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Cocktails with Whiskey for Winter

TAGS:undefinedFar from the somewhat spicy, citrusy and wonderfully refreshing summer cocktails, at this time of the year, people want more consistent cocktails. Hence, we recommend some whiskey-based cocktails that you will enjoy the most. Will you dare to try them?

The Manhattan cocktail is famous for its strength. Its preparation is simple, pour two parts of whiskey together with one part of vermouth and add two dashes of bitter with crushed ice. Then, add a few dashes of bitters. Garnish the finished Manhattan with a cherry for an appealing presentation.

We find a higher concentration of whiskey in the Esmeralda cocktail. In this case, equal proportions of Irish whiskey and Italian vermouth are mixed. Then, add a dash of orange or lemon flavouring for a citrus twist. Pour the preparation into a shaker and agitate.

Irish coffee is a Winter-time classic. This coffee is the perfect hot drink to end a delicious meal. To make this cocktail, you need 2 parts of Irish whiskey and 5 to 6 parts of coffee. Simply pour the whiskey into the sweetened coffee and top it off with cream. Alternatively, indulge yourself with some whipped cream to garnish the top.

November Rain is a cocktail made by Javier de las Muelas. This drink takes advantage of whiskey’s smooth and creamy texture. Combine it with Maker’s Mark whiskey, drops of Droplets Tonka Bean, nougat ice cream and black chocolate liqueur to achieve an unctuous winter cocktail. It is easily made by shaking all the ingredients in a Boston shaker for 10 seconds. Garnish the top with coffee beans to impress your friends. 

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Glenfiddich 12 Year old, a single malt aged in Spanish and American oak casks, is one of the best selling whisky in Scotland.


 TAGS:Chivas Regal 12 Year old 1LChivas Regal 12 Year old 1L

Chivas Regal 12 Year old 1L, a Scottish jewel from the oldest Speyside distillery still in activity.

The Irish Coffee


Irish coffee is a cocktail created in 1940 thanks to a delayed flight of Pan American. Its creator Joe Sheridan wanted to add Irish whiskey to his coffee, because of the cold suffered by passengers. He then presented it as an Irish coffee.


  • Irish whiskey 30ml, as Jameson or Bushmills Original.
  • 1 cup of coffee
  • Cream
  • Brown sugar
  • Ground Cinnamon
  • Ground coffee for garnish


Step 1:

If you have a coffee machine, heat the cup with the vaporizer. Otherwise you can use hot water, leaving the cup enough for it to take the ideal temperature.

Step 2:

Now mix the whiskey and sugar, pour into a saucepan and heat gently. You must be careful that the sugar is dissolved in whiskey. When this is the case, pour the mixture into the preheated cup.

Step 3:

Place your coffee carefully on top of the whiskey and sugar. Pour slowly over the back of a spoon, or drag on the walls of the cup.

Step 4:

Beat the cream before putting it in the cup to make it fluffy. The goal is not to mix the ingredients. Use the same technique as for coffee. Use the back of a spoon to introduce the cream gently into the cup.

To decorate the Irish coffee, you can sprinkle a little cinnamon on the wet edge of the glass. You can also add ground coffee at your convenience. It depends on personal taste.

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Paddy Old Irish Whiskey 1L



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Tullamore Dew 1L