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The 10 oldest bars in the world (II)


Today we continue with the oldest bars in the world. In this second chapter we will see the ones located outside the UK, which stand out for their unbelievable stories and stunning interior designs. Don’t miss these small temples devoted to the enjoyment of good drinks in good company and, if you have the chance, visit them!

Lafitte`s Blacksmith Shop Bar:

Located in New Orleans, this pub has 292 years of history. At the time it was refuge of pirates, passing by to refresh and continue their journeys. It gets its name from the privateers Jean and Pierre Lafitte.

De Sean Bar:

Located in Athlone, Ireland, this pub has 1114 years of history and the Guinness Book of World Records itself has recognized it as the oldest of Ireland bars. It was known about its approximate age in 1970, when during a remodeling, remains of adobe and wicker from the tenth century were found among its walls. Drinking a Guiness there seems a good plan, for sure.

Zum Riesen:

Located in Mittenberg, Germany, this pub is 864 years old and is the oldest in the country. It’s a hotel with bar built in 1150, which has hosted many customers of royalty such as Frederick III. Today is part of the real estate but it hides among its walls, stories of witches and landowners sentenced to death at its doors.

Al Brindisi:

Located in Ferrara, Italy, with 914 years this pub is known as the oldest osteria by the Guinness Book, ie as the oldest Italian restaurant serving food and wine in Italy. It had remarkable customers such as Pope John Paul II and the astronomer Copernicus. A very interesting place, right?

Cave Bar:

Located in the wonderful city of Petra, Jordan, this bar is over 2000 years old. It is one of the oldest bars in the country and by its peculiar location, inside a cave, has been the scene of the adventures of Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

And, as we said in the first part of this post, we can always imagine that we are in one of these magnificent bars with a glass of wine or a beer in our hand 🙂

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Bachata Rum Beer



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Buxton Tsar

The 10 oldest bars in the world (I)


From the oldest inns to caves, these bars take over 1000 years standing, serving all the people who come to try the local beers and drinks.

Each one of these bars has a story, and all claim to be the oldest. In this first chapter, we’ll know those located in the UK, with ghost stories and historical characters that will surprise you. Know them and… why not? get motivated to travel and visit them!

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem:

Located in Nottingham, this pub has 825 years standing. It was an old inn build upon a cave network. Some archaeologists indicated after an excavation in 1970 that the caves were built in the twelfth century.

Old Ferry Boat:

Located in St. Ives, in the UK, with 614 years this pub has a reputation for the ghostly presence that accompanies its customers. Supposedly it’s a jilted teenager named Juliet. This inn is located by the Cambridgeshire river, and the site was founded in 1400.

Ye Olde Man & Scythe:

This 763 year old pub was first mentioned in 1251. In this site was murdered James Stanley, Earl of Derby and guilty of the murder of 1644 people. It is said that his ghost haunts the pub… Another interesting detail is that the pub has been remodeled several times, but his cellar remains intact.

The Bingley Arms:

Located in Leeds, in the UK. this pub is 1061 years old. Mentioned in the Domesday Book, this pub was refuge of many during its earlier stages. It was called like this because it served as a rest to traveler priests who moved from the Abbeys of Leeds and York.

In the next chapter of this article we will know the next 5 bars… Meanwhile we can imagine what a drink there will taste, guided by these beers 🙂


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Bachata Rum Beer



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Tullibardine 1488 Whisky Beer

Where is the wine from?

 TAGS:There are a lot of countries having its ?flag liquor? to put up with pride such as: Russia and its vodka, Mexico and its Tequila, Scotland and its whisky, Peru and its pisco, and so on; but who would be the one to feel proud of the wine? In which county or culture wine was made? The answer is disputed and controversial; the cradle of wine it?s not so clear and it?s based on a lot of suppositions that don?t shine a light on its real origins.

History tells

It?s pointed out that wine was born during the Neolithic age (Stone age), the first findings of what it could be considered ?wine? were situated on Zagros Mountain (actually Armenia, Georgia and Iran), where were found two proofs that would throw light on the cradle of wine. They were found remains of grapevines and pieces of pottery that would be considered the rests of the first wine in all history, since this ceramic it?s about 5400 BC.

The following historical finding of wine was western than the first one, in Greece, whom culture owns the first documentation about wine ?Works and Days?, by Greek poet Hesiod (700 BC); in this historical document were described the harvest and the pressing of wine, whom result was consumed with water and was preserved in goat skins. There are also some news about wine during this same period in Egypt and in the famous oasis Bahariya, and it?s been told that Julius Caesar was the one who introduced wine into Roman empire from Egypt, where viticulture was already mastered.

In China the ancient inhabitants of the Oriental side mastered the art wine fermentation, about 4 thousand years ago. Wine became well known during the beginning of Christianity, being the Bible one of the ancient text that mentions wine most. By means of god Bacchus,Romans and Greeks adored the god and what he represented, and among what he represented there was right the wine.

As you see the cradle of wine it isn?t so clear, the paternity it?s among Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks and some other counties of Middle-East, and unfortunately we can?t make DNA proof, but what it?s sure is the fact that wherever wine comes from, it?s the most important drink of all history and that?s not in question.