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9 eco-friendly markets you can’t miss visiting Spain


Going green is an ever-growing trend and just something everyone should be moving to. People prefer fresh seasonal food from the local surroundings. Let’s take a look at some of the organic markets that you shouldn’t miss if you ever visit Spain.

  1. La Buena Vida in Madrid is one of the best for those who prefer organic wines and homemade products.
  2. From the capital, we go straight to Barcelona where all kinds of markets fill the streets on weekends. In this case, we highlight the market on the Avinguda de Diagonal which takes place every Friday. It is called Mercado Ecológico where you can find the best ecological products.
  3. While in Valencia, don’t miss Godella’s Ecological Market which takes place on Saturdays from 9 to 2 pm at the Plaza de la Ermita. A wide variety of 100% green friendly food products is available.
  4. If you go to Vigo you will also find these kinds of markets. The best food of Galicia reaches its peak here. During the second and last Saturday of each month, where the old Tui prison was, the Mercado de Verdura de Tui takes place. There, you’ll find products from the main Galician orchard.
  5. Also, Valls in Tarragona offers a variety of products in its stores. The Mercado Agroecológico yVariedades is a place with a lot of local fresh products, traditional recipes and lots of additional activities.
  6. In Bermeo, Bilbao, there are two markets. On the one hand, we have the Fish Fair which takes place from the 20th to the 22nd of May offering a broad range of fresh fish.  And on the other hand, there’s the Mercado del día Santa Eufemia which is usually held in September offering organic products and a lot of stands to stop by.
  7. Still in the north, in Galicia, specifically in La Coruña, Mercanatura is one of the best known ecological markets, where you can also find lots of handcrafted products.
  8. In Buenavista del Norte, Tenerife, you can also go to green markets. In this case, we’d like to highlight the farmer’s market Mercado del Agricultor held every Saturday. It brings together several producers offering the best of the local farms.
  9. And near Barcelona, in Montgat, the Mercado Ecológico y Artesano is usually organised on the third Saturday of each month at the Mallorquines Square.


 TAGS:Honoro Vera Organic 2014Honoro Vera Organic 2014

Honoro Vera Organic 2014 is a young wine made by Bodegas Juan Gil, easy and fun to drink and from ecologically sustainable cultivation. 


 TAGS:Eko Organic MonastrellEko Organic Monastrell

Eko Organic Monastrell is the result of the selection of grapes of the classic Monastrell variety from the best vineyards of the Alicante Origin Denomination.


 TAGS:Villa Maria Cellar Selection Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough Organic 2014Selection Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough Organic 2014

Villa Maria Cellar Selection Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough Organic 2014 is a white wine from the Marlborough DO with a blend containing Sauvignon Blanc of 2014 and 13º of alcohol. 

Sparkling, Penedes, ecological

 TAGS:Sparkling, Penedes, ecological. With these three words we say it all. This is a statement of intent and the starting gun for Penedes wine lovers who from now can enjoy the Designation sparkling with the guarantee of a 100% ecological composition and development.

Continuous improvement is the aim of this DO that pursues excellence and does not accept wines that are below the sublime. Realizing the importance of sustainability, the demand for organic products and the strengths of some of its competitors, Penedes has decided to distance itself and be the first DO in the world offering only 100% organic product throughout its range of sparkling.

The investment, work, adaptation, dedication, efforts are focused on consumer satisfaction, as of now they will have one more reason to choose Penedes. Perhaps those who are not so fond of the sparkling now will feel like for tasting it with these new proposals.

The 100% organic sparkling Penedes will become the perfect ingredient for eco-trendy pairings based on local products: all organic foods. The environment will remain nearly intact and diners will be extra happy.

This initiative will also open the door to more progressive wine. Curious and wine geeks from everywhere will be interested in these new products, new processes and they will want to know the main differences between the old procedures with the methods above. They will like to know if the taste has changed, if the alcohol content is still the same, etc.

To me, besides all that, as well as having the chance to visit some of these wineries, I wonder if they have thought about exporting this initiative to other wines. Everything could be eco and then we will have: the green pink, the green white and perhaps also the green red.

Until the day when all Penedes Wine production is 100% organic comes we will still have to wait. It would be a good idea for other DO beginning on it or imitate this example which, in addition to a brilliant marketing strategy, reflects a very respectful attitude to natural resources and to the people who consume their wines.

So, take here my congratulations and good luck in this new journey. And for those who have been disappointed to celebrate propose to provide these two wines:

 TAGS:Don Montfer Brut Nature Reserva Clos 2009Don Montfer Brut Nature Reserva Clos 2009

Don Montfer Brut Nature Reserva Clos 2009



 TAGS:Roger Marsal Brut Nature Rosé Orgánico 2011Roger Marsal Brut Nature Rosé Orgánico 2011

Roger Marsal Brut Nature Rosé Orgánico 2011