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The whisky’s world trends

Social events like the Whisky Lounge London Festival held in the year 2012 offer a fresh view of the new trends and whisky blends that are available on the market. These trends are discussed to provide more knowledge to those who like good whisky. They talk about the new distilleries in London, featured beverages and processes, new brands, among other things.

The Japanese Whisky is one of the trends that has gained more fame in recent years, positioning itself internationally as a favorite. I think we all remember the Japanese beverage brand Suntory for that commercial that records the protagonist of the “Lost in Translation? film. This brand has become an institution with options like Hakoshu whisky, Yamazaki and Hibiki.

For women there are also options that have been very well received in the market for its fruity and delicious flavor. Mainly, the Scottish malt whisky is one of the favorites of the women for his touch of vanilla and spicy nuances. Additionally, Jameson Irish whisky released their black barrel option, which consists of a whisky barrel burned out twice to reinforce its characteristic charred.

We rarely hear of whisky in India, but this has been successfully known over time with the brand Seven Islands. It is a single malt Scotch whisky that you should not miss if you get the chance to taste it.  Other options are available today, such a single distillation whiskies, grain whisky free to get back to the origins of Irish whiskey, The Scotch Malt Whisky Society and the triple-distilled whisky.

One constant in all of these trends is the quest for the recovery of traditional methods of production, looking to provide unsurpassed quality products.

The very new emergence tool for lovers of whisky is an applications for smartphones that helps you figure out where to get the whiskies that you like, giving you an extra resource to optimize your time.

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Rum ousitde Caribbean


No one can doubt that the Caribbean rums are the worlds most famous either for their high quality or its long tradition. But we cannot deny that there are a lot of rum around the world who may not have the same tradition, but their quality has won an important place in the world of rum.

If we talk about outside the Caribbean rums, we must mention first South American ones, and the Europeans, but also the ones in North America, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

South America Rum

The 3 countries highlighted in South America are Colombia, Venezuela and Peru. Although Venezuela is considered a Caribbean country, much of its production is done far from the Caribbean waters. The main rums are the Colombians, among them, the Ron Viejo de Caldas, Old San Juan Rum, Cauca Rum and Santa Fe Rum. In Venezuela, rum is one of the most drunk distillates, emphasizing Diplomático Rum, Rum Santa Teresa and Cacique. In Peru, together with Pisco, rum is one of the distilled drinks, more drunk, even beating the consumption of their national drink, here highlights the Rum Cartavio.

European Rum

In the old continent, the French rums stand up as well as the Spanish and English rums.

In Spain the “Ron” is made with molasses, but keeping the same style as elaborated in America. They are also good quality rums such as Santa Cruz, Ron Pálido Montero, Ron Arehúcas and the popular Ron Miel from the Canaries. The Spanish rum is very similar to the Caribbean rum.

In England, rum is made from molasses, since a long time, that’s why there are so many english rums. Including the highlighted British rum produced in its colonies such as Barbados, Bermuda, Belize, Guyana and many more in the Caribbean.

French “rhums” are made from sugar cane. Although the french rhum consumption is not really high, so it is its reputiation. Like the English, we have to include those made in its colonies such as Martinique, Guadeloupe La Union and others.

Rum from United States

In Mexico and the United States a lot of rum is made, although its market is governed by the Caribbean rums. They tend to be of medium quality.

Now it’s your turn, which rum do you prefer?


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