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Can I know your ideology according to what you drink?


It%u2019s a question that until now seemed difficult to answer to, beyond mere speculation without any scientific basis. No one seemed to have the great idea to make a similar experiment in our country, but some answers are starting to emerge on the subject, since according to a recent study on consumption habits conducted in the U.S., it does seem to be some clear trends on the political tendencies of consumers of alcoholic beverages.

Specifically, always according to the results obtained by National Media Research Planning and Placement, the Democrats seem to prefer rather clear drinks like vodka, champagne and craft beers, Stella Artois or Miller Genuine Draft, while Republicans lean toward dark beverages such as whiskey or wine, and beer like Miller Lite, Amstel Lite, Blue Moon, Samuel Adams or Michelbob Ultra.

The current study also analyzes trough the habits of drinkers if they are more or less likely to vote (which in the U.S. is very important, since for voting you must be pre-register and therefore there is a large body of citizens who, despite having its more or less clear political preferences never have approached a ballot paper). The “silent majority.” Well, this majority also has its preferences when it comes to drinking, as the most progressive tend to consume flavored vodka, peach schnapps and beers like Milwaukee ‘s Best light beer, Heineken or Budweiser while conservatives opt for spirits such as Jägermeister, Jack Daniels or Malibu and beers like Coors, Corona Light and Busch.

In the center of the American political spectrum you can find the rum drinkers (especially Bacardi and Captain Morgan) and Bud Light beer. Who knows if these drinks also have some influence on the politics preferences in our latitudes? Judging by the amount of English citizens drinking beer, what would that mean according to this study? Are the Lager drinker from the Labour Party and the Guinness drinker for the Liberal Party?

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The rise of rum

 TAGS:The WHO shared new statistics about the average baskets in the United Kingdom. The results show a significant change in the consumer?s habits, more specifically in the alcoholic beverage consumption: it still tends to decrease.

In the UK, alcohol consumption declined for several years in-a-row. The lowest percentage was recorded in 2011. It appears that average consumers prefer to choose white rum over other drinks like champagne, which sales reduced dramatically.

The demand constantly changes and we can ask ourselves if it is a reflection of the society?s evolution. But if we take a closer look at the study we can see that blueberries, salami, e-books and even men T-shirts sales are decreasing too. Not easy under those conditions to figure a general trend from those statistics… However, let?s play a little bit and allow ourselves to imagine an explanation to the ?Rise of the White Rum?

What is pushing the UK into abandoning champagne? Champagne represents luxury, victory, effervescence, and sparkling occasions. Nowadays, it may also convey a certain idea of overdoing things. On the contrary, rum seems to fit any kind of events, from the most mundane parties to the average teenage binge drinking nights. In effect, rum has a large price range, depending on its aging and quality.

White, gold and black rum are the result of the fermentation and distillation of sugar cane. The barrels of oaks, the sugar cane quality, the aging and the distillates used are decisive in the final flavour of the beverage. If you choose a medium quality rum, you can still use it as the main ingredient of the two popular cocktails Pina colada and Cuba libre.

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