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Kosher wine

Kosher wine makes the difference. If you have already seen this label on a wine then you  TAGS:have experienced it as a different wine for sure. Actually it is a different wine but not because of its taste but because of the way in which it is produced and the importance of the production for so many people. Today I want to inform you about kosher wine.

Kosher is a hebrew word which means “pure” and kosher wine is the only wine accepted by judaism. To be taken into consideration and to be consumed,  a series of principles based on jewish tradition have to be fulfilled.

These principle start on the vineyard as kosher wine has to be controlled by a special person in judaism from the beginning.

 The vineyards have to grow alone without being supervised and one has to wait for 4 years before starting with the wine production. The only allowed tasks are ecological ones , for example fertilizing and even those have special limits. Every 7 years the soul has to rest.

Regarding the wine cellars, a rabbi has to control the preparation and the hygiene of the machines used. Only a jewish person is allowed to touch the grapes and press them to elaborate wine. Once the harvest is over, grapes have to be well chosen because only whole grapes can be transformed into a kosher wine.

Kosher wine means “pure wine” and that’s the reason why the grape has to be entire and perfect, because nothing should be mixed with the wine. That’s also the reason why it is produced in warehouses of stainless steel. Wooden barrels are not used, neither should there be added substances to favour the fermentation apart from a special lime when lighting it up.

The purity of the wine is guaranteed by the fact that no one who is not jewish got in contact with kosher wine during its preparation. Also the enologists – if they are not jewish- have to work on selected samples rather than directly on the field. Once work is done and the wine is filled into the bottles, the cellar has to sell 1% to the poor. After that the wine gets the acceptance from the rabbi and is called “kosher wine”.

A kosher wine is not kosher anymore if it was touched by a non jewish person because then it looses its sacred condition.

Kosher wines are concentrated wines with a classic taste. This is normal as they don’t undergo new technological processes. If they are consumed in the same year they are strong, concentrated and fruity and very diferent because of the influence of different varieties and the country of origin, compared to the end result.

In Spain kosher wine got famous thanks to the wine cellar Celler de Capcanes that produces one of the most famous kosher wines and because of its big success it is also produced in Navarra, Jerez, Utiel-Requena, Penedés, Valdeorras, Ribera de Júcar and Madrid

Are you curious and wish to discover kosher wine? Kosher wine has a limited market and therefore is not that easy to find. There are two cellars who produce it. We recommend you two kosher wines:

 TAGS:Flor de Primavera Peraj Ha'abib Kosher 2009Flor de Primavera Peraj Ha’abib Kosher 2009

Flor de Primavera Peraj Ha’abib Kosher 2009 comes from Catalonia respecting jewish tradition



 TAGS:Château de Valandraud Kosher 2003Château de Valandraud Kosher 2003

Château de Valandraud Kosher 2003

The 10 most sold beers (and II)

 TAGS:Beer is one of the most versatile drinks. It always tastes the same (it doesn’t depend from vintage years as the wine) and you can find it everywhere. It will survive the end of the world as well.

 But how can one decide which is the best beer? Critics and beer lovers do not always agree but according to objective facts, the best thing to do is to look at the ranking of the most sold beers.

 Yesterday we started with the ranking of the 10 most sold beers worldwide and today we continue with the 4 most sold beers worldwide. Here they are:

4. Coronita: The position 4, which leaves it out of the podium, goes to this mexican beer. Corona, the brand with 30,4 barrels sold in 2011 increases its position on the international market with a new add campaign, started this year and an association that will permit the growth of its presence in Mexico.

3. Budweiser: This american beer with a sales record of 38,7 million barrels in  2011, keeps its market position intact with a constant increase of sales in the US, Canada, Russia, China and with a strong presence in Great Britain as sponsor of the Copla FA.

2. Bud Light: This beer is sponsor of the national hockey league in the US and is one of the strongest beer brands, with a sales record of 45,5 million barrels sold in 2011. Bud Light is the favourite beer in the US and it wants to reach worldwide fame. For that purpose it recently launched Bud Light Lime, a drink inspired of the famous Margarita flavour, a sweet option.

1. Snow Beer: This beer comes from China and is the favourite one there, it can be easily recognized by its green glass bottles and blue etiquette with white letters and a glacier. With a sales record of 50,8 sold barrels in 2011, Snow has to thank his success to the Pale beer, the most favourite in that country which is on the same level as Bud Light, that we all know in terms of quality.

Uvinum.co.uk, the international social wine recommendations website

We just launched Uvinum.co.uk on March the 1st. It is our first international expansion since the launch of Uvinum Spain (www.uvinum.es) last December 15th. As we have posted before, Uvinum’s purpose is to democratize wine knowledge worldwide. Thanks to users wine reviews and experts recommendations, Uvinum helps every wine lover find the most relevant wine to their consumer profile, using a language that anyone can understand and at the best price, purchasing in the major online wine merchants.
In this goal of making wine sector  accessible to all, Uvinum wants to give complete information and costumers reviews for each wine, personalized recommendations and the option to purchase wine comparing prices in the best online stores.
Uvinum relies on several attributes:
1. Becoming the major online reference in terms of wine catalogue offering recommendations and reviews of users and experts.
2. Allowing users to compare and access to the best prices through agreements with leading online wine stores.
3. Our own exclusive Behavioral Targetting Technology. Recommending wines thanks to Uvinum’s platform that learn from user behavior and actions in Uvinum to offer the best wines according to their consumer profile.

Our young start-up based in Barcelona was launched to become an international project and after Uvinum UK and Spain, we expect to enter  new markets like the United States (www.uvinum.com). The focus of our company is global, but Uvinum will act locally in each market adapting its strategy and activities to the market and consumer profile of each country.

The fact is that the English wine market has become extremely attractive. Over 14 million consumers in 2008 who drink wine, and is expected to grow by 20% in the coming years. The consumer’s profile mainly oriented to the discovery of new wines and trends from all over the world, who need customized recommendations they trust to find the wine that best fit their needs. A market also highly relevant to cellars from all over the world who want to export their wines to the UK and promote their brand and products in this market, being Uvinum an ideal plaform to generate brand awareness. All of this has  convinced us to enter  this market with the goal of leading the social wine recommendations market in the coming years.
We are waiting you in Uvinum.co.uk to share your passion for wine!.

Are you ready for Uvinum UK?

We launched Uvinum.es (our Spanish site) on 15th December 2009. We started in Spain for several reasons, but mainly because all 3 co-founders live in Spain and know the wine sector perfectly. After 70 days on-line, the results have been awesome. We have steadily improved the quality of our services and of our platform and we have put our partners’ wine catalogues on-line: (Decantalo, Millesima, Companyia d’Alella, Aporvino and Fansdelvino).
Apart from this, we have been talking with wineries and users, trying to see what we can do to improve and change, so that Uvinum becomes better and better with each passing day. Naturally, we need more time to reach our goals with regards to services, but our feeling is that our wine-lovers are trusting us.
Thank you for having confidence in us and in our project and for helping us to improve it!

We have also got good impact thanks to the Media , being on TV , blogs and some wine medias. And the power of offline Media is still impressive , reaching our major day after our presence during 30 seconds  in TV3 (Catalonia official TV ).

But , in In Internet you can wait. You have to go straight, and grow everyday if you want to be alive. We know that we have to enter in major markets and evidently UK is a huge wine market. And for many reasons:

  • impressive wine consuming (growing every year)
  • a great  internet culture in the country
  • costumers interested in discovering new wines. That’s amazing and Uvinum loves this. Uk is a great country , always looking to se enew trends, new sensations.
  • a country in which you can discover a wine from australia, new zealand, france or argentina and buy it easily. That’s not the case in other countries.

The fact is that the 2 Albert’s and I are working to be able to launch Uvinum.co.uk in the  next days. Be ready, Uvinum is coming!