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It’s time to drink beer in plastic bottles?


To date, drinking beer in a plastic bottle was not a real possibility and even did not seem an attractive option for many, but the beer industry seems to be able to change this. The renowned Japanese beer brand Kirin will be responsible for changing the way beer is packaged and consumed worldwide.

The company Mitsubishi Plastics has announced that it agreed with Japanese beer brand Kirin to deliver bottles in 1 litre format. A spokesperson for the company unveiled to The Wall Street Journal that this bottle format will also be available to craft beer producers, which could boost its growth and generate more consumer choice in the near future.

Experiments with plastic bottles have been previously made in the beer industry, but despite their benefits, they also pose risks to taste. In Japan, plastic bottles have been used since 2010 in wine, but will be the first time a global brewing company will use them for the bottling process worldwide.

Plastic bottles can end up giving problems retaining the beer gas, and for this reason the use of aluminium and glass has been given continuity. 3 years ago Heineken complied with the guidelines of the Organizing Committee for the 2012 London Summer Olympics, which demanded the most sustainable product use as possible, and started selling a special edition of beers bottled in polyethylene terephthalate. The bottle was 330 millilitres and replicated the design and colour of the company’s traditional bottle.

According to the sustainability report of the Dutch company, about 1.6 million PET bottles of Heineken beer PET bottles, which were later recycled for the production of polyester fibres.

Plastic bottles are lighter and more durable than the glass ones, but plastic does not prevent gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide to permeate and this affects the taste of beer.

Additionally, if the temperature increases, so will the antimony, which can irritate the eyes and lungs and cause respiratory, heart and stomach problems.

The other real reason why plastic has not been consolidated so far is the colour of the bottles. Beer requires to be bottled in containers of opaque colours that prevent sunlight affecting the composition of the beverage, and the PET bottle amber colour, combined with the additional layers needed to protect the drink, may make more complicated the recycling process compared to transparent bottles used by other beverages.

To address this, the bottle Kirin will launch will have a special coating in order to protect the contents from the effects of the environment. The first shipments will be distributed in sealed packages to avoid effects of the environment during the distribution process.

 TAGS:Meantime London Porter 75clMeantime London Porter 75cl

Meantime London Porter 75cl: a porter beer made in England with 6.5º of alcohol content.



 TAGS:Whitbread Pale Ale 250mlWhitbread Pale Ale 250ml

Whitbread Pale Ale 250ml: a ale beer produced in England with 5º of alcohol proof.



*Image: Alexander Bolotnov (flickr)

The 10 most watched online drinks ads


An investigation by the Rebel video company unveiled results according to which the online advertising  videos of the beer brands Budweiser, Heineken, Carlsberg Beer and vodka Neft represent 97% of visited drinks video ads on the internet, yet they represent only 1% of the total existing drink ads available in the network.

Through time beer brands have been the leaders of the drink brand who were making video advertising. If you haven’t seen them, we recommend you to watch the commercials:

  •  Bud Light Swear Jar: Launched six years ago and viewed 5.8 million times it is the best proof that rest and interaction of a the working group provide better results.
  • The Candidate – Heineken: It is an ad that anyone who has attended a job interview will feel close to. It is very fun.

  • Men with Talent – Heineken: Another Heineken ad will steal you a laugh in just 42 seconds, men gathered to enjoy a program of Heineken ‘male with talent’ show.

  • Wassup – Budweiser: Other commercial with interesting content has received 5.5 million visits, for the typical call a group of friends make from home to know that others are doing and have a laugh, with a beer in hand and the game on TV.

  • Standing up for a friend: An emergency call tests your best friend; your loyalty is celebrated with a beer. Has been viewed 8.2 million times.

  • Heineken – A dressing for men: This is the male version of the most precious place to women: her dressing, and has been viewed 14 million times.

  • Neft Vodka: It’s a controversial music video in which the Neft vodka makes appearance and has been viewed 14 million times. Start small pace, but ends up becoming a wild video:

  • That Deserves a Carlsberg: A promotional video in which several couples are tested. They have to enter in a cinema in which there are only two seats and the rest is occupied by huge men, viewed 19 million times.

  • 9/11 Budweiser: It’s a tribute the the victims of the events of September 9/11. Transmitted only once in the superbowl, it has been viewed 9 million times on the Internet
  • The Budweiser Clydesdales: Transmits emotional energy through music and the image of a man and his horse, has been viewed 15 million times.

Those last 3 month these ads received many visits, either for the summer and need of refreshing options or simply for the brilliant mind of their creators. Another news is the distribution of video on social networks, it has started to fall at the hands of Diageo and SAB Miller and the small number of wine brands that have started to catapult their sales using video advertising through Internet.







Porter, the stout beer

 TAGS:Among the different types of beer, the ail offers more body, more consistency and personality, and gives us really strong flavors. Among these, the Porter Beer is one of the most famous, popular and sold worldwide.

The porter is an ale type beer, which is usually made with soft water. Invented in London in the eighteenth century, its name comes from the porters, who used to work in the markets of London. Later, it became very popular among the working class until our days, now consumed worldwide, preferably in England, where you can find a large population of consumers and artisans of stout.

If we analyze its color, we can say that it is a dark, brown, to reddish black, and the bitter malty aromas are the dominant notes. The dark color comes from the dark malts it?s made of, hence this unmistakable tone, which was the one that used to have the first beers. This was due to a purely economic issue, since the price of malt in the eighteenth century raised and, in order to roast it more, they used to add more hops. These types of beer, like the Porter, are therefore more original and classic.

The flavor of this beer is strong and bitter, thanks to the hops. It is also dry, with less than 5 percent of alcohol, and tastes like coffee and chocolate, with distinctive toasty and smoky aromas. Like any other stout it is ideal to enjoy with dessert, to counteract the taste something sweet of the cakes or chocolates. But, at the same time, it goes well with meats and smoked.

There are several varieties of the Porter. Choose your favorite!

 TAGS:De Molen RasputinDe Molen Rasputin

De Molen Rasputin



 TAGS:Midnight Sun 50clMidnight Sun 50cl

Midnight Sun 50cl

Beer to beat the heat

 TAGS:When the summer heat increases the wise decision is to take fluids to keep our body hydrated. Drinks like beer are emerging as a popular choice among the ones preferred by people, and the reason is that it is constituted by 92% of water.

Beer, water, juices and fruits are a source of hydration that you should keep in mind to avoid dehydration and keep your body balances. In the case of beer, it is rich in potassium, phosphorus and antioxidants thanks to the hops and barley present among its ingredients.

Professor Jesús Román Martínez of the Spanish Society of Dietetics and Food Science, recommend to take 2 or 3 beers a day for men and 1 or 2 in the case of women. Next to fruit and vegetables it calms thirst, complementing the role of water in the summer and of course, keeps the body hydrated to combat the effects of sun and heat.

Previously it has been shown that beer has other qualities such as the ability to prevent cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, this is a sign of the benefits it brings. A beer, every now and then but in a controlled manner in terms of quantity in the summer.

Actually it is not a secret to anyone. Instinctively people consume beer in moderation in the hottest seasons, and this happens worldwide since its fresh and delicious tastes are enjoyed by many people.

People who can not drink alcohol for medical reasons and pregnant women are not exempt from this summer trend, so they are alcohol-free beers that can be enjoyed without remorse.

A beer? Today we recommend:

 TAGS:Alhambra Reserva 1925Alhambra Reserva 1925

Alhambra Reserva 1925



 TAGS:San Miguel 1516San Miguel 1516

San Miguel 1516

7 perfect beers to celebrate Beer Day

 TAGS:This Sunday is Beer Day! At Uvinum we both like beer and wine, so let’s celebrate with new ones. We incorporated the catalog of a new affiliate, Saveur Bière, specialized in French beers. Saveur Bière brings us one of the most complete beer catalogs of the world.

Are you ready to try the world?s best beers? Today we present you 7 best-selling new special beers that you can only find on Uvinum. Let us surprise you:

7. Finnish beer

 TAGS:Lapin KultaLapin Kulta

Lapin Kulta, one of the most famous blond beer in Finland



6. French beer 


Corsaire, the french pirate beer



5. Tahitian beer


Hinano, a very special beer of Tahiti



4. Togolese beer

 TAGS:Flag SpécialeFlag Spéciale

Flag Spéciale, from Tahiti to Togo, we will bring this intense beers to you



3. North American Beer

 TAGS:Under Dog Atlantic Lager 355mlUnder Dog Atlantic Lager 355ml

Under Dog Atlantic Lager 355ml,  a “Budweiser” style beer, but from a much smaller brewery 



2. Danish beer

 TAGS:Mikkeller THE American DreamMikkeller THE American Dream

Mikkeller THE American Dream, the Danish version of the American blond beers 



1. Indian beer

 TAGS:Kingfisher PremiumKingfisher Premium

Kingfisher Premium, finally, the best one, an Indian lager that will leave you amazed

How to pair beer well?

Luckily, nowadays we can enjoy a great range of beer flavours: sweet, bitter, somewhat spicy? that means we can mix them more efficiently with food flavours. Now, we can find ways to marry beer and food.

For example, lager marries perfectly with some fishes such as tuna, salmon, and with Sushi as it enhances the flavour of soy and raw fish. Exactly as for wine, the flavour of the beer must never contrast with that of the food to maintain the aromas and flavours, it has to enhance it even more.

Wheat beer marries well with all kinds of aperitif snacks and first courses such as pasta, salads, shrimp, asparagus, cured meet? and many more, thus giving a refreshing touch to all kinds of dishes. For more substantial dishes like meets and main courses, it is best to drink a beer with more body, like roasted beer, flavoured lager or even ale.

With desert, spicy or home made beer marry perfectly, especially ones with touches of liquorish flavours or any flavour that the consumer rather enjoys. With sweet foods such a chocolate, it?s better to favour an ale that will leave you with touches of liquorish and dried fruit.

A fresh lager tends to marry well with more tart flavoured dishes with a strong vinegar touch because it reduces the sourness of the vinegar or escabeche, that is too strong for some palates. You can choose a fresh lager to accompany spicy dishes like curry to also mild out the strong tart and sour flavours. When it comes to cheeses, it?s important to know that not all can marry with beer, it?s always better with cow cheese, and among those, there will also be various degrees of compatibility.

Anyway, every palate is a universe, it?s a matter of the taste and the colour, some people will find that some foods marry perfectly with beer and others won?t.

Which beer do you find marries best with your food? Here are our recommendations:

 TAGS:Carlsberg BeerCarlsberg Beer

Carlsberg Beer, the tasty Danish beer 




Desperados, you will love this gold beer, and its tequila flavour

Beer and running, the good allies

 TAGS:Beer is the favorite drink for many people when they want to cool off in hot conditions. In his study “Suitability of beer in the athlete?s metabolic recovery”, Professor Manuel Castillo Garzón of the University of Granada confirms that this delicious drink has moisturizing properties and is widely used to quench thirst.

The running club of Philadelphia, called “BeerRunners” conducted a study on 16 young people. They?ve been asked to drink beer after a run in order to recover their lost fluids.
Why beer? Well, first of all it is constituted by 95% of water. But the body does not only lose water during the effort. The sweat is composed of potassium, minerals, vitamins and polyphenols. And guess what? This is exactly what you can find in any kind of beer.

In an interview Manuel Castillo Garzón said that the most appropriate beer after exercise would be the Lager, and reminded that the lower the alcohol content is the greater the hydration would be. According to him, the recommended amount of beer would be 2 cans daily, as long as athletes can drink alcohol.

Besides beer moisturizing benefits we need to underline its relaxing effect. A beer can help you to start the rest that you need to take after the effort. The resting stage is what allows muscles and body to recover from traumatizing exercise.

This study revealed that beer and sports are compatible! But always with measurement and taking into account the line that separates hydration, relaxation and excess.
A beer? Yes, but in moderation and as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle that includes exercise, Ok? Today we recommend:

 TAGS:Peroni Nastro AzzurroPeroni Nastro Azzurro

Peroni Nastro Azzurro





Social media beverages

 TAGS:New forms of marketing also make their way between among wine, beer and spirits producers, who do not get in the past and bet on social networks as a means of dissemination Who does not have a Facebook profile nowadays? Well, I do not, but that is the rhetorical question that had raised in many businessmen minds while they stay behind their stills and vats, concluding that if it’s free and multitudinous, it cannot be left out.

The truth is that the more traditional marketing techniques seems to be running outdated by the new trends, which are oriented in a more friendly way, complete opposite than the aggressive trading styles of the past, that only give the laughter nowadays. Today nobody will buy a wine just because they have seen a commercial posted on the highway or because it is offered by a bimbo on television (okay, okay, yes the latter argument can convince a large number of potential customers, …about half of the population).

Anyway, now you can be part of the circle of Facebook friends of Coors, Carlsberg or the Smirnoff vodka; you can also witness how the number of people who watch the fun Heineken videos that every so often their advertising ideologues responsible upload on YouTube, or follow the tweets from Jack Daniel’s (you must admit that you would like to know what’s on these guys, especially on a Friday or Saturday night!).

It seems that breweries are the most modern companies, at least marketing related. You just have to take a look on the endless lists of followers of Brewdog or Budweiser. However, we can also speak of social media experts in the lists of Jim Beam and Bacardi.

But what about the wine? Weren’t you just wondering about it? Well, they have also joined this trend. Most Spanish wineries from Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Extremadura, Cariñena, Penedes, etc … are on Facebook, but some, like the original Bodega Rosalia de Castro, where the delicious and modern Paco & Lola Albariño comes from, also have blog … this really is a new era.

 TAGS:Paco & LolaPaco & Lola

Paco & Lola



 TAGS:Blanc PescadorBlanc Pescador

Blanc Pescador

Heineken vs Budweiser: best tv beer ads

Are you a night owl? Are you an athlete? Are you traditional? Are you going for the exotic? Are you going to play it safe? Do you like risk? Sometimes you have to choose, also regarding beer. The best beer to see a good game, especially with friends, is Budweiser. However, for a night when you know where you begin but not where you’ll end up at, in whichthe unexpected is the only general trend, then Heineken is your beer.

Through their original advertising campaigns these two beer brands set themselves apart from the typical ads and really get our attention. As much as a bottle of any of these beers just opened, spilling its contents into a glass topped with foam will get it.

Heineken pushes us to open our minds, forgetting the limits and living the crazy way of life. Under the slogan “Open your world” they advertise the beer in a commercial which has adistinct Tarantino inspiration.

The Chinese New Year, the world of magic and Heineken version of the movie Pulp Fiction are the elements selected to form the brand advertising slogan, seen on TV and online. Best of all is its soundtrack “Jan Pehchan Ho” (roughly translated it means: we should get to know each other) by Mohammed Rafi who puts the beat in this delirious sequence of night scenes that define the newest of Heineken. Same song was also chosen for the film Ghost World original sound track.

Budweiser is committed to a very different concept. The friendship, the values that surround it and the different nights where three friends meet with other pals are the central theme ofan ad that seeks to highlight the small pleasures of life, always better in good company and with a good beer

Which ad do you prefer? And, more importantly, which beer do you prefer?