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Good wine is expensive… or not

 TAGS:When we speak about the wines best rated in the guides, we always have the same idea: small production, long stay in barrels, selected grapes and huge prices. It is the general idea, for example, among the 10 best wines of Spain in 2011, according to Parker.

Well this year Robert Parker scores have yielded a surprise to us: wine Rua Blanco 2010, of the Bodega Cooperativa Virgen de las Viñas, has been rated with 90 points, quite high score, especially having in mind that the wine at issue is worth … 1 euro and fifty cents.

To give you an idea, you can check the best wines of Catalonia in 2011, according to Parker. The best rated white wine is Coma Blanca 2009, with 93 points, and it sells for around 36 euros. 30 times more than the cost of the Rua Blanco, who has become the revelation of the season.

Robert Parker’s only values, by principle, wine with a distribution in the U.S., because although its influence is worldwide, its market is mainly the U.S. Over there the price of this White Rua 2010 is considerably higher (between 7 and $ 38) due to transport costs and customs, and it varies depending on the specific laws of each state. Still, the price is affordable compared to other wines. But in Spain the wine is sold at a dollar and a half, which caused an immediate flurry of orders to the warehouse.

In addition, another of the wines they make, the Tempestad Godello has obtained even a highest score, 92 points, and it also has an excellent price: Uvinum sells this wine at a great pice, just over 6 euros. So if you want to buy cheap wine, you know…

A few years ago, Robert Parker caused a similar effect when he evaluated the Las Rocas Garnacha Vinas Viejas 2003 vintage saying: “This must be the biggest breakthrough in my 25 years of work.” He added: “Without doubt, the best value in Europe that I found in my 25 year career.” Back Then the wine was sold between 1 and$ 3. Today Las Rocas Garnacha Vinas Viejas 2008 worth 11.50 euros, and still remains as one of the most popular wines in the U.S.