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New Year’s Hangover Cure


Christmas holidays and New Year’s Eve, you partied like a rock star, and your Christmas rush is quickly followed by a holiday hangover. Too much sparkling, eggnog – although there isn’t such thing as “enough eggnog” – candy, cakes, liqueurs…STOP! Enough, it’s over. I can’t hear it anymore.

I don’t believe in diets, I believe in enjoying. But during the festive season, it’s hard to not cross the line. Your work’s Christmas party, dinner with friends, family reunion – there is no escape. Some people are smart enough to hold a diet before the craze starts. I’m not one of them. As I’ve already said, I don’t believe in diets. But my hangover cure for the new year is based on an old ritual from my ancestors and brings me back to life each year. Don’t worry, anything healthy coming.

Phase One: It’s the first shower of the year. Enjoy it, make it a really long and hot shower, massaging your head with your favourite shampoo, getting rid of redundant body hair, put on a hair mask, why not, use your body scrub, for God’s sake. It’s the first shower of the year.

Phase Two: This is for the early birds amongst you. Turn on the TV around 10 AM and enjoy the annual concert of the Wiener Philharmoniker. And if you feel like it, in the right company, this is the first opportunity to clink with a nice Champagne or Sekt from Austria

Phase Three: Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire, and you already had your Champagne. So, what does it matter now? Go to your New Year’s family brunch, friends lunch or whatever you have planned, and order something you didn’t have the last days. If you have knocked yourself out with eggnog on Christmas, order some dry white wine like this José Pariente Verdejo 2016 from Spain. In order to get the right feeling, you should order something with less alcohol content and/or contrary taste. Did you go crazy on sweet wines? Enjoy a good beer. Had you too much red wine? Fight your hangover with cava. This is one of the moment, where your gut literally tells you which way to go. Listen to your instincts. 

Phase Four: Don’t exaggerate. One or two glasses really is enough. Drink some mineral water in between. And no matter what happens, don’t accept the liqueur if offered any! In case of any doubts, just say thank you with a smile and walk home. 

If you’re someone that doesn’t want to close the celebrations with a healthy diet, just fade out smoothly. Don’t exaggerate, your body will adapt and you’ll have some last hours of fun before real life catches up and you have to go back to work.

Remember, that too much is never good. But there is a nice saying in Austria and it goes like this: “Ein Mal ist kein Mal”, meaning “Once is never” or if it happened only once, it’s like it hasn’t happened at all. Don’t worry if you have too much wine once a year, as long as it doesn’t happen every day. 

The best of luck and a happy new year 2018 wishes you Uvinum!

Foto: Pixabay

Give the Spring a good start with these healthy habits


Spring is a good time of the year to undertake healthy habits in order to feel better. Jot down the following ones!

Mediterranean diet

Experts recommend the Mediterranean diet as an example to follow. It is a varied and healthy diet. Because it consists fundamentally of fruit, wine, nuts and fish. On the website of the Foundation for the Mediterranean Diet there are several easy recipes that makes you able to follow this diet at home.

Increased fish consumption

World Health Organization recommend fish consumption from 3 to 4 times per week. They provide vitamins and minerals, omega-3 acids, and the protection of various diseases, in addition to preventing cardiovascular risks.

A lot of fruit

Along with fish, fruit is also good for carrying healthy habits in the body. It is recommended to eat 5 pieces a day of fruit, something that can sometimes be complex, but that includes juices, shakes and more with fruit.

Less tobacco and alcohol

Tobacco and alcohol increase the risk of heart-related diseases, and promotes diabetes, among other risks. One glass of wine per day is enough for the organism to be protected.

Sport and activity

Exercising is another of the proposals for people to better start the year. It’s not about signing up for the gym, doing weights and machines every day, and ending up without strength. There are many ways to move: from going up and down stairs, to dancing, swimming or walking to work.

Rest and wellness

The health of the inside is seen from the outside. Relaxation, well-being and the decreasing of stress are basic to being able to feel better. Sleeping an average of 8 hours, practicing yoga, meditating or laughing represent good ways to acquire healthy habits and well-being.

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