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One Beer a Day May Reduce Risk of Heart Attack


The title says it all: one beer a day can help reduce your risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular problems. That is the conclusion of the study presented by Pennsylvania State University at the last meeting of the American Heart Association, the world’s largest cardiology referent.

The study in question was based on the analysis of blood samples of 80 thousand adults contrasted with their habits of consumption of alcoholic beverages during each quarter of the last 6 years. These blood samples allowed researchers to measure, among other factors, high-density lipoprotein levels. Indeed, maintaining healthy levels of this lipoprotein (better known as “good cholesterol”) helps prevent clogged arteries, a major cause of stroke and cardiovascular disease.

The results show that people with moderate alcohol consumption, equal to one or two pints per day, maintain a healthy level of “good” cholesterol. This positive effect was more noticeable in blood samples from regular beer drinkers than those with a predilection for other alcoholic beverages.

On the contrary, it is, without a doubt, an argument that supports the conclusion of the benefits of consuming a daily beer. “A reason to raise our arm and toast, although it is probably best to do it only once,” said Shue Huang, lead author of the study.

While this is one of the largest studies in this area, it is not the only one. In fact, in Uvinum we had already talked about the positive effects of moderate consumption of beer on other items: from its stimulating qualities to brain activity and memory, to reducing health problems such as cardiovascular disease, arthritis or aging of the skin.

There is no doubt that this news will delight all those people who enjoy having a cold beer with their friends when leaving work. To all of them: Cheers!

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Eating With Awareness


There are many recommendations on food that benefit our health and are perfectly healthy for our body and in our daily life. However, this is not always as real as it sounds, in fact, it is proven that any food, however healthy, if ingested in excess, can cause harm to health, including water. Here we will tell you about some types of food that are believed to be perfectly harmless to our health but that it will be best to eat in moderation not to cause any harm.

  • Tomatoes and aubergines: these fruits are characterized by containing alkaloid substances that contain psychotoxic properties that cause intoxications, headaches, vomiting and even hallucinations. For the case of the eggplant it is a little more controllable since, when they are skipped, these properties manage to be destroyed generally.
  • Fibre: fibre will always be recommended by any nutritionist or doctor when we suffer problems in the intestinal flora, and it is necessary to consume it to maintain a good digestive system. However, excess fibre can cause blockages in the absorption of calcium from other foods, increasing risks of bone disease.
  • Seafood: it is good to consume seafood because of its high levels of Omega 3 and 6 that provide and that are of great help to our health, the problem is that many of these shellfish are scavengers or scavengers, which absorb all types of contaminants which are in their path. And in the end becomes heavy metals that can be very harmful to your health. In addition, shellfish present purines, which are nitrogen-related molecules related to urea, which can form crystals of uric acid, causing gout disease.
  • Juices: the fruit itself is much better than juice because the latter provides a large amount of sugar in the form of sucrose which, in the end, is divided into metabolism in the form of fructose and glucose. However, over time, the body may have deficiencies in vitamins B1 and B2 due to excess sugars, which, in turn, cause an insulin blockade, and can cause diabetes.
  • Eggs: eggs are very tasty and nutritious, but in several studies it has been shown that the excess of this food can cause increases in cholesterol levels – not always bad, it should be clarified – but, if you lead a sedentary life and with a diet rich in eggs, obesity can occur. A diet of 6 eggs per week is optimal, although it varies for each person.

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Give the Spring a good start with these healthy habits


Spring is a good time of the year to undertake healthy habits in order to feel better. Jot down the following ones!

Mediterranean diet

Experts recommend the Mediterranean diet as an example to follow. It is a varied and healthy diet. Because it consists fundamentally of fruit, wine, nuts and fish. On the website of the Foundation for the Mediterranean Diet there are several easy recipes that makes you able to follow this diet at home.

Increased fish consumption

World Health Organization recommend fish consumption from 3 to 4 times per week. They provide vitamins and minerals, omega-3 acids, and the protection of various diseases, in addition to preventing cardiovascular risks.

A lot of fruit

Along with fish, fruit is also good for carrying healthy habits in the body. It is recommended to eat 5 pieces a day of fruit, something that can sometimes be complex, but that includes juices, shakes and more with fruit.

Less tobacco and alcohol

Tobacco and alcohol increase the risk of heart-related diseases, and promotes diabetes, among other risks. One glass of wine per day is enough for the organism to be protected.

Sport and activity

Exercising is another of the proposals for people to better start the year. It’s not about signing up for the gym, doing weights and machines every day, and ending up without strength. There are many ways to move: from going up and down stairs, to dancing, swimming or walking to work.

Rest and wellness

The health of the inside is seen from the outside. Relaxation, well-being and the decreasing of stress are basic to being able to feel better. Sleeping an average of 8 hours, practicing yoga, meditating or laughing represent good ways to acquire healthy habits and well-being.

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Why is drinking alcohol in moderation good for the heart?


The phrase “alcohol is good for your health” is often heard, but that does not imply that, by listening to it very often, it is completely true. In fact, the scientific community has debated this topic since immemorial time and, and although they have had some achievements with their studies, there is still the controversy about these results and the difference that separates the community into two blocks. Undoubtedly, the benefit that is most heard is that it ensures good health and function of the heart by ingesting alcoholic beverages in moderation, but the big question is: how much is moderate?

According to experts, the ideal is to have 2 drinks / cups a day if you are under 65 and reduce that amount in half (1) if you pass that age. A drink or a glass a day is equivalent to 350ml of beer, 148ml of wine or 44ml of any other distilled beverage.

Among the many benefits of wine we can find are reduction in risk of cardiovascular diseases, strokes, diabetes, stones (stones) in the gallbladder and different heart symptoms.

The heart especifically benefits from the antioxidants we can find in wines and, in general, helps our entire cardiovascular system. Statistics show that active people who consume moderately wines are 50% less likely to develop heart disease than a person who spends all day in front of the television.

In conclusion, drinking alcohol moderately will bring us health benefits in the long run as long as we do not fall into the excess. Although, as everyone says, it is true that alcohol in large amounts can harm health, leading to pancreatitis, cirrhosis, hypertension, different types of cancers, depression and alcoholism. Remember: alcohol is good if taken in moderation, but it does not mean that, if you do not drink, you need to start. You do not need alcohol to lead a healthy life.

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Healthy restaurants in Spain that will dazzle you


There is no doubt that the concern for maintaining a healthy lifestyle grows daily in our society. Thus awareness have emerged on the need to reduce the bad habits of our routine, and to replace them with healthier options; among which are included from the typical weekly visits to the gym, to a healthy and balanced diet. That is why in Uvinum we present a selection of healthy restaurants that will dazzle you, so you can maintain a healthy life style eating out. Flirtatious spaces with delicious dishes:

Olivia te cuida – C / Santa Teresa, 8. Madrid:

This cozy restaurant is known for its homemade food made with great care and quality products. Ideal for breakfast and lunch, with a varied menu of salads that we recommend.

Il Tavolo Verde – C / Villalar, 6 Madrid:

Have you ever thought what it would have a coffee in an antique shop? Leo og Martina created this wonderful space in which the two great vocations of this couple interact: the organic food and antique furniture. More than a space, an experience.

Mama Campo – Calle de Trafalgar, 22. Madrid:

If you are looking for traditional flavors, Mama Campo is your place. A cozy place where you feel right at home with their homemade dishes of a lifetime, made from 100% organic products.

Flax & Kale – C / Tallers, Barcelona 74B:

This is the latest project of the cook Teresa Carles and her husband Ramon Barri, who opened the first vegetarian restaurant in 1979. Here is a commitment to flexiteriana cuisine, with a menu made up 80% of vegetarian dishes and 20% in which fish is included.

The Juice House – C / Parlament, 12. Barcelona:

Nothing more and nothing less than the first Cold Pressed Juice Bar in Barcelona. After Light and Dani, two artists from the stove caraqueñas settled down in Barcelona. We highly recommend their menu, which varies every week. clean and delicious food at a fair price.

RawCoco Green Bar – C / San Bernardo, 36. Gijón

The letter of this cosmopolitan Asturian restaurant is based on the benefits of fruits and vegetables and detoxifying elements. A philosophy that can be summed up in the famous phrase from Hippocrates: “Let your medicine be your food, and food your medicine.”

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The value of education on responsible use of alcohol


Alcohol consumption among the younger population grows with each passing year. The figures speak for themselves when it states that, according to the Public Health Agency of Catalonia, more than half of 17-year-olds acknowledge that they have been drunk at least once during the last month. Therefore, we need to raise social awareness and promote education from the family and teachers to reduce alcohol consumption among the younger population.

  • Encourage good habits. Better health and good food habits can slow excessive consumption of alcohol. Also, young people drink mainly for fun, so we have to look for alternative entertainment to escape this problem.
  • Increase exercise. One of leisure activities that promote a more active life is the practice of sport. Not only during the week but also on weekends, doing group activities, adventure activities. And also extreme sports which can replace the adrenaline rush some feel from alcohol.
  • Family education. In recent years, studies demonstrate that one starts to drink at a younger age, and are more likely to have problems with alcohol if you are raised in a family that has a looser level of permissiveness. Perhaps it is good to talk to parents and children, encourage moderation in alcohol consumption at home, knowing effects, what to drink and what not.
  • Better educational campaigns in school. When it comes to education on alcohol in schools, it seems that their campaigns against alcohol are not working well enough. New values, new models of society, and therefore new realizations are needed to solve this problem.

In short, to prohibit consumption does not work, one need to offer leisure alternatives equally interesting for the young ones. This is would be the best way to educate and promote moderation in drinking, thus promote a taste for calm and pleasant consumption, and also get the advantage of the health benefits of drinks such as wine.

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