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Why does beer make you urinate more?


When we drink beer, we usually notice that the restroom is visited more frequently, as we have the desire to go much more than we usually do. This is caused by various reasons.

One of the main reasons is its important diuretic effect. The beer increases the amount of urine produced in the kidneys and thereby also increases the amount of water removed. Therefore we urge to urinate much sooner than if we drink water or other beverages.

Another reason is because of the ingredients involved in the process of brewing. Specifically, we refer to hops, the beer component that is responsible for the diuretic effect. Hops is used to counteract the sweet malt flavor and gives the bitter taste which is so characteristic of beer. This ingredient has a significant diuretic effect, and will provoke more frequent urination.

While it is true that this diuretic effect is not exclusively for beer, since there are other alcoholic beverages which increase urine production in the body. Alcohol itself is a diuretic that stimulates the bladder. Alcohol suppresses pituitary hormone responsible for inhibiting the diuretic effect in the glands.

All this actually boils down to the fact that the consumption of beer alone will dehydrate you, because by increasing urine output, the body eliminates more liquid than usual. Consumption of alcohol in moderation is always recommended. That’s because the body expels more fluid than it is getting. One solution is to rehydrate by drinking sips of water while you enjoy your beer. It complements both drinks. And maybe combine them with some tapas, or other delicious food.

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Dehydration: the new way to age wine

 TAGS:I think I can even hardly breathe so shocked I am. If anyone reading this post on the subway, please look for a place to sit. The point is that you know that we are always trying to find the best wines, the best vintages, the most effective ways to store wine (recently we talked about how to vacuum your wine bottles). But the future is here and, frankly, I do not know if we’re ready.

So no one gets the impact of the information in the same way that I have received it, without any preparation, without previous notice, I will make you this favour. Let’s get started. Imagine that you are astronauts. The fishbowl on your head, the Michelin suit, those cables that hang from your rear end and connect you with the mother ship. Well, I think we’re in a situation.

Now try to think that you are in the middle of the outer space, asteroids go so close to you, the Earth is the size of a pinhead and all what you want is a glass of red wine. You take a look at the closet where you have left some provisions but no trace of wine. Just a lot of food powders, dehydrated food.

We have just entered the phase of post worthy of sitting down. Well, yes. Exactly what you’re thinking: the new way of aging a wine is dehydrating it (freaks!).

The procedure requires a device which works separating water and alcohol from the other components of your wine. All what is left gets properly stored in a sealed envelope where is ready to age, preserving intact all the properties of that precious 75cl of wine that have just been processed. After three years, the wine remains the same, the same will happen after some decades. Same as Walt Disney, but drier.

Moreover, those who want to take their alchemist side out, must know that it is possible to sprinkle the powdered mixture of wine components with other types of wine elements multiplying its flavor, aroma or optimize their properties. It can be considered as an advantage for those who do not have the chance to practice winemaking with wine from their own vineyards (either because they do not have vineyards, because we do not have a cellar, they are not winemakers or whatever it is that they have reached this situation).

The other benefit of this futuristic invention is its ecological side, so space saving involved, allowing a grab hold of those and do not wiggle in less square centimeters of those occupying these encyclopedias that many saw at home when we were children (in the last century, of course).

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