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The favourite drinks of celebrities

The variety of drinks on the market is so big that every decision we take, directly reflects  TAGS:our preferences and personality. Today I want to inform you about the favourite drinks of some celebrities.

  • Queen Elizabeth II: The favourite drinks of the Queen are Gin and Dubonnet with two ice cubes and one slice of lemon without seeds. This information became public thanks to a documentary that achieved an increase in sale of these drinks.
  • JK Rowling: This famous writer known for her book series Harry Potter affirmed that her favourite drink was Gin Tonic, which is definitely one of the finest drinks.
  • Simon Cowell: A recognized member of the jury of “The X Factor” is allergic to certain foodstuffs. That’s why his favourite drink is beer without yeast of Sapporo from Japan.
  • Kim Kardashian: Known for her nude pictures, scandalous videos and reality shows, her favourite drink is White Russian.
  • Bono: Leader of the band U2 and philantropist, he is also known for his engagement in the campaign for equality. He affirmed to like Jack Daniel’s.
  • Madonna: The so-called queen of pop is one of the most admired singers for her constancy and dancing abilities. In her Sell-Out World Tour she was seen with a good Martini in her hands. In fact, the Martini pomegranate is the star’s favourite drink.
  • Johny Depp: He is the favourite actor of director Tim Burton, the best paid in Hollywood, an excellent musician and owner of the famous club The Viper Room. If anyone has the possibility of trying new drinks whenever he wants, then it is definitely Johnny Depp. Anyway, he still affirms that his favourite drink is Bourbon sour or bitter.
  • Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: Angelina Jolie, one of the most beautiful actresses in the world, doesn’t like drinking a lot but if there is a drink she enjoys then it is Tequila. Pitt prefers drinking a cool beer on a hot summer day.
  • Jennifer Aniston:  The famous actress reached to get over her image of Rachel, the wine and coffee lover in the series “Friends”, she was associated with,  and took a big step forward in her career with various movies. In real life her favourite drink is Margarita.
  • Jay-Z and Beyonce: This well-known couple of musicians also has its predilected drinks. He prefers Armand of Brignac Champagne and she loves Margaritas.

 And which one is your favourite drink? We made an inquiry in our office and these are our favourite ones:

 TAGS:Jim BeamJim Beam

Jim Beam, a bourbon whiskey of Kentucky.


 TAGS:Peroni Nastro AzzurroPeroni Nastro Azzurro

Peroni Nastro Azzurro, for an italian feeling.

The best vodkas

 TAGS:Vodka is a type of distillate that can be spelled in different ways: Vodka, Wodka, Vodca,… What is out of any discussion is that it is one of the most universal alcohol types.

The origin of the vodka could also be a reason for discussions. It’s not well known if it has polish or russian origins but the original word meant “water of life”. From there the diminutive “vodca” which literally means “water”. After that they added a “k”, maybe for underlining its russian origin.

Vodka is an alcoholic beverage mixed with water. It was not produced through distillation but through fermentation of different products  as potatoes, rye, wheat and beet with water. After fermentation it was filtered in charcoal to separate the main water quantity and augment the alcohol content.

Every kind of grain distillate was called vodca, as a comparison to the whisky. When the vodka started to become famous in Europe and the USA it was produced through distillation as a form of making the process easier and augmenting the production.

Which one is the best vodka?

Usually a defect in other drinks, the lack of aromas in the vodka is its biggest virtue. While producing vodka what you want to achieve is a distillate with a high alcohol content coming from vegetable products that don’t add any flavour to the product. That’s the reason why we don’t find aged or aromatised vodkas on the market nor vodkas with herbs or artificial aromas. An exception is the polish Zubrowka that is mixed with fermentation paste to obtain a light yellow vodka with a certain flavour.

The biggest advantage of vodka is that because of its lack of aromas and flavours it gives strength to the vodka but it doesn’t make tired as it happens with brandies. That’s the reason why it is the perfect drink to use in cocktails with any type of juice as it doesn’t interfere on the aroma of the mixture and still has an alcohol content. It is one of the best distillates to combine with juices and with different vegetables as in the Bloody Mary.

Nowadays the vodka is one of the most consumed drinks in the world. Although in Baltic countries and in Russia it is still taken pure and cold to reduce the alcoholic sensation, in the rest of the world it has become a universal drink. There are many different producers and they changed and improved their elaboration techniques in the years. The vodkas you can find on the market now don’t have anything to do with the ones you could buy 10 years ago.

Do you want us to recommend you some vodkas? These are the most modern ones:

  • Vodka Grey Goose: One of the most trendy vodkas nowadays. It is produced by a french expert in cognacs through a new distillation process in 5 steps that make this vodka one of the purest.
  • Purity Vodka: Produced by Thomas Kuuttanen, one of the best and most prestigious mixers in the world. Just his name linked to this vodka is a guarantee of its quality and prestige.
  • Vodka Ketel One: The most revolutionary vodka on the market. First because of its homecountry Holland and second because it has a very light flavour which is a bit spicy at the same time. White magic.

And which one is your favourite vodka?


The best drinks for a corporate event

 TAGS:Many of you will be already fully at work. Now comes a new year full of exhibitions, events and company presentations. If you are organizing a corporate event, you must take into account what beverages will be served to make it a success.

If you are going to invite clients or partners overseas to this act, it’s essential to offer Spanish DO wine. We can make a selection of the best known, like Rioja, Priorat and Rias Baixas, three really significant Denominations of Origin from different places, with wines that are identified immediately.

In the tables, the reds will be mixed with whites, especially if it’s a day event, to reach as many palates as possible. Sweet wines are also recommended with desserts or even to break the routine.

It’s essential to serve water. Good to quench thirst or to refresh palates. But not just any water. Currently, the market offers gourmet waters, such as Finé (still water) or Ty Nant (carbonated), whose bubbles are great for passing the digestion quietly.

If we give away a small cocktail for our guests, we will choose something with gin, which will be combined with acidic and exotic fruit juices. It’s a good idea to have the figure of a bartender who will elaborate drinks at the moment. For events of this magnitude, always it’s best just to put some notes of gin.

Another recommendation is the tonic water. It likes many palates and also helps the digestion of the meal which we will also offer to our guests. Clear examples of tonic waters to succeed in these events are Abbondio, that cleverly combines a touch of lemon and sugar cane with the bitterness of quinine; or Original Mint, with hints of mint. Happy event!

Cannabis absinthe, the new fashion drink

 TAGS:Ernest Hemingway, Oscar Wilde and Pablo Ruiz Picasso have many things in common, besides being a fundamental part of the latest Woody Allen film “Midnight in Paris” script, which won an Oscar for its originality. It is said that the 3 of them shared a passion for the green devil which made its way inside their minds leaving them momentarily blank.

Absinthe has been banned and prohibited in many circles and countries. Today is not yet permitted in some states of USA and yet the demand does not stop and indeed evolves, for example in its cannabis variety, which blends them both together in the same bottle. What an explosive cocktail.

Absinthe with cannabis has become a fashion drink, though it has lost the romance from its original ritual it has gained connotations while taking the risk of associating with the most popular illicit substance in the world, as the UN defines this opioid.

Decades ago, absinthe was drunk in crystal glass and was accompanied by a silver little spoon with holes, in which a sugar cube was deposited on. The sweet block vanished slowly in full view of everyone while the water fell quietly on it. At the same time, as if by magic, the greenish fluid settled at the bottom of the glass was becoming white, pure alchemy.

Today absinthe is order in shot glasses, the perfect start for a night out with a wild side. Rodnik Cannabis Absinthe emerges at dusk as the coolest alternative for those avoiding conventionality.

If you have already tried Absinthe Pernod or Absinth Philippe Lasala and you are hooked on the flavor and excitement, you can go into another dimension in more depth and experiment with the mixture of absinthe and cannabis. It has nothing to do with a Hapsburg Gold Label or a network, this new version is even closer to a narcotic result that keeps the aromatic character, but that adds properties and promises to enhance the creative ability of those who manage it.

Its potential as an appetizer or as part of a mid-afternoon cocktail combined with orange with almond syrup, with curaçao, vermouth, baileys, whiskey or champagne should not be ruled out. It can also go with dishes such as pasta, steak or crab. This beverage matching is subject to imagination, so possibilities are endless and for sure very surprising. It is just about trying and let oneself go.

Take a walk on the absinthe wild side! Check out this 2 cannabis absinthes:

 TAGS:Rodnik Cannabis AbsintheRodnik Cannabis Absinthe

Even being a cannabis absinthe, it’s one of the smoothest’s.

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 TAGS:Absenta Tunel Cannabis 80%Absenta Tunel Cannabis 80%

From one of the spanish most traditional disitlleries.

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Screwdriver cocktail, the perfect combination

 TAGS:The world of cocktails is exciting. Now more than ever we find different types, provided by the bartender?s imagination, the experts in this job. Soft, sweet, with an exotic touch, with alcohol or natural, you choose the one you prefer.

When it comes to talk about the classic and most popular cocktails, the screwdriver takes the top score, mainly because it is very easy to prepare and enjoyed by a great number of people. Come on, you will always be right with it.

In addition, we find it alike all over the world. The screwdriver cocktail consists of mixing vodka and orange juice. First we will put the ice in a cup, then the vodka and fill up the glass with orange juice; it depends on the taste to make it more or less strong.

As for the orange, we can combine it with orange soda for a lighter taste, or add orange juice to taste something more profound. Finally, put a slice of orange and you can also pour the edge of the glass with sugar.

Types of glasses

In this case, this drink accepts being prepared and use different types of glasses, from the Collins glass, to the champagne saucer. It is quite optional really.

Other combinations

To add an extra natural orange touch to the drink, we can add small pieces of orange in the glass, this will give more flavor to a simple mixture. But if you are looking for something different, you have other choices:

  • If you’re looking to give it more intensity, there are those who use Tabasco and thus give a spicy touch and accompany it with some snacks.
  • The Angostura will give a refreshing and bitter taste
  • Even if you are fond of cocktails as an aperitif, a few drops of Worcester sauce will help you get a much tastier screwdriver.

The propper time to consume it

The screwdriver is the most universal of all cocktails. The best time to consume is at night after a nice dinner when we are dancing in a bar or nightclub. But it is very nice after a meal to prevent us from getting “tipsy” since vodka is usually one of the stronger spirits.

Would you like a screwdriver? Then choose from one of our vodkas:

 TAGS:Belvedere OrangeBelvedere Orange

One of the finest vodkas in the world with a special touch of orange for this cocktail.

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 TAGS:Ketel OneKetel One

Ketel One, one of the purest vodkas in the world.

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