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Don’t believe the wine experts…

 TAGS:I keep defending my theory, shared by many, that you do not need to believe the wine experts (you don?t really have to listen to their advice) in order to buy the best wine, which is none other than the one you personally like most, we are thus subjective.

But marketing is a powerful tool that has helped brands and wineries which have had the good fortune of having taking a shine to the trend expert to get amazing benefits from it. That?s the trick.

Not that these critics and experts try to cheat or manipulate us, but the truth is that you cannot compare. The thing is that we are talking about people who are used to tasting wine. Privileged ones who have the chance to taste different types of wine (and usually all very good) every week, even every day.

Wine tasters in many cases also have an education that enables them to carry out their professional activity under that intellectual baggage that makes them get to understand even better what they are about to taste.

We mortals are lucky if we can vary often regarding wine brands, if we can try something new and we can feel even more fortunate when we get surprise with the release of that wine which we have decided that we will venture to buy.

So the summary of all the weapons we have to review a wine would be: an untrained palate: due to the lack of variety we are used to; difficulty recognizing nuances: because of our generally poor education as far as regards wines and grapes, and the most determinant variable of all: that everyone appreciates things differently (call it wines, colours, smells, etc…)

It has been shown that experts are able to recognize wine flavours and aromas where others find none or only a very slight perception. It is a biological difference, but it is also true that the culture and practice will help improving it.

So we should not be afraid of choosing our own wine instead of letting another well ? known or bombastic named man, who we don?t have the pleasure to meet, who chooses it for us. And if what we aspire to is to that elite of wine connoisseurs and experts, it is best to start practicing right now and not to be afraid to trying something new, instead of always buying those two or three brands we know for sure that we like, to avoid risk.

World’s most expensive wines

 TAGS:Have you ever thought which wine would buy if you won the lottery? It is clear that in addition to the usual, but rather than bottles or boxes, in pallets, we should probably go for one of the most expensive wines in the world. At least one bottle of some of those wines attached to a prohibitive price which only a few privileged ones can enjoy some time in their life.

I already have my Christmas lottery numbers (as I have notice that the EuroJackpot pass by every week) and have I started to investigate which ones are these wines so expensive. As you can see I feel very optimistic about the whole matter. Specifically, at clubdarwin.net web page I have found a list of the 10 most expensive wines in the world.

Not to be a tough nonconformist but the first name on the list, Château Lafite Rothschild, and the accompanying exorbitant amount: nothing more and nothing less than 166,000 Euros, have given to me the drive enough to go start a search online to confirm such disbursement for just 75 ounces of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot.

On the website of the winery there is no price information, very elegant, but on Uvinum you can find some of the vintages between four hundred and up to twelve hundred Euros. It is not as bad as it seems. For example, regarding 2011 vintage you can buy it for almost two hundred Euros less now, as its price has dropped from six hundred to four hundred twenty. What a bargain! Those lucky enough ones to win anything in the lottery, but not the main prize, can go for the second wine from the house which is also a little cheaper: Carruades de Lafite 2009.

In the second position of this ranking we have Bodegas Vega Sicilia. In the above mentioned web they explain that someone have come to pay fifty thousand Euros for a bottle. $ 65,000 for a double magnum from 1986 at an auction held at the Naples Winter Wine Festival Miami.

Following the list we can find:  Massandra a Russian wine with a Ukrainian origin (43,500 Euros); Penfolds Grange Hermitage, Australia (30,000 Euros, which make of it the most expensive wine of that continent), Petrus, from France (15,000 Euros) and Romanée Conti, a French white wine which can be tasted for 7,000 Euros a bottle.

Screaming Eagle U.S. (4,500 Euros) remains in seventh place followed by Château Margaux, French and with a price according to the list: 1,750 Euros approximately; Perrier Jouët (1000 Euros per bottle for the world’s most expensive sparkling) and finally, in tenth place, another Spanish wine: Pingus, a thousand Euros a bottle for this Ribera del Duero with Danish essence.