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Porter, the stout beer

 TAGS:Among the different types of beer, the ail offers more body, more consistency and personality, and gives us really strong flavors. Among these, the Porter Beer is one of the most famous, popular and sold worldwide.

The porter is an ale type beer, which is usually made with soft water. Invented in London in the eighteenth century, its name comes from the porters, who used to work in the markets of London. Later, it became very popular among the working class until our days, now consumed worldwide, preferably in England, where you can find a large population of consumers and artisans of stout.

If we analyze its color, we can say that it is a dark, brown, to reddish black, and the bitter malty aromas are the dominant notes. The dark color comes from the dark malts it?s made of, hence this unmistakable tone, which was the one that used to have the first beers. This was due to a purely economic issue, since the price of malt in the eighteenth century raised and, in order to roast it more, they used to add more hops. These types of beer, like the Porter, are therefore more original and classic.

The flavor of this beer is strong and bitter, thanks to the hops. It is also dry, with less than 5 percent of alcohol, and tastes like coffee and chocolate, with distinctive toasty and smoky aromas. Like any other stout it is ideal to enjoy with dessert, to counteract the taste something sweet of the cakes or chocolates. But, at the same time, it goes well with meats and smoked.

There are several varieties of the Porter. Choose your favorite!

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UK beers

 TAGS:The UK beers subject is world apart and almost enough for writing half encyclopedia (ah, you no longer have … well, then to write an eBook) because there are really many varieties of beer, centuries of history, and always differences regarding the ingredients, that’s not counting external aspects so you, see it’s needed to spend a good while to get to understand just a small part of this interesting source of flavour and good times.

To simplify and not go crazy, let’s make a small classifications based on easily recognizable features. First, the colour. It is the most basic element and here are three different types: Pale Ale, Brown Ale and Old Ale. From lighter to darker, we could say that the first is an amber tone beer, the second presents stronger hues approaching brown tones and the last one is the darkest (although this does not mean it’s necessarily the one with higher alcohol content, since those are known as Strong Ale).

Depending on the intensity of its flavor and body, we could talk about Mild, Bitter and Porter. Being the first one the softest and less bodied one and the last one the most bitter and nutritious at the same time. We must also say that, within each class of beer, there are different varieties, especially in the Bitter which is the most widely consumed in the UK today (though for decades the most common beer was the Porter precisely for its satiating properties).

We cannot end this UK beers fast (and simple) review without mentioning one of my favorites: the Scotch Ale. These kind of beers are quite powerful and they use to show a hint of sweetness in their taste, which could remind the Belgian beers.

Finally, a couple lines on the Irish beers which have more fruity taste than the ones before and also more pronounced malt notes, all I could say here today in the practice will be reduced to two words: Dry Stout, which is the most common type, and moreover, the one they make best, because you must admit that they really know what they are doing there.

And after so much information, I’m sure you feel for…

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