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5 Great Wine Bars in Lisbon

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Recently Lisbon has transformed into a must-visit city. Some of its main tourist attractions are amazing cuisine, art, and streets full of life. But we should not forget that Portugal is also a country that makes great wines. Therefore, we suggest that you visit some of the best wine bars in Lisbon. Find your favourite and note it down for your next trip to the Portuguese capital!


Vestigius is located in an old winery and it is much more than just a wine bar: it offers an extensive program of cultural events, giving you the opportunity to spend a pleasant time while enjoying good wines and wonderful dishes of both national and international cuisine.
You will find Vestigius in the area around Cais do Sodré. The bar has a privileged view of the Tagus River, with a fabulous esplanade area to enjoy the outdoors. It is an ideal place for cultural exchange and ideas over a glass of good wine or a cocktail.

The Old Pharmacy Wine Bar

What would a pharmacy and wine have in common? Some might say that both can provide relief for sorrows and pains… But in the case of The Old Pharmacy Wine Bar, it means that an old pharmacy was lovingly converted into a wine bar. This charming place offers some 200 different wines of Portuguese origin. You can also order a selection of cheeses, hams and other tasty snacks to perfectly accompany the wine you have chosen

On top of that, it is also one of the most striking wine bars in Lisbon. You will no doubt find the opportunity to immerse yourself in the exciting world of Portuguese wines. The Old Pharmacy Wine Bar also offers the opportunity to enjoy a coffee or a tea should your heart desire something less intoxicating…

Winebar do Castelo

If you are a true wine lover, this is one of the must-visit wine bars in Lisbon. You will find Winebar do Castelo on one of the hills of the city, Castelo de São Jorge, located in the historic centre. The interesting selection of wines is usually rotated and the vintage port wines stand out.

Winebar do Castelo also offers another attraction: the guided tastings give you an excellent opportunity to learn more about Portuguese wines. Of course, the bar also offers dishes based on cheeses and delicatessen to accompany the wine. Highly recommended!

By the Wine

It is one of the best-known wine bars in the city, as it is the flagship store of José Maria da Fonseca, one of the most present wine companies in the country. When you visit By the Wine, you will find all the wines from this winery’s portfolio as well as a wide selection of tapas, including Guijuelo ham.

By the Wine lies in the heart of Lisbon, but this is not the only selling point. You will also be captivated by the interior architecture of the place. This bar is an excellent option if you want to eat and drink good wines in a pleasant atmosphere.

Tasca do Chico

We would never forget to mention Fado in this selection of wine bars in Lisbon. Tasca do Chico is a tavern where you can eat, drink wine and, above all, listen to Fado.

It is an intimate and special place, although somewhat small. It is one of the best places to drink a glass of wine while listening to the melancholic rhythm of a music genre that, like good wine, reaches the soul.

 TAGS:Gazela Vinho Verde

Gazela Vinho Verde

The Gazela Vinho Verde: a white wine from Vinho Verde produced by Gazela vinified from alvarinho and shows an alcoholic strength of 9%. The Gazela Vinho Verde is the ideal white to combine with salmon salad and crab.  

 TAGS:Azul Portugal Dão 2013

Azul Portugal Dão 2013

The winery Azul Portugal elaborates this Azul Portugal Dão 2013, a red wine from Dao that contains grapes of 2013 and shows an alcoholic content of 13%.  

Wine is better if you drink it in big sips


Drinking wine in moderation brings a lot of benefits. However, if we drink in big sips, it’s much better. That’s what it says a study by the University of Naples, since the amount of wine that drinkers take in each sip has a strong influence on taste.

To analyse this study they used Falanghina, an indigenous variety that produces white wines. And the conclusions are many, on the one hand, the smell is still very important and decisive in wine tasting, and secondly, how it can change its taste.

So a wine can be very different, both in smell and taste, and this is due to the release of volatile markers, featuring marked fruity and oxidative characters of wine. All are affected by the volume of the sip and by the interaction of wine with saliva.

Which is to say this study, related to sips of wine we take, is that both floral or fruity flavours are more easily released when we do big sips.

The study also hinted that flavours that come from red fruits such as cherries or those somewhat sweet, like honey, are easier to taste when we drink big sips. Something we can take into account when consuming wines of such characteristics.

These new data can provide changes in the way of doing tastings currently. This can make a wine tasting more efficient, best checking the wine tastes with big sips. Thus, sommeliers and winemakers may be changing and enriching their professional tastings by mixing big or small sips to see the various effects on the smell and taste produced by wines.

 TAGS:La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 2004La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 2004

La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 2004: a red wine of the Rioja DO with a blend based on graciano and tempranillo of 2004 and with 12.5º of alcohol content. 



 TAGS:Viña Ardanza Reserva 2004Viña Ardanza Reserva 2004

Viña Ardanza Reserva 2004: a red wine Rioja with a blend based on viura and garnacha of 2004 and with an alcoholic strength of 13.5º. 



Do you want to improve your memory? Read, do crossword puzzles and… drink wine


Wine has many beneficial properties for mind and body. It prevents heart disease, lowers cholesterol, is good to feel more energetic and get rid of depression… And it also improves memory.

If you start working with little desire or you should get to study, this research can give you some joy, since the conclusion is that wine keeps the mind awake. The research by Rush Medical College in Chicago states that a very moderate alcohol consumption serves to slow cognitive decline with age.

Specifically, red wine stands out thanks to its polyphenols, which protect the brain. This new study builds on earlier studies on nutrition, about the effects red wine produce in dementia. In their research they developed the so-called “mind diet”, that mixes Mediterranean diet, especially with fish, vegetables, nuts and wine, and the DASH diet (which stands for “Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension”, which lowers blood pressure.

In addition to wine, there are other foods that are considered beneficial for memory, as in the case of nuts. And some vegetables and legumes, such as beans, along with whole grains, fish, chicken and olive oil.

Those who followed the “mind diet” experienced somewhat slower cognitive decline. Regarding the total cognitive impairment, they still can not state definitive conclusions, since they hope to conduct more specific studies to reach a conclusion. Now you have more reasons to drink wine.

 TAGS:Château Batailley 2009Château Batailley 2009

Château Batailley 2009: a red wine with Pauillac DO produced with petit verdot and merlot from the 2009 vintage and has an alcohol content of 12º.



 TAGS:La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 2004La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 2004

La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 2004: a red wine Rioja with graciano and tempranillo of 2004 and with an alcoholic strength of 12.5º.