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5 Tips to lose weight eating well


Holiday season has come to end and perhaps we still have tiny reminiscences of the great feasts we had. And let’s not lie to ourselves: it is completely normal that during Christmas we probably ate a little too much or more than the usual, but it’s fine and understandable; we don’t have a fixed schedule and have many events and commitments. But now, if you want, you can return to your normal life –and weight– without making too much diet. The thing is to have good health!

1. Five meals a day

Does it seem excessive? No, it is recommended by doctors and nutritionists to lead a healthy life and stay in great shape. It simply is eating first thing in the morning, mid-morning, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Obviously, the trick is just eat in small portions to avoid hungry and starvation.

2. The Mediterranean diet

To lose weight and eat healthy for life, the Mediterranean diet is one of the best recommended by specialists worldwide. It is a diet rich in fruits, seasonal produce, fish, salads, cereals and occasionally wine.

3. Weekly exercise plan

These diets should alternate and be supplemented with exercise. If you can do it daily it’d be better, but if it’s not possible, try at least twice a week. It’s about doing aerobic and abdominal exercises. New disciplines like Zumba or AeroStyle are very good since they make you move the whole body continuously and strengthen muscles to reduce fat. Exercise should be continuous, it is useless to go to the gym only one or two days a month.

4. Increase intake of fruit

Fruit is an antioxidant and it helps significantly to reduce fat. We can replace bread and sugary desserts and eat instead 3 pieces of fruit each day

5. Fish, fish, fish

In the same way, we must put aside fats, processed food and certain meats and increase consumption of fish, especially the blue one. Doctors recommend eating fish three times or more a week. Beware of sauces and condiments that accompany the fish: it’s much better grilling and serving it with vegetables and soy sauce.


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Mill Cellars Chardonnay 2016



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Boschendal Le Bouquet 2016

Wine in capsules

Scientific study
gave the result that resveratrol, which is present in red wine, has positive effects on health and longevity of animals. After a long investigation period, scientists managed to create a similar compound in capsules. 

This study is actually a big advance as it could offer an alternative for those who don’t have the possibility of consuming wine on a daily basis and want to preserve their health. Nowadays drinking a glass of wine may be the easiest way of consuming resveratrol but in future the consumption of those highly dosed capsules could help to prevent diseases of old age.

The resveratrol compound is equivalent to 100 glasses of red wine and will be available on the market in approximately 5 years if everything works out correctly in the laboratories. This compound is the result of many tests made since 2005 to offer a more concentrated alternative.

According to David Sinclair, Professor in Genetics at Harvard’s Medicine School, it was tested on animals and results were succesful as they became more resistent to obesity and the ageing process could be slowed down. 4000 formules were created and some of them have been tested on humans as they seem secure.

So if everything works out correctly we will be able to buy those capsules in shops in a few years from now and they will work also as strong antioxidants. In that way red wine will stay trendy among health gurus.

Should we recommend you some red wines for your diet? Here you are.

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Lan Reserva 2007



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Viña Albina Gran Reserva 2001

Drinking wine helps women to keep their figure

 TAGS:According to a team of U.S. researchers, women who drink red wine are less likely to raise weight than abstemious women.

Although wine has calories, according to these scientists they replace those in other foods which are not consumed, since wine would partially satisfy the appetite.

The research, published in Archives of Internal Medicine followed over 19,000 women for 13 years. At the time of starting the study, all were 39 years or older and normal weight. The participants reported how many alcoholic drinks consumed per day, and during the 13-year study, all of them gained weight progressively.

The study, conducted at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, analyzed the consumption of 4 alcoholic beverages: red wine, white wine, beer and liquor.

Scientists discovered that participants who drank no alcohol were those that gained more weight and found an inverse relation between weight gain and consumption of alcohol.

Women who consumed less than 40 g of alcohol a day were those that were less likely to become overweight or obese.

The best association between alcohol consumption and lower risk of overweight was found in women who drank red wine, followed by white wine.

With regard to the presumable explanations, it may be due to the fact that women who consume wine, consume fewer calories from other foods, so the wine could act as a partial substitute for the food. This substitution does not work in men, so the conclusions could not be applied to them. This difference makes researchers wonder whether, in addition to habits, there is any difference between men and women when it comes to metabolize alcohol in the liver, and other differences.

Experts say, however, that people should not conclude from these results that if you want to lose weight you should drink more. As the researchers note, ?given the potential problems both medical and psychosocial related to alcohol consumption, should be considered their adverse and beneficial effects for each individual before making a recommendation.?

This is not to make apology for alcoholism, but to promote responsible drinking of both wine and the overall diet, matched with healthy habits.

The New Year’s Eve dinner, better with wine

This is the time for great meals, and 2 new studies conclude that the best drink to pair them is wine, not only to improve digestion, but also to avoid having to make more holes on your belt.

The first study comes from the University of Navarra, and is part of the SUN project (Monitoring of the University of Navarra), which intends to follow the habits of thousands of people to find healthy norms of behavior.

They found that drinkers of beer and spirits tend to gain weight, gaining an average of 120 grams each year, while wine drinkers showed no weight gain. “There was no apparent association between wine consumption and weight change per year, or the risk of developing obesity,” wrote the authors of the study, scheduled for publication in a forthcoming issue of the medical journal “Nutrition.”

Further, and about heavy meals, in a study of the University Hospital of Zurich, published by the British Medical Journal concluded that drinking white wine with heavy meals like red meat and cheese fondue, despite having a longer digestion, was not accompanied by the discomfort associated by acidity and heartburn.

Red meat with cheese fondue is a dish typical of the area of Zurich, where the hospital that conducted the study is placed. That is usually accompanied by black tea or white wine, and the interest grew on knowing which of the 2 drinks would be healthier with this meal, because until then everyone had an opinion, but none was substantiated.

Following this study, we concluded that the digestion carried out by those who had accompanied this dish with white wine were those who had slower digestion, more efficient and with fewer problems.

And already in the Middle Age the benefits of drinking, but in moderation, with the meals where known. As the maxima says:

Inter prandendum parumque bibendum sit SAEP: While you eat, you must drink regularly and frugally.

Will you ignore it? What wine will accompany your New Year’s Eve dinner?