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World Sherry Day

 TAGS:On World Sherry Day we should organize a pilgrimage to the area and plan it ahead to have time enough to visit several wineries. I propose to extend this day at least forty eight hours because between fino wine, sherry, sweet sherry, a plate of olives, pastries, etc.. with just twenty four hours we will only have time to get started. Wait, good news: the World Sherry Day already lasts a week long. Hurra!!!

This is something else. That is the way I like it. Then we can even use our favorite social networks to inaugurate a new pilgrimage, the pilgrimage of Jerez bringing together all its fans from all parts of Spain. As we are planning it with time enough the pilgrim infrastructure should provide for the possibility of hosting visitors coming from the other side of the Pyrenees.

I am sure that many British citizens would be encouraged because this wine is trend in the whole UK, the most modern drink in the pubs all over the country and we can even say that today sherry is on everyone’s mind. Cheers!

When packing for the event prepare your tasting set and your swimsuits to end the hottest days on the beaches of Cadiz. El Puerto de Santa Maria, Rota and Chipiona will be the chosen ones by proximity, beauty and spaciousness. We are going to be many people who we get to there for celebrating together the World Sherry Day. Blind tastings will take place but also tasting with open eyes will be allowed. The music will not stop and the fun will be guaranteed.

But, while we finish outlining the World Sherry Day pilgrim project you can enjoy the true World Sherry Day which will take place on May 26th. It offers  irresistible pairing trends like sherry and manzanilla wine with sushi among others; it will be dancing, tastings and guests coming from everywhere around the world to rediscover the Sherry wine. And it all will take place during a day, an intense one.

The rebirth of the Sherry and the manzanilla wine is a global event because around the world there are thousands of this wine enthusiasts who come from latitudes as diverse as Japan, Australia, Colombia, the Faroe Islands or the United States.

Those who include sherry wine in their usual routines must make room in their schedule to enjoy this day and those who do not yet will also have to sign up for the event, which will give them the opportunity to learn about fine wines and all the culture that surrounds them.

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