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 TAGS:Speaking of rye makes us think of JD Salinger and his famous and controversial book or of Canadian whiskey, a subject far less cloudy and quite more pleasant than the other, which does not mean that it is not possible to share love for both at once … Even though you run the risk of being a little redundant… gulp!

The truth is that this spirit, which you can also get when ordering a “Rye” in local taverns, is proud to use this cereal as a basis for a much smoother blend and certainly lighter than other whiskeys.

Anyway, we cannot overlook that this whiskey is not made from rye only, but maize, mainly, and also wheat and barley, more cereals that can be part of its mix. In fact, there is no record of any official or legal share regarding this matter in order to belong to this select and fun club, the Canadian whiskeys.

But there is a rule, it is mandatory that the entire production process has to be developed on Canadian soil since the creation of the cereal mixture until the aging for at least three years in oak barrels.

In this process caramel or vanilla essence can be added. The second one is also used in other distillate which also comes from across the Atlantic Ocean, the Bourbon.

Bourbon must be aged in oak barrels as well, but with 2 years is enough, one less than their Canadian neighbors, and like it, they use corn in their base composition. But in the case of Bourbon, corn must assume at least half of the total cereal amount that is used for mixing (51% minimum).

The most special class you can find is called straight bourbon and it has such a category because of the duration of his term in oak: 5 years, which is more than double the average bourbon. Coloring or flavoring cannot be part of its composition, even though that is allowed for other kinds of bourbon.

Ontario or Kentucky, that is the question, and the fact is there is no need to choose so that the best we can do is provide us with some good specimens of each to get our bar some culture.

Among the Canadians we will take any of the Seagram’s Crown Royal to drink with ice or ginger ale, or if we agree that it?s not a bad thing to have a little fun now and then, then we should go for a Glen Breton 10 years Single Malt, sweet and creamy, with the advantage of experience.

And about the bourbons, in honor of the rock and roll, we’re taking a Jack Daniel’s (the fans of Janis Joplin may opt for a Southern Comfort) but not only in its average version but in its live version, that in which a guitar solo wins you over and it is named: Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel.

Which one would you choose? Here you are our suggestions:

 TAGS:Canadian ClubCanadian Club

The name of Canada in each drop.

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 TAGS:Jack Daniel'sJack Daniel’s

Rock Stars’ bourbon (but Janis Joplin).

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