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Old Fashioned cocktail


It’s a popular cocktail worldwide and also bears the name of the glass where whisky is served. It’s the Old Fashioned, which is elaborated in different ways, mixing several ingredients for the perfect combination.


There are many different origins attributed to the birth of this cocktail. On the one hand, some sources suggest it was created in 1880, at the Pendennis Club bar, a gentlemen’s club in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. Other sources attribute it to Colonel James Pepper, owner of the old 1776 whiskey, a famous bourbon distillery at the time. Pepper took it to the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York, where it gained strong popularity. It’s also said that the Old Fashioned cocktail was a favorite of U.S. presidents Roosevelt and Truman.


Anyway, its taste is powerful on the palate and the typical bourbon can always be replaced for whiskey if you prefer, although it is better to be true to tradition.

For its elaboration we will use:

  • Bourbon or whiskey
  • A splash of angostura
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • Orange slices
  • Some cherries
  • Some water

We try to counter the strong flavor of bourbon with different fruits, but it’s a drink suitable for those who want something daring after a good dinner.

In a whiskey glass, named like the cocktail, old fashioned, mix the sugar, orange slices, cherries, angostura and water. You can crush such ingredients or not, with the aid of a mortar or a large spoon so that the sugar is completely dissolved. This depends on your personal taste. It is said that when the ingredients are crushed the cocktail comes much better. Subsequently, remove the fruits, add bourbon or whisky and ice. Decorate with a cherry and an orange slice.

Regarding sugar, some prefer to add regular sugar to the mix, and others sugar with water, also called simple syrup.

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Summer is coming… And sangria!

 TAGS:It’s one of the most international Spanish drinks. Everyone has sometimes drunk sangria, that drink that comes always by the summer thanks to its refreshing powers.

Although there are many ways to make sangria, the most traditional is really simple and inexpensive, since you have just to mix wine with portions of various fruits and ice. The secret of its flavor depends on the quality of the fruit and wine used.

A popular sangria which you can get at a lot of places in our country, puts together peaches, lemon and orange, sugar, gin, macerated red wine, a glass of lemon soda and lemon slices. Add a lot of ice, shake and serve in a large jar, since it will be usually consumed by several people.

It’s one of the refreshments for the summer, ideal for sharing with groups of friends, especially when we eat by the sea, with a paella or a fideuà. We recommend not drinking sangria in excess, as it could inebriate you quickly being so sweet, thanks to the fruit and large doses of sugar.

With lots of fruits

Another way to make sangria is mixing even more fruits, always at choice of the consumer. From apples, pears, peaches, lemons, oranges… or even soda, in addition to wine.

With various wines

Sangria is not made only with red wine, some variants also incorporate white and rosé wines.

With strawberries

Sangria with strawberries is also called ?Love sangria? and usually consumed in Valentine’s Day. It’s made with rosé wine and has a very sweet taste. It includes soda, sugar, and some other liquor but in small doses.

With cava

One variant of the traditional sangria is the the one with cava. It includes various fruits and other alcoholic beverages such as brandy or cointreau. Serve very cold!

Do you want some other liquor recommendation for the summer? Here are some of the best sellers:

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