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Gin & Tonic & Sushi, the (new) fashion

 TAGS:The Gin & Tonic is one of the hottest trends among drink lovers and now it comes combined with Sushi. This is a perfect match that you should not miss.

But with such a huge variety of gins on the market, how to choose the special gin and tonic for each type of sushi? Today in Uvinum we would like to suggest to you some combinations that will enhance the taste of fresh fish:

For tuna and salmon Sashimi, Gin Bulldog in a Gin & Tonic with citrus is the perfect combination as it complements them without masking their flavour.

Tuna, salmon or shrimp Niguiris can go with Raffles London Dry Gin which would be a good choice for a gin & tonic to pair with because it has notes of lemon and lime which come to your mouth just before you start feeling the sweet taste of orange juice.

Fruit Makis can be great with a Gin & Tonic made using Bols Jonge Genever Gin, with citrus notes of pomegranate.

The Gin & Tonics are perfect pairing options to enjoy a delicious Sushi meal and, why not, you can take this chance to enjoy together with friends and family.

Japanese food is made with care and paying special attention to the balance between the flavours used and the best way to complement them So you should avoid ruining these flavours with the drink choice and learn from the latest Ferran Adrià proposal: the extreme food pairing. The chef, after numerous tastings and cooking workshops came to the conclusion that the best way to respect the counterpoint, flavours and notes of each element is this new model that has caused a furor among consumers.

Do you consider yourself an expert in gin? Prove it … have you tried our today’s recommendations? And if not, what are you waiting for?

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