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The 3 drinks drink to accompany the song Whiskey whiskey whiskey


Whiskey lovers have found their ode, their ballad, their anthem. With “Whiskey whiskey whiskey”, John Mayer’s popular song, the author makes us want to sit on a comfortable sofa, open a bottle and enjoy our favorite spirits accompanied by good music.

Well … the goal is to stop before finishing as the character of the song, who does not live on love and fresh water, but of “whiskey whiskey whiskey, water water water, sleep.? You can choose to share this moment too, arguing with a friend whether the character had or had not a sandwich between the “water” and the “sleep”. 

A quality whiskey needs to be savored! Need recommendations? Here are the three best whiskeys of the moment! 

3. The classic

 TAGS:The Famous Grouse 1LThe Famous Grouse 1L

The Famous Grouse 1L



2. The perfect gift

 TAGS:Johnnie Walker Black Label 4.5LJohnnie Walker Black Label 4.5L

Johnnie Walker Black Label 4.5L



1. The must have !

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Jameson 1L