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Red wine may slow lung cancer


On several occasions, we have presented the benefits of wine on health. The wine is good for your health, but only if consumed moderately, and included in a varied diet as the traditional Mediterranean diet. This time, a new research by the Universities of Brock and McMaster in Ontario (Canada) reveals that the white and red wines could also stop the spread of lung cancer. Red wine is supposed to be more effective against the disease.

Canadian scientists have found some evidences. But the study is still at a preliminary stage. The evidence shows that the two types of wine have an effect on cancer cells. But it is the phenolic content that seems to be the key to greater efficiency. Red therefore appear more effective than white varieties.

So far, there seems to be evidence that red wine has beneficial effects on health problems such as obesity and heart disease, but the progress made by Brock and McMaster can be a giant step in the fight against the malignant lung tumors. And who knows if it does not work against other cancers?

Currently, the research (forthcoming in the prestigious Cancer Cell International) is limited to exposing cultures of cancer cells grown in the laboratory, but if the results are confirmed, it is expected to plan a new round of research with laboratory mice. The doses used are those which correspond to moderate wine consumption. 1 or 2 drinks per day, to see if the wine actually has an effect on slowing the growth of cancer cells. If this is the case, then scientists will return in a more advanced phase of clinical experiments.

Today we recommend you:

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Mcguigan Estate Shiraz 2012



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Zandvliet Shiraz 2009

Wine labels : a world of inovation

 TAGS:It would be a mistake to say that every great wine have a great label. Also, a flashy label doesn?t certify the quality of the drink. However, an innovative label can lead you to try some new and interesting options you wouldn?t have thought of.

 TAGS:Casei de Advocatura Wine (Lawyer?s house): This wine has a grey label simulating a pinstripe suit with a striking red scarf, creating a sober and elegant style. An ideal gift for your family lawyer.

Advine: Advine is a brand of Australian wine that offers a great Shiraz. The label represents a lovely oil painting with floral details. It is supposed to reflect the Dutch heritage of Andrew Leembruggen, a great winemaker.

The Argonaut, 8 arms (original photo): This wine label is probably one of my favorites. It represents an octopus on a white background. It is a reference to the Aristotle’s theory: He claimed that the female octopus travels in his shell and uses its 8 arms to paddle and move.

Csetvei Winery: Designed by Kira Koroknai, this label is a minimalist way of underlining the Winery Csetvei strong taste. It is easy to admire this wavy black and white lines.

Vi Novell 2012: Both for meat lovers and for those who feel overwhelmed with the theme of marriage, this design will be attractive. The label represents several strips of bacon surrounding the body of the bottle. The Celler el Masroig is already known for the originality of the label they create.

Bitch Fest Student Spotlight: The Bitch Fest is an ideal wine to enjoy spontaneous. The design of the label requires to spin the bottle in order to clearly read the white letters.

Torello Malvarel-I 2012: Its label refers to the production process: from the vines selection to the bottling machine through the torelló with creativity.

Minima Moralia: Brandient is the creator of this wine. It came from Singapore and is available in 6 different mixtures, every one of them having an original and artistic black and white photography design.

Today I will recommend 2 wines, will you chose them according to the label? 

 TAGS:Zandvliet Shiraz 2009Zandvliet Shiraz 2009

Zandvliet Shiraz 2009




 TAGS:Hermanuspietersfontein Swartskaap Cabernet Franc 2009Hermanuspietersfontein Swartskaap Cabernet Franc 2009

Hermanuspietersfontein Swartskaap Cabernet Franc 2009





The best value for money for Rioja wines

 TAGS:Rioja wine is the most popular wine in Spain and one of the most recognized in the world. Some of the best Spanish wines are produced each year in the Rioja. This beautiful region offers spectacular harvest (of cheap and easy to drink wines of the wines) and wines with the best value for money, some of them among the most appreciated by the critics. Do you want to meet them? Today we present you some of the best wines of the Rioja with the best value for money:


 TAGS:Luis Cañas Crianza 2010Luis Cañas Crianza 2010

Luis Cañas Crianza 2010: Luis Cañas Reserva 2009 was chosen by the magazine The Wine Advocate as red wine with the best value for money. The new vintage of this wine promises to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor.


 TAGS:Imperial Gran Reserva 2007ImperialGran Reserva 2007

Imperial Gran Reserva 2007: The 2004 vintage of this wine of Cune ( CVNE ) was recently chosen as the best wine in the world in 2013 by Wine Spectator. A gem for less than 30 ?.



 TAGS:Viña Tondonia Reserva 2002Viña Tondonia Reserva 2002

Viña Tondonia Reserva 2002: This is a cellar specialized Reserva and Gran Reserva, and therefore gets elegant, soft, harmonious and complex wines. This vintage was rated by Robert Parker with 95 points out of 100. One of the best in Spain for less than 20 ? .


 TAGS:Marqués de Cáceres Gran Reserva 2005Marqués de Cáceres Gran Reserva 2005

Marqués de Cáceres Gran Reserva 2005: One of the great thing of Rioja is that this region produces wines of Reserva and Gran Reserva at fantastic prices . Marques de Caceres Gran Reserva is a perfect example.



 TAGS:Viña Albina Reserva 2007Viña Albina Reserva 2007

Viña Albina Reserva 2007: You can hardly find a Reserva for about 6 ? . If it has the approval of most iconic Bodegas of Rioja, what more could you ask for?

How portuguese vinho verde is made

 TAGS:The Vinho Verde is a wine from Portugal and more specifically from the province of Minho. Is has acid dyes and is slightly frothy. The vinho verde is produced in a wide area ranging from Cambra Valley to the Rio Minho, which forms the border with Galicia – Spain. Its name Vinho verde (green wine) comes from the youth of the grapes used and is an appellation of origin since 1984.

It has digestive properties due to its freshness; it is consumed during the summer and can be red (full-bodied, intense color and slightly sparkling) or white (greenish or straw). The history of Vinho Verde was initiated by the religious  who made contributions to the Portuguese crown.

The vinho verde is made in the traditional manner without the technological artifacts; young musts rich in sugar and acidity are collected, then treated with nitrogen for a more effective fermentation (sudden temperature increases must be avoided).

For the preparation this wine must pass by a malolactic fermentation, which involves the conversion of malic acid (present in grapes and other fruits) to lactic acid by the bacteria and using vitamin B, purines, pyridines and some amino, reducing the acidity and enhance its quality.

Sometimes malolactic bacteria are artificially added to this wine to cause fermentation. In the special case of the Portugal green wine, we try to prevent that the fermentation takes place in the bottle.

One of the grapes that is more used for the production of Vinho verde is the Albariño grape. It is used for white wine production in the region of vinho verde. Additionally are harvested white caste of Arinto, march back, Azal, Batoca, Laurel, and Trajadura, among others. And red caste of Amaral (Azal red), Borracal, Espadeiro, Baker, Horsetail Anho and Pedral, among others.

As we begin the summer, vinho verde, for its freshness and softness, is a must. Do you sign up to buy vinho verde? Then we recommend:

 TAGS:Casal Mendes Vinho VerdeCasal Mendes Vinho Verde

Casal Mendes Vinho Verde




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Quinta do Dorado Auratus 2008