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DO Valdepeñas: Second Best-selling Wines in Spain


Wines from the Valdepeñas Denomination of Origin have long stood out, especially in Spain, where they do it strongly: according to the Spanish Observatory of the Wine Market and the Market Trends report, this DO has reached the second position in wine sales among all Spanish Denominations of Origin in the food channel last year. This represents a market share of 12.7%. When analysing data coming from the hospitality channel, DO Valdepeñas is in the fourth position, also positive.

Increasing exports

These wines also increase their exports, with over 31.2 million bottles sold last year. The DO itself reported that sales abroad increased by 4.2% when compared to the previous year (2015).

The main target countries of DO Valdepeñas are Germany, United Kingdom, China, Czech Republic, Japan and Russia. The DO itself declares that its wines are increasingly found abroad, having a great international vocation.

Therefore, during 2017, a good part of its budgets for international promotion have been allocated in a series of markets, defined as a priority and of great potential. This has been possible by participating in trade shows, actions abroad and with direct contact with the professional public.

DO Valdepeñas

This DO is located in the south of Castilla-La Mancha and covers 22,000 hectares of vineyards, some of them century-old, cared by over 2,500 farmers. It is one of the oldest Denominations of Origin. Although its official origin is 1932, the wine production in the area is dated back in the 5th century BC.

Its production area covers ten municipalities: Valdepeñas, Alcubillas, Moral de Calatrava, San Carlos del Valle, Santa Cruz de Mudela, Torrenueva, part of Torre de Juan Abad, Granátula de Calatrava, Alhambra and Montiel. Its wines (great reserves, reserves and even Crianza) are exported to over 100 countries. 

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