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A new wine mixture of Bordeaux and Rhone is launched


A blend of Bordeaux and Rhone is part of an attempt to recover traditions that has undertaken Carolina Frey, young oenologist of Ch芒teu La Lagune, half Shiraz and half Cabernet Sauvignon from La Lagune.

Claret was often blended with Syrah from Rh么ne in the 19th century to enhance the body and color, and then this practice was forbidden by the AOC regulations.

In the words of Frey, ?The blend of Bordeaux with Syrah from Rh么ne became a little secret in the past. Not everyone in Bordeaux feel comfortable talking about this practice, which is not well known, but it works very well?.

Frey came up with the idea of the mixture after making several trips between La Lagune, located in Haut-M茅doc, and Jaboulet, north of Rhone. After creating a high-end mixture of the great La Lagune wine and Jaboulet, of which only an annual barrel is sold through auction houses, Frey decided to perform a similar blend, but more accessible to the general public.

Frey said, ?The idea was to be able to give the same kind of wine to a wider market, so I used Cabernet intended to the second wine of La Lagune, Le Moulin de Lagune, and Syrah from vineyards of our estate in Crozes-Hermitage?. The release of 10,000 bottles from the 2010 vintage was introduced to the market with a price of 45 ?, and on its its tag can be read the description ?Vin de France?.

For its elaboration, Cabernet and Syrah are produced in their respective regions are aged in oak barrels for a year before the Cabernet trips to Rhone, where it is blended with Syrah, and this mixture is aged in French oak for 18 months before bottling.

In reference to this, Frey added: ?From one day to another this wine can be very different, sometimes the Cabernet is dominant and sometimes the Syrah. There is a good harmony in the mixture, the two wines complement each other very well. I’ve had sommeliers which say it would be difficult to guess the mix, as it is very well integrated. Syrah brings the power and Cabernet the length. When you mix them, you get a different result each time?, said Frey, who believes that the wine will age comfortably for at least a decade.

This wine is blended in Rhone and not in Bordeaux because this practice is not allowed in La Lagune. It will be elaborated annually with a production of 10,000 bottles and will be marketed in the UK as a starting point.

Can you imagine a that wine? Do you think joining grapes from two great regions you can make better wine? Today we recommend one of each:

 TAGS:La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 2001La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 2001

La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 2001



 TAGS:Francis Ford Coppola Diamond Collection Celestial Blue Malbec 2011Francis Ford Coppola Diamond Collection Celestial Blue Malbec 2011

Francis Ford Coppola Diamond Collection Celestial Blue Malbec 2011

The new vintage 2013 has arrived: 3 wines to taste


Wines of 2013 finally arrived! It’s time to discover the quality of the new vintage. Do the grapes will have the same quality as those of the previous year? What are the new trends in 2013?

The effort and investment vineyards have invested the last year are now bearing fruit. This is the time of tastings, presentations, product launches to press. Everyone having the same hopes and illusions as the actor at the premiere of his movie or the designer at the opening of its website. 馃槈

In addition, although it is difficult to imagine now, (it’s so cold!), we are not so far away from the moment when we will have to give up our coats, looking for fresher and lighter wine like a good white wine.

Have you tasted the vintage 2013? What do you expect from them? We present three wines that are worth it:

 TAGS:Murviedro Colecci贸n Petit Verdot 2013Murviedro Colecci贸n Petit Verdot 2013

Murviedro Colecci贸n Petit Verdot 2013: A wine with mineral notes, very terroir, but vinified young. fruit load grapes very present. magnificent



 TAGS:Angosto Blanco 2013Angosto Blanco 2013

Angosto Blanco 2013: very fresh wine, very spring. Warm and elegant. Fragrant, invites to drink through



 TAGS:El Perro Verde 2013El Perro Verde 2013

El Perro Verde 2013: a sure hit. Year after year, perro verde is one of the most elegant wines of Rueda


Wines are fashionably dressed

Dame VidaThe design is a fundamental part of the success of a product. Until recently the world of wine stood apart because it was thought that the prestige of a company was grounded in years and years of work, but it is also true that those who want to enjoy a wine may not know the history of every winery in the world.

In 2 words: label sells. It catches your eye. And if behind the label there’s a good wine, it will sell.

That is the thought that many wineries around the world who have modernize their labels fallow, new or younger products and more commercial or aggressive. We present some examples:

In first place we have the Dame Vida 2009, which appears in the image on the right. It is a new winery in Rueda presents the wine like something waiting to come alive in the glass.


If we go to France we have the Armand de Brigniac winery, which produces some of the best rated Champagnes in the world. And they enhance the feeling by presenting them as aces.

Armand de Brigniac

Another type of design is “Julian Madrid Reserva 2005”, That Rioja wine has a very personal image. So personal, that the grape on the label is, in fact, the fingerprint of the self Julian Madrid:

Julián Madrid Reserva

The last is the 2007 Petite Syrah Dessert Wine, from Francis Ford Coppola’s wineries, owned by film director. It’s a dessert wine, with 17.5 degrees, and where the letters fall apart.

Coppola Wines

What do you think of the labels? Do you think they can help to sell the wine better? is it just marketing? What is your favorite label?