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Choose wine like an expert


There is no doubt that having knowledge of wine has become an indispensable requirement in any type of social gathering. From intimate dinners in restaurants to family gatherings around the table, we have all felt the social pressure to know how to choose the right wine for the occasion. Faced with this situation, many people are forced to simulate their wisdom in this matter; Especially when we face the menu list in a restaurant.

Therefore Uvinum want to give you valuable advice on choosing wine as an expert: choose the most economical bottle of the menu. It is not a cheap attitude, but a suggestion endorsed by industry professionals such as food critic Jay Rainer, or authors Madeline Puckett and Justin Hammack.

Why opt for the cheapest option? These experts provide the following arguments to support their suggestion:

  1. Do not fall into snobbery

The high prices of some bottles are only a consequence of snobbery. They are denominations of origin and the varieties that have gained fame, reason why the demand increases and their prices increase. However, these appellations of origin or grapes are usually neither the most exciting nor the most innovative. By contrast, wines from lesser-known regions have a great potential yet to be discovered.

       2. Think global, consume local

This also happens with foreign products, to which we usually attribute a certain prestige for the simple fact of being from another country. The costs of transport and distribution tend to increase the prices of these wines, which we usually attribute to the quality of the product. For their part, local wines are usually the most economical options, and their quality is usually similar or even higher than the foreign ones.

       3. Accept recommendations

Finally, it is always advisable to be recommended a wine by a good sommelier. This way you can discover wines that you have never heard of before. In case you do not trust the recommendation of the sommelier or waiter of the place or restaurant, you can always look for information on specialized websites like Uvinum before ordering a bottle.

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Farnese Sangiovese Terre di Chieti 2015



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Farnese Montepulciano D’Abruzzo 2015