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Barcelona Restaurants With Organic Wines


Organic wines can be found in many types of establishments. When talking about organic wines we could mention many different denominations, although in this case, we are referring to a type of crop where the sulfur addition limits are lower and the use of chemical synthesis products are kept as low as possible.

There is an increasing demand from customers for these wines and today many restaurants have added them to their menus. Have a look at our selection of Barcelona restaurants that offer organic wines in case you will be passing through the city or are going there for a holiday.

El Petit Celler

El Petit Celler is more than just a restaurant. It is a sensory experience where you can taste a variety of wines. Recently they have opened Tribut which is a space within El Petit Celler itself where you can taste more than 250 kinds of the best wines by the glass. The place also has a Vermutería where you can taste a large selection of vermouths accompanied by the best preserves. It was originally opened as a store, so it has endless shelves with a great selection of bottles that you can buy and bring home. The organic wines are well represented.

La Dentellière

Located in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona this restaurant stands out for the quality of its products. With a central location, it offers eggs from Calaf, rice from Delta del Ebre, and of course, a good list of wines of Catalan and Spanish origin, among which you can find the organic Mureda and DO Castilla La Mancha, both red and white wine types.

Vistro49 Wine Bar and Cocktail Bar at Hotel Ohla Barcelona

Hotel Ohla Barcelona offers several gastronomic areas. Florian David from France has been Caelis’ sommelier for more than two years and he is responsible for Vistro49. The extensive menu includes organic wines and little-known wineries that produce precious wines. They also have a wide representation of well-known wines and cavas.

La llavor dels orígens

The name refers to two restaurants in Barcelona which are located in two alternative and trendy neighbourhoods: Grácia and El Born. Both restaurants have dishes with products from Kilometre 0. Their wine lists have some organic wines such as the Bouquet d’Alella, DO Alella, which is produced using the grape pansa blanca which is native to Alella.


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5 Vacation spots for foodies



Gastronomic tourism is a trend that grows fast. And it is thanks to the demand of people interested in the gastronomy culture of each place. Professionals coexist with new talents to offer their culinary discoveries to the people. This article will show you the best places to visit and free your inner foodie.

1. Galicia

Northern Spain is a delight to the senses and for those who enjoy high-quality dishes. Their Michelin stars restaurants and bars is the proof of this quality, where fish and seafood is the spotlight for food lovers.

One option is Fogón Retiro da Costiña restaurant, a 1 Michelin star restaurant, remarkable for its cellar-room and their reinvention of Galician cuisine, with important wines of the region. In a visit to the Rias Baixas, you will find yourself invited to come and try the excellent wines of this DO, in an area where fish and shellfish are positioned as high quality. If we go to other regions of Galicia, we find the area of the Appellation Ribeira Sacra, which stands out for its modern wineries such as Bodega Regina Viarum in Doade, Lugo.

2. Basque Country

Good eating is one of the characteristics of the Basque Country. Any tavern that you step in o any try of delicious Basque wines, whether hot or cold, will be a good option to meet new flavors. We recommend you to visit the old town in Bilbao, where you’ll find a lot of bars and brand new restaurants downtown, where fish and meat will be a delight. If you go to San Sebastián pay a visit to downtown, where terrific restaurants are awaiting you.

3. Mexico

Mexico has a very large gastronomic culture all around the country. Among the various gastronomic routes that can be done, one of the best to start off is the state of Yucatan, where the Mayan culture flourishes between restaurants, houses, and food markets.

The traditional Yucatecan cuisine is based on corn, pumpkin seeds, oregano, red onion, sour orange, sweet pepper and lime, not to mention the various spices like coriander. Some typical dishes that foodies can enjoy is the chilmole, with dried chili peppers, white peppers and black peppers that are added to hard corn tortillas. Also, Poc Chuc it’s a good option, prepared with roasted pork, marinated with warm water and salt, accompanied by roasted onion. And do not miss one of their most famous dish, cochinita pibil, made from pork marinated in achiote sauce, sour orange juice, garlic, salt and pepper, all wrapped in banana leaves and baked under the earth.

4. Umbria

If you are a very demanding foodie, then Italy is your shot. It is a cuisine that appeals to everyone, but its different regions bring many culinary differences. Umbria, inside the country, it’s the greatest exponent in pork meat, which can be consumed like sausages and hams. Also, cheeses from sheep and goats, both fresh and cured, are very remarkable.

This can be combined with truffles, like the black one, that is frequently added to their pastas, while its oil has a protected designation of origin. Viticulture is strongly prominent: there you can find very good red and white wines, highlighting the Sagrantino di Montefalco wines.

5. Paris

Summarizing the Parisian kitchen in a few text lines is complicated. To those foodies that not only enjoy eating but also cooking while on vacation, they can make recipes such as The Croque Monsieur, which is a French variation of a ham and cheese sandwich; French crepes; or snails, are a little bit more complicated to cook, so it is better to try them in the capital of love.

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Places to drink a good wine in Madrid


Madrid is a cosmopolitan city, where restaurant business is one of its hallmarks. If you are planning your holiday there, you can get into its fantastic traditional bars and restaurants, that blend with the newest and trendiest ones. And, in many of them, you can drink a good wine. Find out which are they!

Bodegas Rosell. It is one of the classics. Located on Calle General Lacy, you can taste more than 200 different references of wine, without missing its good tapas.

Taberna Laredo. From wineries to taverns, another classic of Madrilenian life. In this case, on Calle Doctor Castelo, we can find a local run by the Laredo brothers, where to try wines from different appellations of origin with first-class tapas. It is noteworthy that it is one of the places frequented by King Juan Carlos.

Alhuzena. This restaurant is located in the Argüelles area and its rustic furniture are really impressive. Elaborated and large tapas, always paired with great wines.

El Tempranillo. The name says it all in this bar in La Latina, really affordable. It is ideal for wine lovers, offering a multitude of wines from all Spanish regions. Tapas for everyone.

El Quinto Vino. And the first or the second! This tavern highlights by providing an excellent and extensive wine list, with quality and good prices. Dishes, tapas and many more to satisfy our hunger.

Vinícola Mentridana. In the neighborhood of Lavapiés, this bar has an extensive wine cellar. The list also includes wines by the glass, both hot and cold.

Bodegas Ricla. From taverns we return to traditional wineries in central Madrid. Although it is a small place, they offer wine and sherry at greatly reduced prices. Their classic and modern tapas are very good.

Are you planning your holidays? Is Madrid one of your top destination? If so, do not forget this list 😉


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