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Sherry wine: trend on the UK again

 TAGS:The retro is trendy and it is quite interesting to see that all those things that were in years ago, are suddenly back into fashion even in a stronger way than originally. I’m not talking about music or neither clothes, I mean the sherry wine which is gaining prominence in the UK, at any party and after work that rules.

In spite of that the famous song and world hit Macarena which since the Barcelona Olympics 92 is biding his time for a global return in 2.0 (or 3.0, as to baptize many era we live) will still have to wait for its return time, the fact is that Spain is on everyone’s lips, if not for one thing, for the other.

And I’m not talking about the crisis, which also makes us the gossip of many of our continental neighbors, not for good precisely, but the Spanish football team, the tapas, the Costa del Sol (a classic which never dies) and the sherry wine, the last in the list, which gives so much joy to people from Gibraltar up all over Andalusia.

The thing is that when you are away from Spain and start to remember your vacation, the first thing that comes to your mind are those lunches, those dinners, the vermouth time, the snacks in the middle of the afternoon: Spanish omelette, paella, Iberian ham (Guijuelo, Jabugo or Extremadura: all excellent). It is true that a vast majority of us can be won by a good meal.

And there’s that little wine from Jerez (or Sherry), that goes with everything. And it is not because it is more versatile than others, if not that, although many have not yet noticed, there are different types of wine within the PDO Jerez.

Let’s see, who can say no to a plate of prawns from Huelva accompanied by a fine wine from Jerez? Or, who is reluctant to take some cakes while taking a few sips of sweet wine from the same land?

Perhaps the result with the fish and chips is not the same, but the variety is the spice, so we have to experience the British way, and try to make a trade and plan for an afternoon watching Premier League with a beer from the UK to help digest potatoes with mojo picon, a Galician empanada, a Rioja spicy sausage tapa, etc…

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Tío Pepe



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Canasta Cream Canastilla 1L

Digestive cocktails to be able to face more Christmas dinners

 TAGS:Christmas sometimes does not give us a breath and we might think that we are being stuffed to be taken to the slaughterhouse on January… Have you never had that feeling that you could not eat anything again in a day? Yes, you can be so full. Normally this usually happens at Christmas and when it happens, sometimes there is no choice but to replace next day fasting required for one more day?s journey stuffing oneself. The solution to get back to a table full face is choosing the right wine aperitif.

Sometimes, a good cocktail is the ideal remedy to reopen appetite so we can have the strength again to face three courses, dessert, candies and digestion. Today, however, we will not talk of liquors and spirits, but instead we will focus on the wines, which can also perform this function to get us to go hungry again.

I will divide my suggestions for wine aperitif in three parts: vermouth, sherry and manzanilla.

Vermouth: since I’ve had the opportunity to learn more about the Catalan traditions at snack time, among which there are taking some chips with salsa Espinaler, I quickly joined it. How good it is!. But of course, as what helps prepare the stomach for another feast is to drink something, we will replace this snack for its drinkable version: Espinaler Vermouth Blanc and Espinaler Vermouth Negre. There is something for everyone.

Manzanilla: Manzanilla Fina Barbadillo and Manzanilla La Gitana. As soon as you have the glass in your hand you feel like for asking for olives. Oh! I already forgot that I was full. It must be the Sanlucar de Barrameda effect which makes us ready for party and revelry, no matter where we are.

Fine wines from Jerez: Lustau Palo Cortado Peninsula 2010 leads a list in which Tio Pepe or Fino La Ina cannot be missed as they are two of the leading exponents of this type of wine. For those who prefer to run away of classic in order to embark on other adventures, I would recommend Sauci S’Naranja, an outstanding alternative in color, flavor and nuances with its combination of Pedro Ximenez and Palomino Fino grapes.