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The other sparkling wines

 TAGS:Cava, champagne, lambrusco and counting. Most of us have spent half of our lives living in complete ignorance regarding sparkling wine. I have to confess that I was the first committing that error but my visits to Scandinavian supermarkets have opened my eyes to the universe of the other side of sparkling wines.

Yes, there are a lot more apart from the ultra famous that I mentioned on the first line of this post, and we were very close to them (we could find them in Uvinum without going further) but we had not noticed them until now.

The first thing that caught my eye was their colors and labels. I know that the inside is what matters, but one of the things that usually call my attention regarding many things are the colors and presentations, thanks to which I can talk today of these other sparkling wines.

Apple green, pink and lilac, orange and mint… taking a deeper look was inevitable. Who can not notice this breath of fresh air in the wine department where the muted and sober tones of red wine bottles cover the 75% of the shelves getting only slightly released by the yellowish and greenish bottles of white wine in a much smaller proportion.

 ?I have to try these ones?. And without looking composition, alcohol content or anything else, I collected several different ones. After some tastings at home and to my surprise I liked them. They are not similar to this non-alcoholic champagne for children, neither Cherrycoke (my God! what an evil invention and what an unpleasant taste). Generally based on Muscat grape the taste is usually very mild and their alcohol content is less than in the rest of wines.

While I would not suggest any of them to accompany the main dishes of a meal, they seem perfect for both the appetizer and the dessert. Also at the tea-time they are a very good alternative to a gin and tonic (Hendricks, you give us so many joys!) Another good moment to enjoy these new sparkling wines is when you have a meetings with your girlfriends, accompanied by cup cakes (if you feel trendy) or homemade cake (if you had time to get into the kitchen).

By the way, those ones thinking about that these feminine shades wines are only for women are wrong, because I testify that men also drink (and buy) them. So guys, there you have a good idea for a nice small detail to your loving girls.

Wines and bubbles from Piedmont

 TAGS:No doubt, the Greeks were right to call Italy “Enotria” which means land of wine. The climate, its rich soils and, of course, its wine tradition help us find a wide variety of high quality wines. In fact, Italy is one of the largest exporters of wine in the world, and sparkling wines from Piedmont region are some of these.

To the North, by the Alps and divided by the river Po we find the region which has 1/6 of the vineyards across Italy. It is called Piedmont. This region has a unique climate, almost magical, in which warm, humid summers and long and cold winters are usual. It also surprises the autumn fog which covers it all with its white veil. In this climate born the strains that get those special wines that will captivate us from the first sip and which we will not be able to forget. Furthermore, Piedmont wines are elaborated mostly with indigenous strains and they have guaranteed quality by several designations of origin. Grapes used to make these wines have some very special characteristics.

Piedmont reds are world renowned. Barolo and Barbaresco which are dark, full bodied and high alcohol content wines are a good example of it. They have made the Piedmont region wines so famous and highly valued.

But if you are looking for a sparkling, then you have also come to the right place as Asti and Moscato d’Asti sparkling wines are some of the most typical of Italy and also considered national pride. Consumed since the time of the Romans, they are good because they are light, varied and, what is important, they are also affordable.

Piedmont, specifically the hills surrounding the city of Alba, with its warm and sunny slopes of limestone, is the ideal area to achieve excellent sparkling wines with a soft flavor, thanks to the white muscat grapes.

The best choice is a young Asti, a sweet and aromatic wine which has a persistent froth. The way they are made, following the Charmat method, makes the bottling process soft as the second fermentation takes place in tanks and not in the bottle. This particularity makes them different than other sparkling wines, like Champagne which is made according to the Champenoise method.

The taste of a young sparkling wine from Asti will create the right atmosphere while having a piece of Gorgonzola, along with a dessert or, if we prefer by itself as an aperitif.

But if we are looking for a fun, softer and low-alcohol wine to go together with a good dessert then Moscato d’Asti is going to become the best match. You just need to open the bottle and let go while you taste some Gianduiotti or almonds with dark chocolate, so typical from the Piedmont region, and enjoy the flavors that will transport you to the lands of the Adriatic.

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Sant Orsola Asti, one of the best Piedmont’s Asti

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 TAGS:Ceretto Moscato D'Asti 2009Ceretto Moscato D’Asti 2009

Ceretto, one of the Italy most important cellars

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