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The 10 most expensive cocktails in the world


10. Mai Tai Original – Price: £ 961.53

It is served at the Merchant Hotel in Belfast and is a combination of dark and white rum, the same ones that Victor J. Bergeron himself used in 1944 while inventing this drink. Only one 750ml bottle of the original rum costs £ 24,849.99

9. Sidecar – Price: £ 1,338.74

Served at the Ritz in Paris. It is the most classic cocktail on the list, which deserves all the glamor of a contemporary Gatsby. It is made with 1865 Rosé Fine Ritz Champagne and a stream of lemon juice. It was created in 1923 by bartender Frank Meier.

8. Macallan 55 Simple – Price: £ 3,207

It is more than a simple drink, it is a liquid luxury. It is prepared at the Sky View Bar in Dubai and uses 55-year-old Macallan natural whiskey combined with dehydrated fruit flavors and a delicious dash of homemade passion fruit sugar. In addition, ice cubes made with the water that runs through the pipelines of the Macallan distillery are added.

7. The Legacy of Salvatore – Price: 5,371.73 £

This drink can be found at the Playboy Club in London and was created during an attempt to beat a world Guinness record by legendary master and bartender Salvatore Calabrese. The price is due to the ingredients that were used: Clos de Griffier Vieux cognac from 1778, a Kummel liqueur from 1770, a Cura Dubb Orange from 1860 and a small bottle of nineteenth-century Angostura flavors.

6. Gigi – Price: £ 8,017.54

It is served in the Gigi bar in London and, although it is not the most expensive in the world, it uses champagne as a base for its realization. To give you an idea, it contains fine gold sparks. You will feel King Midas.

5. Champagne Cocktail Ono – Price: £ 8,018.22

The extravagance of this cocktail is such that it is served with a pair of Mont Blanc cufflinks and a necklace of 18k diamonds and pearls, for those crazy in love. And not only that, the cocktail contains Remy Martin Louis XVIII Black Pearl Cognac (a shot of this brandy is paid at £ 1,603.48) and is accompanied by other, equally expensive drinks. Where do you find it? Nothing more and nothing less than the Club XS, Las Vegas.

4. Martini “The Diamonds Are Forever” – Price: £ 8,018.22

It is served in the Uncorked bar, and is an almost ordinary Martini, what makes it expensive? That in the bottom of the drink you can find a diamond engagement ring, for that special occasion and so important in life.

3. The Winston – Price: £ 9,620.894

This cocktail comes from Melbourne, Australia, Club 23. It takes 2 days in which its creation process is finished, and for its elaboration is used as Crozet cognac base of 1858, a bottle that costs nothing more and no less than £ 125,870.11. The name of the drink refers to Winston Churchill.

2. Martini “The Diamonds Are Forever” Tokyo version – Price: £ 14,430.95

It is very similar to its cousin of the United States, but this is served in the Ritz-Carlton, in Tokyo. He uses diamond declarations and, instead of a ring, he can find 1 carat of pure diamond. Without a doubt, a very expensive drink for a very expensive city.

1. Ruby RosePrice: £ 32,068

This limited edition cocktail was served in 2013 at the White Barn Inn, in Kennebunk, Maine, United States. It was in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the place, and consisted of a simple cocktail accompanied in the background by a 4 carat ruby. You can also order the same cocktail without the luxurious touch, and it will cost you as little as £ 13.65 .

 TAGS:Lagavulin 2013 Special Release 37 Year old 1976Lagavulin 2013 Special Release 37 Year old 1976

Lagavulin 2013 Special Release 37 Year old 1976



 TAGS:Jack Daniels Gold Medal Old Nº 7 1.5LJack Daniels Gold Medal Old Nº 7 1.5L

Jack Daniels Gold Medal Old Nº 7 1.5L

9 bars to enjoy a good wine in Paris

 TAGS:undefinedAlthough Spain is emerging as one of the most gastronomic countries, Paris is still famous for its cuisine, champagne and good wines. If you go to Paris for a romantic getaway or holidays, this is where you’ll get the city’s best wines.

  1. Madeleine L’Écluse. Here, you can taste delicious Bordeaux wines and other regional specialities. Don’t miss out on the good desserts and cheeses to accompany your wine.
  2. Grands Augustins. Rich desserts and an exceptional charcuterie are the hallmarks of this bar, with wines from official French appellations.
  3. Nicolas Bercy. They offer a menu of about 15 different wines. One can choose to drink them per glass or bottle, in addition to eating good and traditional French delicacies.
  4. Vinomania. The name says it all, tasty wines, from various designations of origin and also a selection of new and rare wines.
  5. Le Comptoir Marguery. Try out and taste various types of wines and champagnes.
  6. Le Tambour. This small bar has an unpretentious cuisine accompanied by local wines. Moreover, the kitchen is open until 3.00 am.
  7. Avant Comptoir. The decoration of the bars and restaurants of Paris is often very exclusive and personal, this is also the case at  the Avant Comptoir which offers a varied menu of dishes and a large assortment of wines.
  8. Aux Bons Crus. A small, unknown wine bar that offers regional specialities. The wines are selected by the owner of the bar.
  9. O Chateau. A popular bar that offers an abundance of well-known wines, cheeses, good food and an excellent atmosphere. It is frequented both by Parisians and tourists.

And alas, if you do not have the opportunity to travel to Paris, you can always have a glass of good French wine to console yourself. Cheers! 

Uvinum recommendations for French wines: 

 TAGS:Whispering Angel Rosé 2015Whispering Angel Rosé 2015

The Whispering Angel Rosé 2015 has its name from the Whispering Angels chapel from the early 19th century with two cherubs above the altar. The rosé managed to outshine its 2014 vintage which had already convinced many renowned wine critics.


 TAGS:M. Chapoutier Bila Haut Occultum Lapidem 2014M. Chapoutier Bila-Haut Occultum Lapidem 2014

M. Chapoutier Bila-Haut Occultum Lapidem 2014: Through biodynamics Michel Chapoutier gets the best out of his wines, reminding us of images from the South of France with its warm colours and scents of Mediterranean woods. 

Bars to drink good wine in Paris


We continue in France and this time it’s turn for wine bars. In Paris night-life is one of the biggest attractions, and if you’re looking for options to have fun in good company be sure to know some of the bars to drink good wine recommended by Time Out.

And otherwise, you can always drink a good French wine, such as the ones we recommend below.

 TAGS:Clos du Marquis 2005Clos du Marquis 2005

Clos du Marquis 2005: a red wine with Saint-Julien DO with the best bunches of 2005 petit verdot and merlot and 13º of alcohol strength. 



 TAGS:Château Gloria 2009Château Gloria 2009

Château Gloria 2009: a red wine with Saint-Julien DO vinified with gloria from 2009. 



Photos: Uvinum and Mariano Mantel