic and cabbage. And beef stew is the most famous Irish stew. As for drinks, beer and Irish whiskey, of course. Ireland produces wine, but in small quantities. This is a fairly new trend.

Polish cuisineis clearly influenced by other areas, such as its neighbors, Italy and France. Cheeses and chocolates are very good, and sausage meat, which is prepared in various ways. Some of the most important wine regions are Valais, Vaud and Tessino.

Dutch cheeses such as Gouda and Edam are remarkable, as their potatoes and pea soup. The Netherlands has about 150 vineyards and it produces mainly in Gelderland and Limburg wine. TAGS:

Roast beef or Polish cuisineis quite typical of Turkey. But there are more great dishes as the blue fish or chicken with honey. Turkish wine production is increasing.

The soups are very well known in Romania: tripe soup, soup with meatballs … more stews and sausages. Note that Romania has a long tradition of very popular wines. For example, Cotnari vineyards of northern Moldavia.

 TAGS:Polish cuisine is a blend of different cultures, with outstanding soups and breaded pork chops. Eat goulash in Hungary, many fish in Lithuania, while Latvia and Estonia vegetables and excellent meat can?t be missed.

In the UK, there are tasty dishes as roast beef; and fruit and butter cakes. In UK, little wine is produced, but there are vineyards; 400 wineries that produce about two million bottles per year.


Today, let’s gourmet. We recommend two delicatessens to shine in your meals with friends:

 TAGS:Agustí Torelló Mata Balsamic VinegarAgustí Torelló Mata Balsamic Vinegar

Agustí Torelló Mata Balsamic Vinegar



 TAGS:Deer pate with goose liver with Port 200gDeer pate with goose liver with Port 200g

Deer pate with goose liver with Port 200g

Women too like beer


The beer market has been favored by the preference of women to consume this refreshing drink. For example, recently it has been known that the number of female?s beer lovers in the UK has grown in the last three years.

Camra, an association for the promotion of ale beer in the UK, has been commissioned to study the figures with the launch of its Great British Beer Festival in London and says that, compared to the previous year, over 20,000 more women have joined the list of beer fans. In addition they have found that one third of women attending preferred Ale. This amount is twice bigger than 3 years ago.

This shows that women have had a higher level of openness to try the beer Ale and enjoy its delicious taste. There are currently 8,000 different brands of beer on the market, so that the British are leaning toward locally produced beers in the UK.

Some words from a representative of Camra were:

It is interesting that more and more women are preferring ale. Our national drink changed its image years ago and is now increasingly seen as a drink for women, more than for men. This trend will help put all the British beer market back on a growth path.

Christine cryne, national executive member of Camra , said :

The increased interest in real ale among women in the UK is largely due to the wide variety of beer which is now available. So it is not surprising that this trend will be replicated in countries around the world and especially in those with a prominent craft beer production.

What is your favorite type of beer? We recommend:

 TAGS:Buxton Der Nord SektBuxton Der Nord Sekt

Buxton Der Nord Sekt



 TAGS:Moor Hoppiness 66clMoor Hoppiness 66cl

Moor Hoppiness 66cl

7 perfect beers to celebrate Beer Day

 TAGS:This Sunday is Beer Day! At Uvinum we both like beer and wine, so let’s celebrate with new ones. We incorporated the catalog of a new affiliate, Saveur Bière, specialized in French beers. Saveur Bière brings us one of the most complete beer catalogs of the world.

Are you ready to try the world?s best beers? Today we present you 7 best-selling new special beers that you can only find on Uvinum. Let us surprise you:

7. Finnish beer

 TAGS:Lapin KultaLapin Kulta

Lapin Kulta, one of the most famous blond beer in Finland



6. French beer 


Corsaire, the french pirate beer



5. Tahitian beer


Hinano, a very special beer of Tahiti



4. Togolese beer

 TAGS:Flag SpécialeFlag Spéciale

Flag Spéciale, from Tahiti to Togo, we will bring this intense beers to you



3. North American Beer

 TAGS:Under Dog Atlantic Lager 355mlUnder Dog Atlantic Lager 355ml

Under Dog Atlantic Lager 355ml,  a “Budweiser” style beer, but from a much smaller brewery 



2. Danish beer

 TAGS:Mikkeller THE American DreamMikkeller THE American Dream

Mikkeller THE American Dream, the Danish version of the American blond beers 



1. Indian beer

 TAGS:Kingfisher PremiumKingfisher Premium

Kingfisher Premium, finally, the best one, an Indian lager that will leave you amazed