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10 tricks to master pairing

 TAGS:Many of you have been asking how to learn to perform a good food and wine pairing, which combinations of wine and food are the best or how to choose wine for food. And even though I think that defining what is a good combination or what is not is a very personal matter, it is true that there are some guidelines that can be followed to start in the food and wine pairing business.

1. Young wine not quite bodied appears to be just perfect for light dishes like for example lasagna.

2. Vintage powerful wines are the perfect complement to high voltage plates, meat like a good roast lamb (mmhhhh!).

3. For fish: white wine with a touch of acidity (I would recommend one of my favorites: Organistrum).
4. For seafood: white wine with floral notes.

5. For game dishes: vigorous wines, whether young or mature. Red for meat of wild boar, deer, etc. and red or white for pheasant, partridge, etc.

6. For vegetables dishes: the choice will depend on whether they are going to be served raw or cooked, and in this second case it will depend on the way they are dressed (following the rules 1 and 2).

7. For starters: light wines that can be served slightly colder.

8. You can also drink wine in desserts and we are not just talking about white or sweet wine. Specifically, you can continue after your meal with the red wine when you will get some cheese for dessert, for example.

9. You can do experiments, but better if you do them when you are alone. It is not a good idea (not very kind at least) to force your guests to experience your culinary occurrences plus hurting them with your choices of wine to accompany.

10. And finally, the golden rule that applies to everything: what tastes good is well paired, you don’t need to think twice about it, and if the wine is good, probably nobody is going to complain about the combination.

To start pairing as a real sommelier of a Michelin-starred restaurant you will need some time alone with your kitchen, a good apron, clean hands, cookbook and, regarding wine I’m going to make it easy, here are a couple of suggestions that will rise you to fame (even if the pairing does not work at first).

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