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How to produce blonde beer

Ale, Lager, Trappist, Golden Beer….there is a large number of beers but  TAGS:without any doubt the most popular and polifacetic one is the so called “Blonde” beer, or Lager beer. In the morning, during lunch, or on nights out with friends, we can find this type of beer everywhere and at any time.

The success of the “blondes” is so big that everyone has a famous brand, there are people that don’t even drink it if it’s not their favourite beer.

So what is the secret of their success? How is blonde beer produced? What is the difference between some brands and others?

“Blonde” beer is actually called “Lager”, Lagerbeers are beers with low fermentation, which means that the are fermented with special wheats that make the fermentation process slowlier. In the last steps of the fermentation process they were traditionally stored in cellars ( or “lagered”, as the name says). Because of this is was easier to filter them and eliminate residual cells and to guarantee their characteristic transparence. Nowadays the process of storage in cellars can be made in  fermentation deposits as they are thermoadjustable.

Lagerbeers are among the newest beers, they are produced since the XIX century, when in Germany “ad hoc” fermentations were invented that made possible a fermentation under low temperature.

In some places the lagers are confused with pilsener or pilser but in reality these are not synonyms. Pilsener is a type of Lager that comes from the Czech city Pilsen and which is produced with local malt and hops. This beer is bitter and has a golden colour and it became famous quickly.

The majority of the Lager we know cannot be considered Pilsener in a strict sense because of their origin, but it is true that they follow the example of Pilsener more than the traditional of the Lager. It’s up to each one  if  he prefers to call it Lager or Pilsener. 

Would you like to have a fresh blonde beer? We recommend you not only one, but three:

  • Budweiser: The number 1 American beer in the world. It’s convenient to serve it almost frozen, it’s easy in the mouth and very refreshing.
  • Heineken: It was sold as probably the best beer in the world. Although experts deny that affirmation, for sure it has much flavour and is a little bitter. For sure we have drunk it many times on our funny nights out. The dutch queen par excellence.
  • Asahi Super Dry: The most consumed beer in Japan and the most popular japanese beer in the Occident. Haven’t you tried it? You definitely should..

Which blonde beer do you prefer and when? Can you recommend us one?

Pilsener beer


Pilsener Beer or pils is a type of beer we can find almost everywhere in the world, but it comes from a Czech town that gives not only the name, but a great tradition and makes it for many the world?s best Pilsener Beer.

History of Pilsener Beer

The city of Pilsen (Plzen) is situated in the southwest of the Czech Republic and it is famous because of the large beer industry, which enjoys a well-earned fame. But it all starts at the end of the decade of the 30’s in the nineteenth century.

The beers of Bohemia (west of Pilsen city, also famous for its beer) were dense, thick and high fermentation did not satisfy the needs and tastes of the residents of Pilsen. That’s why they choose to create their own beer.

That?s how Pilsener Beer was born under the name of “bourgeois brewery,” which joined the rules of the Bavarian beer. Pilsen starts with a need, but soon began to have its own identity and style defined in terms of formulation and the entire design process, to obtain a final product of unquestionable quality. Today nearly two centuries after Pilsener Beer was born beer is made in the main breweries in the world.

The city of Pilsen has approximately 165.000 inhabitants


The Czech Republic’s Pilsener beer

Pilsener Beer is a lager beer, but has a number of characteristics that differences it from this kind of beers. Pilsener Beer is characterized by Moravian malt and the use of Zatec hops which produces a considerable increase in the alcoholic content. Another detail that should be emphasized is that this kind of beer is made with low fermentation yeast, a fact which clearly influences in its flavor.

Pilsen is usually between 3 to 5 alcohol degrees.

Czech Pilsener Beer beers are considered one of the best worldwide, with brands like Gambrinus, Pilsner Urquell, Staropramen among others. In Germany we also find a lot of beers of this class, which are differentiated by being a little stronger and bitter than Czech’s

Pilsen usually has a golden pale gold color

Now it’s time to try them, so what about a beer?


The world’s most famous Pilsen. 

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