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Resveratrol: Could Also Help against Infertility


Resveratrol, a polyphenol found in grape skins and therefore in wine, has been prooved by a scientific study to be very beneficial against a hormonal problem that 10% of women of reproductive age around the world suffers from: Polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS. This is according to the study published in the Endocrine Society Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.

The endocrine problem causes women to produce higher levels of testosterone and other androgen hormones such as dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate, DHEAS, which can cause infertility, menstrual irregularities and weight gain, as well as increase risks of diabetes

The study was conducted at a university in Poland where 30 women diagnosed with PCOS underwent tests where one group was given a resveratrol supplement while the other group was given a placebo.

After 3 months of the study, women who consumed resveratrol showed a reduction in testosterone and DHEAS levels by 23.1% and 22.2%, respectively, while the placebo group saw a 2.9% and 10.5% increase. In addition, women under resveratrol showed increased insulin sensitivity throughout the study.

“There are not many treatments for PCOS, and there are those that reduce the ability to conceive,” explains Antoni Duleba of the University of San Diego, “however, resveratrol is a natural substance that does not appear to show any side effects.” “Although it is too early to know whether this treatment will lead to the complete restoration of regular menstrual cycles or if fertility will improve, we have faith that it will soon and we will be safe. The bad news is that to get the resveratrol administered during the test would need to drink 100 to 200 liters of wine a day,” concluded Duleba.

We know that the consumption of resveratrol and other antioxidants contained in red wine can be very beneficial to our health, as long as it is consumed moderately. In the long run, and as more studies continue to confirm the benefits of wine, it is better to continue drinking not to be at risk.

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Inhaling spirit: a dangerous trend


Although it is a completely legal activity once you have become of age, smoking alcohol can give severe health damages. One can find on the internet a variety of videos and articles where they show you how to vaporize and inhale alcohol without having to purchase a specific device for the purpose. Where the objective is to vaporize the substance, inhale and feel the effects instantly.

“It’s worse than drinking it in its liquid form”, says Dr. Alfred Aleguas, at the toxicology department of the general hospital in Tampa, Florida, USA. “When inhaled, the steam goes directly to the lungs, bypassing the stomach, liver, and other organs for metabolism and absorption”. In addition, the doctor says that when inhaled, “you have no idea how much amount of alcohol is consumed because of the typical symptoms that advices you have had enough don’t occur when smoking”. The ethyl gasses can provoke severe respiratory infections and cause malfunction of your lungs.

Another myth about this dangerous activity is that, as consumers, when you inhale alcohol, one can feel the effects of it, but without gaining those extra calories. Dr. Aleguas flatly denies this fact. Because if you consume it, whether you inhale or drink alcohol, like it or not, you’re also getting the calories.

A survey in a bar asking guests revealed that even though people had heard about inhaling alcohol, or seen a video on the internet about the subject, they would not be willing to try it. Because of the mere fact that it looks, and is, dangerous and unhealthy. Also, the truth is that the alcohol can be very pleasurable without resorting to unorthodox or harmful techniques to consume it.

You can enjoy your drinks the classic way, as long as it is with responsibility. Because alcoholic beverages such as wine have multiple health benefits as long as it is enjoyed in moderation.