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Keys to understand the new Rioja wine regulation


The campaign Saber quién eres (“Know who you are”), recently launched by the Rioja Qualified Denomination of Origin, will promote the new wine regulation of the region, approved last year, which reflects its growing diversity and gives producers more tools to communicate each of the terroirs.

According to the direction of the Regulatory CouncilRioja wine is constantly improving, revising its definitions and reinforcing what it currently offers with new geographical indications. The main goal, then, is to highlight the unique origin of the terroir, recognize its diversity and continue to establish quality requirements that ensure the high standard of its wines.

The new legislation allows producers to make their region more recognizable to consumers, including the use of a more visible typeface, which takes up more space on the label. Rioja will have, from now on, three regional categories:

Viñedos Singulares: This new category aims to recognize unique single vineyards. To qualify, wines must come from a single vineyard registered as a brand that must appear on the label. The vineyard may be owned by the producer or a grower with whom it has a long-term relationship. In addition, it must be established for at least 35 years. In addition, a reduction of 20% in yield is established in comparison with that of Rioja DOC, the harvest must be manual and new traceability standards are proposed.

Vinos de Municipio: This regulation establishes that the grape must come from a municipality indicated on the label, with a maximum percentage of 15% coming from another neighbouring municipality.

Vinos de Zona: This category covers the labelling of wines from the Rioja Alta, Rioja Alavesa and Rioja Oriental (formerly Rioja Baja) sub-regions . Up to 15% of the grapes included in the elaboration can be from a neighbouring area.

Another innovation is the introduction of a new category of varietal white wines, which now includes the international varieties Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, in addition to the traditional ones. Producers will also be able to label their sparkling wines as Espumosos de Calidad de Rioja.

Finally, the regulation establishes that, starting 2019, Reserva wines will have a 3-year ageing, with 12 months in oak and 6 in bottle; Gran Reserva must be aged 5 years, with 24 months in oak and 24 in bottle.

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Altos Ibéricos Crianza 2015



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Viña Alberdi Crianza 2012

A walk over Rioja wines

 TAGS:A stroll through La Rioja will lead us to discover places as impossible as a river that disappears to re-emerge from the earth kilometers later (Oja river), a hen that crowed after being roasted or an elephants path downtown Logroño. Although you may think you know this region, you always get surprised again as with their Rioja wine, famous and often requested throughout the world, but impossible to pigeonhole.

As both my mother and my grandmother come from La Rioja, the first thing that comes to my mind when thinking about this post?s topics is good food. Potatoes with chorizo, a sort of potatoes stew from Rioja, are proof of that. A simple recipe makes a genius dish that everybody loves. To match this delicious sausage flavour (mmmhhh! how good are those from the restaurant “Chicote”) the best we can choose is a Rioja red wine from the year or a rosé one (which in the region is called ?clarete?). Best served cool.

Truth is that foodies have it easy with Rioja wines because for less than 10 euros you can take home aged in oak and exclusive wines from there like for example an Azpilicueta Reserva 2006, a Ramon Bilbao Edición Limitada 2008 (Limited Edition), a Baron de Ley Reserva 2006, or a Lan or Viña Albina, both reserve 2005.

If we want to go for some tapas in La Rioja, we have to take little walk along Calle Laurel in Logroño. There we will get some good wines (they call them ?chatos de vino?) which will improve our mood instantly. In Casa Taza Restaurant you can order some Iberian accompanied by an Heredad Ugarte or a Beronia Crianza wine, then the best choice is going to the Soriano for a few mushrooms, we know that they will taste much better with a glass of Luis Cañas. After it we should head to Gárgonich, where we can have a squid plate or some stuffed eggs, both are the house specialties, accompanied by a Marqués de Riscal, in glass better than in person ;). And for sure the route will not end here, that?s why this street is called the Elephants path (a pun referring to the word trunk which in Spanish also means being or getting drunk).

Another way to travel Rioja, much better known and oldest than Laurel Street, is the Camino de Santiago (a pilgrimage route which crosses the North of Spain and ends in Santiago de Compostela), which traverses across the region towns such as its capital and also Navarrete, Najera, Azofra, Cirueña or Santo Domingo de la Calzada, where the legend of the miracle that tells about a hen crowing after being cooked comes from. Near this town which is worth visiting as is one of the most beautiful, we find Haro.

We are in the heart of the Rioja Alta area, Viña Tondonia wines from Bodegas Lopez de Heredia, one of the classics when we think of Rioja wine comes from this part and so does Viña Ardanza from Rioja Alta Group, like the laureates Baron de Oña and Torre de Oña that belong to the same producers.

Whichever one you choose for sure that you will enjoy, but what is clear is that if you drink it on a terrace in Ezcaray or by a barrel at any of the tapas streets in La Rioja, it will taste way much better.

Are you travelling to Rioja? So prepare it carefully with these 2 good wines:

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Only created in the best vintages.

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Marqués de Riscal simbolices the new Rioja, with its cellar built by Frank Ghery.

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