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Why Is Red Wine Good For Cholesterol?


Wine is one of the elements present in most tables at lunch or dinner; even, it usually makes a show on great occasions, reserving the best wines for special moments. And, although it should be taken in moderation, we are talking about a “food” that may affect positively our health.

Positive effects of wine on health

As we have seen in other posts, there are many health benefits from consuming a glass of wine in our daily diet. From improving the health of the gums to improving the mood and reducing fatigue. However, in this case, we want to focus on how wine helps us reduce cholesterol.

Resveratrol: the miracle chemical

Wine is rich in many nutrients, but above all, in polyphenols. One of the most effective in the fight against cholesterol is resveratrol. It is a chemical substance rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are essential in preventing the formation of clots.

According to a study done by a Spanish institute Mayo Clinic, drinking red wine or sherry has health benefits such as, preventing blood clots in veins and, therefore, avoid cardiovascular problems and “bad” cholesterol.

Vitamin E and nutrients

On the other hand, and continuing with the benefits of wine in cardiovascular health, it is worth noting that red wine is rich in many nutrients. Vitamin E is ideal for people with heart problems or to prevent them. It has been proven that vitamin E is capable of cleaning our blood, which also prevents clots while protecting the tissues of blood vessels.

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Resveratrol: wine pills

 TAGS:Recently we shared the news about a scientific study in which the results were that Resveratrol, a substance present in red wine, was enabled health and longevity in animals. After a while, scientists have not rest until achieving a formula which has a similar compound that can be distributed in pills.

Indeed, this study was a step further to offer an alternative to all that people who cannot or does not want to consume wine daily to preserve their health. So now not only a glass of wine is the easiest way to consume Resveratrol as scientists have made progress in creating similar pharmaceutical compounds in high doses to prevent diseases associated with aging.

This compound called Resveratrol concentrates the equivalent of 100 red wine glasses and would be available in the market in about five years if things go well in the process. This compound is the result of many tests developed from the year 2005 to provide the people a concentrated alternative to red wine.

According to David Sinclair, professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School, this substance has been tested in animals proving successful results as increased resistance to obesity and aging, 4000 formulas have been developed and some have been tested in humans, looking safe enough so far.

If things will work as they are suppose to, very soon it will be possible to find these pills on many shops and with their powerful antioxidants in a few years red wine will lose its place among good health lovers.

Would you allow us recommend you a pair of red wines? Here they are!

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La Gioiosa Fragolino Rosso



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