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Pears in wine: recipes with wine


One of the most traditional desserts of Spanish cuisine is pears in red wine. If cakes and pastries used to be reserved for special occasions, pears in red wine was a Sunday dessert, which appeals to everyone and especially children, who could do something usually forbidden: taste wine (even in the dessert).

Pre-prepared desserts and lack of time in the kitchen has made this dessert almost disappear, but it is an easy dish to prepare and that includes healthy and delicious ingredients, so I strongly recommend it. Today we teach you to prepare a fantastic pears in red wine:

Pears in red wine


  • 4 large size pears
  • 1/2 liter of red wine
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 1 orange peel (without the white part)
  • 1 lemon peel (no white part)
  • Sugar

First, the pears: it can be any variety, but they must be hard, because they have to be consistent after cooking. A trick to know if the pears are going to serve you press them with your finger. If it goes through, the pear is too soft and will not hold cooking.

As for the wine, just any red wine. The one you have left in the fridge from last weekend will be great 😉


Peel the pears leaving the stalk. slightly cut the pear base horizontally, to settle into the pot.

Putt the 4 pears in a pot and watered with wine, and set it to heat over low – medium heat. Add the sugar, orange peel and lemon and cinnamon.

We maintain that heat for 20-25 minutes, watering pears every 5 minutes. As pears are simmering, with starch will absorb the wine and go tinting the color of red wine.
To know when the pears are cooked, simply tap the pears with a skewer or fork. The holder must be easily introduced into the heart of the pears.

Once the pears are cooked, remove and put the fire climbed to the rest of the wine acquires a syrup texture. Meanwhile, place the pears on individual plates where ready to serve.

The point is on the syrup tastes, but keep in mind that once you have the desired texture the wine will continue to reduce rapidly, so it is advisable to stop just before that we believe it has the texture that we like, and pour immediately over pears to stop the reduction.

The ideal temperature depends on each family: in some places it is served hot, in other cooled. Our suggestion is to try all variants of presentation that comes to mind, until you find the one you like. Alternatively, serve hot, freshly made, with syrup and a scoop of ice cream. So you will enjoy the hot-cold contrast and a dessert in its perfect time.

Do you like pears in wine? Today we offer 2 wines for you to enjoy, and although it is more likely that you will not want to lose any part of it, make a wonderful pears in wine :

 TAGS:Paco Garcia Seis 2012Paco Garcia Seis 2012

Paco Garcia Seis 2012



 TAGS:Paternina Banda Azul 2008Paternina Banda Azul 2008

Paternina Banda Azul 2008

How to drink whiskey and what with


Whisky is one of the favorite drinks worldwide. There are different prices but all have popularity and it is therefore important to know how to drink whiskey. There are different methods to enjoy a whiskey and some useful tips would be:

  • Learn to sip only one drink of whiskey: whiskey is often served in a small cup or in shot. Drink it that way; it comes quickly into the blood. This method is usual used for ship whiskeys, as it goes directly into the blood. The most expensive ones are consumed more slowly.
  • Alone and on the rocks: The whiskey alone, served without ice and not mixed with any other ingredient is preferred by people who enjoy more expensive whiskeys, because this way they can appreciate its flavor, but is also more powerful and should be served at room temperature, while the whiskey on the rocks (with ice cubes) is ideal for people who prefer their whiskey cold and slightly diluted by the melting ice in the drink. Taste the whiskey at lower temperatures may vary its flavors and aromas. Another way to enjoy a good whiskey is mix to combine flavors and give a new flavor to your drink.

One of the most popular blends is whiskey and coca-cola, but there are plenty of whiskeys cocktails you can try if you investigate a little more and, of course, if you like to taste different flavours. Undoubtedly the main options are to take whiskey with water, pure or on the rocks. Mix your whiskey with a little bit of water you?ll manage to dilute it without altering the taste.

What whiskeys do we recommend today? As always we have the best options for you if you want to buy whisky:

 TAGS:Jameson 1LJameson 1L

Jameson 1L


 TAGS:Ye Franciscan Canecos 12 YearsYe Franciscan Canecos 12 Years

Ye Franciscan Canecos 12 Years



French or American oak?


When we speak of oak, it always seems that there is unanimity that the French oak is better than the American oak. It is said that one can see it in the wines which aged in those barrels. The wood also leaves its mark on the precious perfumed wines, much more in the French ones than when it was a barrel from US. 

This was demonstrated by Matías Calleja, a winemaker from Beronia in London who, during a lecture a few months ago, explained that the main difference between the two origins lays in the aroma and tannins. The first is noted in the case of French oak, while the second is the main quality of the American oak.

When tasting, although it was the wine from French oak barrels which received most votes, the difference between the two notations was not too explicit.

The secret is in the mix

The knowledge of oak which in bodegas is very important. It helps combine successfully the essence that aromatizes the wine: more spice in the case of French oak and toast, with hints of coconut and chocolate, in the case of American. At that one must add the vanilla aromas each particular wine can develop.

There are other options: Some wineries use Central European oak, or Caucasian, who come from countries like Hungary, Slovenia, Russia, Romania, Bosnia and Poland. Those are woods which are said to have a high potential of aging, not as tannic and much cheaper.

Other wineries opt for the Spanish oak, although It has good quality, there are few companies that exploit it, and hence the difficulty of getting to great wineries.
Finally, there are also wineries which are beginning to bet for other woods like acacia or beech, especially for white wines age in which we seek the expression of the grape tannins above.

What type of barrel your favorite wines are aged in? What shades provided do you most like?

Today we recommend 2 great (and well- aged) wines:

 TAGS:Faustino I Tinto Gran Reserva 2001Faustino I Tinto Gran Reserva 2001

Faustino I Tinto Gran Reserva 2001



 TAGS:El Coto Crianza 2009El Coto Crianza 2009

El Coto Crianza 2009

How to became a good wine taster


For a good wine tasting (or gin tonics, so fashionable lately, or beers), the taster should possess qualities and characteristics that make it special to appreciate tastes, smells and tastes like no other.

In addition to theoretical studies, the taster must have a sensory sensitivity, so that there are many people who don?t have a long experience in taste but, however, easily learn by the power of their senses.

Moreover, the experience is always a question of degree. The taster tested and different wines or beers throughout his life in order to compare and distinguish flavours in one drink. The taster is curious, he moves the investigation. Constantly try to discover new flavours and sensations.

The taster must be guided by what he knows and what he has learned when analyzing a wine. Here personal tastes are not worth having but the important thing to analyze is what will transmit the ingredients of each wine, leaving behind most personal experiences. He has to try many wines, especially doing blind tastings because, often, the brand determines what you are tasting, both for good and for bad.

The eternal question is whether you were born taster or made taster. Professionals are a combination of both. Some studies have shown that the ability to taste a wine would be genetic, with differences in great sensitivity to bitter tastes perceived preferably by the wine professionals.

The good taster has contact with the world of wine or food he tastes. He visits wineries, makes winemakers consultation with professionals, attends trade shows and industry conferences, and is aware of the developments that are emerging in both products and trends.

Want to taste 2 great wines? Today we recommend: 

 TAGS:Mare Nostrum Vino de Aguja Rosado 2013Mare Nostrum Vino de Aguja Rosado 2013

Mare Nostrum Vino de Aguja Rosado 2013


 TAGS:Etchart Privado Malbec Rosé 2012Etchart Privado Malbec Rosé 2012

Etchart Privado Malbec Rosé 2012




Operation bikini? Operation Christmas with wine and ham!


Are you on a diet? But you like ham and wine? Well do not worry; everything we had previously thought about whether the ham fattens might not be entirely true. Now that Christmas is approaching and Christmas baskets come from the office, do not worry! It will serve you to make a diet!

We have not gone mad; it is a European Medical Institute of Obesity Information, which has developed a diet made of delicatessen for gourmets, which includes the red wine and Iberian ham without problem.Surely with this news we ‘ve made your day, as there is nothing better than a good glass of red wine along with a bit of ham to unwind, discover new pleasures and feel good.

With this diet you won?t not gain weight, but you could also lose between 4 and 6 kilos a month or so, always controlling your health. Now both foods should be eaten in moderation, or it will produce the opposite effect.

It is known that the wine has many benefits for both the body and mind. This, combined with the ham you perfectly care your hearts, thanks to their significant cardiovascular effect. The makers of this diet say that Iberian ham provides iron and B vitamins, as required for the brain and nervous system. Moreover, it is low in saturated fat and high in monounsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid.

The diet proposed in the European Medical Institute of Obesity combines red wine consumption and ham every day with nutrients like fruits and vegetables, meat and fish. In addition, special guidelines are set to get more nutrients between different cores of the population, focusing on sports, women and men. So for women it is recommended to drink 150 ml of wine (one glass) while for men the average would be in two glasses of 150 ml throughout the day.

The best way to drink the wine is has a part of the food and other dinner, you better not do it at other times of day. So you know, this Christmas head over to this super diet and lose weight!

Ready to start the diet? Today we recommend

 TAGS:La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 890 1995La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 890 1995

La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 890 1995



 TAGS:Nordic Blue TonicNordic Blue Tonic

Nordic Blue Tonic



Penedes: Wine tours in Spain


Penedès is a wine-producing areas of Europe, besides imposing historical territory of the autonomous community of Catalonia, it is subdivided into the regions of Alto Penedès , Garraf and the Bajo Penedès.

One of the most outstanding drinks of Penedes is the cava, s produced in greater quantity than in other Spanish regions. It has a designation of origin for the production of red and white wines too.

Like in any wine route, in Penedes you can taste delicious dishes of local gastronomy among which are the poultry, breed roosters, ducks, homemade sausages and pastries. Besides enjoying traditional music, tastings of wines produced in the area, workshops and guided walks .

In the Penedes you can enjoy beautiful landscapes filled with vineyards, castles and old neighborhoods that invite tourists to learn more about its history, talking about traditional wines production, but also about the new varieties introduced in recent years.

Penedes soils are high in phosphorus and low in potassium, irregular appearance from the sea to the mountain of Montserrat, this area is 800 meters above sea level and the climate is the typical Mediterranean climate.

The red wines of Penedes are usually aromatic, full-bodied and of intense colors, while whites are fruity and cellars give excellent reputation with excellent quality and flavor.

Numerous options are open once you are in Penedes, with castles routes, guided tours to natural  park, festivals, fairs, beautiful architecture, and much more that you can enjoy in groups of friends, families and couples .

In short Penedes is another jewel of Spain full of wines, vineyards attractions, history and warm hospitality you cannot miss to enjoy culture and unforgettable moments.

Today we recommend 2 of the best valued catalonian wines:

 TAGS:Cresta RosaCresta Rosa

Cresta Rosa, light bubbles to enjoy a fresh rosé



 TAGS:Cordon Negro BrutCordon Negro Brut

Cordon Negro Brut, a good sparkling for a perfect prize

How to have a small cellar at home


Any fan of the magnificent wine world already thought about making a small cellar in his house, and not only because they want to have good brand in perfect state available at any time, but also because he can buy wine on favorable condition: he acquires them without completing their aging and then allowed to complete it at home, while the market value multiplies.

But the problem arises with domestic installations: more often you just do not have the adequate space available, so people try emergency solutions that do nothing more than to spoil the wine.

The only wines that age well are the ones that have been made for aging , that is, it will be useless to save a young wine for years in a good cellar, almost certainly when you will be drinking it, it will be spoiled. The wines that can be saved are the crianza, reserva and large reserves, which have matured in wooden casks enough time to continue to do so later in the individual wineries.

To achieve this, the space for keeping wines must meet certain conditions: maintain a constant temperature that does not oscillate beyond 8 ° C at 18 °, with an ideal average of 12 ° C throughout the year. If the temperature rises, white wine undergo secondary fermentation and reds accelerate the oxidation process. Conversely, temperatures below cloud the wine and alter its color. It is therefore essential to have a thermometer to control at all times.

Achieving a sufficiently moist environment: air humidity does not harm the correct storage and aging of wine. Even better: it is necessary. But it is also important not to have excessive humidity, because in this case, wines acquire a distinctive musty smell. Ideally, not less than 80 % because the dryness affects corks, which shrink and let in the air.

Isolate noise and odor: although wine does not ?hear ?the vibrations and noise will greatly hurt, because it shakes and produces important organoleptic changes. The racks must be isolated from the fridge or any powered device. In the warehouse, you have to perform jobs that isolate from noise or vibration. Regarding odors, they also enters the bottles, so you cannot store wine with substances such as paint or gasoline, or near food giving off strong odors, such as cheese or ham.

You should ensure adequate ventilation so that the air is renewed. Ensure the absence of light : the wine is damaged if exposed to light long, hence, the winery must be very thin, because if not, there is a very rapid oxidation that experts recognize then when tasting the wine and called ” light flavor “.

Arrange the bottles horizontally: wines must stand horizontally so that the cork is always wet, the most practical is to stack the bottles, trying not to move it a lot to find what we seek. For this reason the order is critical.

¿Do you want to buy wine for your particular cellar? We suggest you:

 TAGS:Terra Di Lavoro 2010Terra Di Lavoro 2010

Terra Di Lavoro 2010



 TAGS:La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 2000La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 2000

La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 2000

8 health benefits of red wine


Wine is one of the world’s oldest drinks. Its history dates back thousands of years, and while drinking to excess any alcoholic beverage is dangerous for health, it is scientifically proven that drinking a glass of red wine per day brings its benefits.

Reducing the risk of death in many cases: European researchers argue that moderate daily consumption of red wine (22-32 g of alcohol) has a good effect on mortality. According to studies carried out in France, UK, Finland and Denmark, moderate consumption of wine is more beneficial than beer or other spirits.

Smoking: Smoking damages the natural ability of blood vessels to relax, what is called vasodilation. Red wine, with or without alcohol , decreases the harmful effects of tobacco consumption in the endothelium – layer of cells that reduces friction in the lining of lymph vessels , blood vessels and heart.

Heart problems: One of the most known and recognized wine consumption virtues is the protective effect on the heart. Indeed, the moderate and regular consumption of red wine can be preventive in the heart and cardiovascular problems. Scientists believe the red wine reduces the risk because it minimizes the production of low density lipoprotein (LDL) and the formation of high density lipoprotein (HDL).

Blood clots: Red wine produced an anticoagulant action or anti -thrombotic. Occasional or moderate wine consumers show a lower level of fibrinogen proteins that are responsible for the formation of blood clots.

Hypertension: Excessive alcohol consumption is generally considered a risk factor for hypertension. However, clinical trials show positive effects of red wine on blood pressure. Two glasses of red wine (250 ml), while eating, reduces blood pressure after meals.
Kidney Stones: wine consumption reduces the risk of kidney stone formation.

Alzheimer’s disease: The moderate consumption of wine is often put forward in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers have shown that resveratrol, a polyphenol found in red wine, has neuroprotective effects.

Thus, I will not conclude by saying that everyone should drink wine every day, but it can be worth if you are in one of the situations above. Therefore, let’s all buy wine!

Tant to receive a wine suggestion? We recommend you 2:

 TAGS:Château Phélan Segur 2012Château Phélan Segur 2012

Château Phélan Segur 2012



 TAGS:Chateau Lynch-Bages 2005Chateau Lynch-Bages 2005

Chateau Lynch-Bages 2005

The 5 strongest beers to celebrate Oktoberfest


It?s Oktoberfest! Beer is the star of this festival of German tradition, which, despite its name is not celebrated in October, but the third week of September. The reason? Although Oktoberfest was originally celebrated in October, it was suggested to celebrate Oktoberfest in September because the weather is more favorable.

In October in Germany the weather is quite cold, so most beers consumed for Oktoberfest are of a higher alcohol content (the highest). But what are these superpower beers? There are beers up to 65% alcohol (the famous Armageddon), but if you have not been lucky enough to buy one when it was still available (it is made in very small quantities and on a short period), and want to enjoy a different Oktoberfest with stronger beers today I present to you five of the strongest beers sold on Uvinum. Yes, if you buy beer for Oktoberfest, drink in moderation!

 Here are the 5 strongest beers sold on Uvinum:

5. With 13% of alcohol content, the “demon” beer

 TAGS:Belzebuth 250mlBelzebuth 250ml

Belzebuth 250ml



4. 14% of alcohol content for the strongest lager





3. 15% of alcohol content, the whiskey land’s beer

 TAGS:Brewdog Paradox Isle Of ArranBrewdog Paradox Isle Of Arran

Brewdog Paradox Isle Of Arran



2. 15% of alcohol content, the Bordeaux style beer

 TAGS:De Molen Bommen & Granaten BordeauxDe Molen Bommen & Granaten Bordeaux

De Molen Bommen & Granaten Bordeaux



1. 32% of alcohol content, the nuclear bomb

 TAGS:Brewdog Tactical Nuclear Penguin 375mlBrewdog Tactical Nuclear Penguin 375ml

Brewdog Tactical Nuclear Penguin 375ml

The new “magic pill” is made with red wine


Some time ago we discussed the beneficial effects of Resveratrol, a component present in the skins of red grapes (and therefore also in red wine) that has begun to be tested by medical scientists on animals, in order to study there benefits. Among them, reducing obesity, their antioxidant capabilities, anti-aging benefits and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Though one of the testing stages Resveratrol is still practiced in rats and mice, it is a reality that it has managed to absorb free radicals and aging culprits to cancer.

The Journal of Physiology recently discovered that these free radicals are necessary for the body to recover after exercise, so that a daily dose of this miracle pill also reverses the effects of exercise, including lowering blood pressure and lower levels cholesterol.
This should not alarm the wine lovers.

Remember that a dose of resveratrol is equivalent in power to 100 glasses of red wine, so it is not possible to suffer the adverse effects through a glass of wine or two. This experiment made on sixty-five years old men during eight weeks.

Similarly Resveratrol component remains the most praised for its beneficial properties since its discovery and remains accessible to everyone from ancient time through a delicious glass of red wine, as we recommend today:

 TAGS:Palacio de MonsaludPalacio de Monsalud

Palacio de Monsalud



 TAGS:Dinastia Vivanco Reserva 2005Dinastia Vivanco Reserva 2005

Dinastia Vivanco Reserva 2005