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The 5 world best sellers Sancerre wines


Sancerre wine is known worldwide for its taste, its good value for money and how well you can work the Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir. In France it is one of the most demanded wines, but do you know which Sancerre wines are the most sold abroad? Today we show you the five Uvinum best-selling Sancerre wine worldwide:

5. Vacheron Belle Dame 2007

 TAGS:Vacheron Belle Dame 2007Vacheron Belle Dame 2007

Vacheron Belle Dame 2007, a great Sancerre wine



 4. Alphonse Mellot Génération XIX Blanc 2007

 TAGS:Alphonse Mellot Génération XIX Blanc 2007Alphonse Mellot Génération XIX Blanc 2007

Alphonse Mellot Génération XIX Blanc 2007, a good value for money 


3. Alphonse Mellot Génération XIX 2005

 TAGS:Alphonse Mellot Génération XIX 2005Alphonse Mellot Génération XIX 2005

Alphonse Mellot Génération XIX 2005, you will be surprised by this tremendous wine



2. Saget Blanc 375ml 2009

 TAGS:Saget Blanc 375ml 2009Saget Blanc 375ml 2009

Saget Blanc 375ml 2009, don’t miss this Sancerre wine!



1. Pierre Archambaut Rosé 2009

 TAGS:Pierre Archambaut Rosé 2009Pierre Archambaut Rosé 2009

Pierre Archambaut Rosé 2009, this is the best seller ! Try it too!

1000 wines, 1000 cheeses

 TAGS:Everybody knows that there are few things that taste better than grapes with cheese (which taste like kiss). But one of those things is wine, because when it accompanies cheese is simply such a great combination that can beat even chocolate.

We could also say that it is the best combination for the mood (I do not dare saying that it is goo as well for health, as those with high cholesterol should stop reading the post right now, because going any further will only cause them some troubles).

Not to disappoint anyone, notice that I have no space or time (or speed) to speak a thousand wines and a thousand cheeses, but I will do everything in my hand to make a quality selection which will bring you something new and appetizing, resulting in pairings that you can practice at home this very weekend.

To get started I suggest an English Cheddar cheese, which in its milder variant is perfect to be accompanied by a South Africa Chardonnay while when its most cured lends down with a glass of Rioja Crianza.

The Dutch Gouda (beautiful city, by the way) seems to me perfect to go together with a white wine from Alella. However, the Gruyere is ideal when accompanied by a Sauvignon Blanc (Chile, if you like powerful flavor or New Zealand , if you prefer a more floral touch).

Brie cheese can be quite an experience when presented with a glass of Pedro Ximénez, but if someone does not want to or cannot wait to the dessert time to try this combination, worthy of Olympus, then it is also a good idea to choose a good bread and a good Merlot, which will also catapult you to the absolute pleasure of cheese and wine lovers.

Feta cheese, especially if it is part of a salad of pear tomatoes, onions and black olives is the most ideal dining companion of a slight Burgundy. While other French wine, the Châteauneuf-du-Pape, could be a real success in a Raclette evening with friends.

Finally, Manchego cheese tastes even better if you eat it while tasting a glass of wine containing some Petit Verdot, although to purists I do not dare but recommend another than any of the Ribera del Duero best crianzas, obtaining an interesting recreation of the most distinguished cuisine of the both parts of Castile.

 TAGS:Grossot Chablis Fourchaume 2008Grossot Chablis Fourchaume 2008

Grossot Chablis Fourchaume 2008



 TAGS:Château Minuty Cru Classé Cuvée Prestige Rosé 2011Château Minuty Cru Classé Cuvée Prestige Rosé 2011

Château Minuty Cru Classé Cuvée Prestige Rosé 2011

Winebeer, what a mix!

 TAGS:To me this new invention: the winebeer sounds quite weird. Just hearing its name I start getting all kinds of flashbacks as: cherrycoke, this drink with cherry and coke mixed together (puaghhhh!) about which it was nothing good except for the melody of its ad (mostly because it was catchy) and K2, and I?m not talking about the mountain but about that invention that some enlightened mind had of mixing dark and Virginia tobacco in one cigarette … (no comment).

Luckily the ideologues who have taken this step have not gone further than white wine so we will not have to hear about a grotesque mix of red wine with beer. To mix red wine with something we already have the Coke which also originates such a social, cheap and rooted in popular culture drink as the ?calimocho?, which even has its name in Spanish and all. That?s quality.

We must try to understand these brave Americans who invented the name winebeer (even though they did not have to think much to get it). If you go to a bar and ask for it they will do a visual inspection all over your person before they serve anything else, in case you already had too much to drink.

It is said that the original idea combined Chardonnay with lager. But now they are beginning to dare doing the mix using Sauvignon Blanc as well (whaaaaat!!?????). That’s what white wine has, it inspires: sometimes too much. In northern Europe they have combined the white wine with water for years. A light chic plan for those endless days of sunshine that summer gives to you when living in those lands. Days are endless long, although very few a year.

Regarding beer there is many more people who dares to try all kinds of mix. Beer with lemon, also known as Shandy, is the star of the bar at any time during the summer. For those who like it, of course, because I prefer it solo.

However, although its short lifetime, winebeer has already been successful in some contests and beer awards. Minimum we can do is to taste it before keep on speaking about it (or criticizing it). And if anyone has already tasted it, please give us your feedback and tell us what kind of food goes better with … because I can imagine that the food pairing will be quite challenging.

Synonyms for grape names (Part II)


Uva perruna (doggy Grape), Pardillo, Negrera (slavers), Botón de gallo (rooster?s button ?yes, it’s what you have just read, it is the translation of those names. Local names for famous grapes… Do you want to know which ones are they?

Wine is universal, made worldwide, and elaborated most of the time with the local grapes, harvested in the place of manufacture.

These grapes despite having a distant origin have some “nicknames” in each and every different place. Let?s know some synonyms for grape names.

  • Merlot – This grape of French origin whose name derives from the diminutive of blackbird (this bird’s plumage has the color of the strain) is also known in France as Semillon rouge, and Merleau Bigney.
  • Cabernet Franc ? Bordeaux grape also known as: Aceria, Acheria, Arrouya, Bordo, Bouchy (Gascony), Burdeas Rouge, Cabernet, Cabernet Aunis, Cabernet Franco, Capbreton Rouge, Cabernet Gris, Carmenet (Médoc), Fer Servandou, Gamput, Grosse Vidure, Hartling, Kaberne Fran, Messanges Rouge, Morenoa, Noir Dur, Petit Fer, Petit Viodure, Petite Vidure, Petite Vignedure, Plant Des Sables, Trouchet Noir, Véron, Véron Bouchy, Véronais, Gros Bouchet, Bouchet, Bretón, Capbretón, Plant Bretón and Verón.
  • Malbec – Another famous French grape grown over the world, also known as: Auxerrois, Cot, Malbeck, Pressac, Agreste, Auxerrois De Laquenexy, Auxerrois Des Moines De Picpus, Auxerrois Du Mans, Balouzat, Beran, Blanc De Kienzheim, Cahors, Calarin, Cauli, Costa Rosa, Cot A Queue Verte, Cotes Rouges, Doux Noir, Estrangey, Gourdaux, Grelot De Tours, Grifforin, Guillan, Hourcat, Jacobain, Luckens, Magret, Malbek, Medoc Noir, Mouranne, Navarien, Negre De Prechac, Negrera, Noir De Chartres, Noir De Pressac, Noir Doux, Nyar De Presak, Parde, Périgord, Pied De Perdrix, Pied Noir, Pied Rouge, Pied Rouget, Piperdy, Plant D’Arles, Plant De Meraou, Plant Du Roi, Prechat, Pressac, Prunieral, Quercy, Queue Rouge, Quille De Coy, Romieu, Teinturin, Terranis and Vesparo.
  • Sauvignon Blanc ? Another famous grape from Bordeaux, also with a large number of synonyms, as large as its fame: Beyaz Sauvignon, Blanc Doux, Blanc Fume, Bordeaux Bianco, Douce Blanche, Feher Sauvignon, Feigentraube, Fie, Fie dans le Neuvillois, Fume, Fume Blanc, Fume Surin, Genetin, Gennetin, Gentin a Romorantin, Gros Sauvignon, Libournais, Melkii Sotern, Muskat Silvaner, Muskat Sylvaner, Muskatani Silvanec, Muskatni Silvanec, Muskatsilvaner, Painechon, Pellegrina, Petit Sauvignon, Picabon, Piccabon, Pinot Mestny Bely, Pissotta, Puinechou, Punechon, Punechou, Quinechon, Rouchelin, Sampelgrina, Sarvonien, Sauternes, Sauvignon, Sauvignon Bianco, Sauvignon Bijeli, Sauvignon Blanco, Sauvignon Fume, Sauvignon Gros, Sauvignon Jaune, Sauvignon Jeune, Sauvignon Petit, Sauvignon Vert, Sauvignon White, Savagnin, Savagnin Blanc, Savagnin Musque, Savagnou, Savignon, Servanien, Servonien, Servoyen, Souternes, Sovinak, Sovinjon, Sovinjon Beli, Sovinon, Spergolina, Surin, Sylvaner Musque, Uva Pelegrina, Weisser Sauvignon, and Zöld Ortlibi.
  • Semillon – One of the finest white grapes of French origin also known as Muscat Semillon and Colombia. In South Africa is also called Green grape.
  • Verdejo – A grape originally from Spain, is also called: – Botón de gallo blanco (white rooster?s button), Gouveio, Verdeja, Verdeja Blanca, Verdejo Blanco, Verdelho and Verdell.
  • Albillo ? Spanish strain known by the synonyms of: Albilla, Albillo de Cebreros, Albillo de Madrid, Albillo de Toro, Albillo Castellano, Blanco del País, Castellano, Gual, Hoja Vuelta, Nieves Temprano, Pardillo, Pardina and Uva Perruna.

Do you know any wine in which it appears any of these synonyms? Today we recommend 2:

 TAGS:Nadir Blanco 2010Nadir Blanco 2010

This spanish cellar is well known for their red and rosé wines. Well, Pago de las Encomiendas also has a very special white wine, made with Cayetana, Uva perruna and Cigüente.

Buy Nadir Blanco 2010 6,68?



 TAGS:Dehesa de los Canónigos Reserva Solideo 2004Dehesa de los Canónigos Reserva Solideo 2004

Dehesa de los Canónigos is one of the most famous wineries in Ribera Del Duero. It is made from a mixture in which ? appears a 3% of albillo grape ? providing with aromas and smoothness to this great wine.

 TAGS:Buy Dehesa de los Canónigos Reserva Solideo 2004 37,89?


White grapes’ aromas

Classic questions in those who approach to the world of wine tasting are on the aromas. How does this wine smell? What should you smell? The smell of one thing or another, is it good or bad?
White Wine GlassIf you’ve ever seen in movies the classic sketch in which an expert is able to reveal the vintage, type of grape, the origin, the make and even if the keeper of the wine cellar had cached a cold in October, you cannot help feeling frustrated, when then you go and smell a wine and you?re not able to identify any does things. However, it is normal at first not to know how does the wine you taste exactly smells. 

In my case, the transition has been far more natural than that. I tasted a wine, and if I liked it I would look at the label and tried to remember the name. Later, what type of grape was? In varietal wines, went gradually finding matches between a Chardonnay, for example, and a different grape. So I learned the aromas given off by each grape.
I could not name the aromas, but I knew the difference between a Macabeo and Riesling.
I always recommend start on tasting white wine, because the range of aromas are much different between each other (floral, fruit, herbs, honey ,…) than red wines, which can also include aromas of barrel aging .

Finally, in a tasting course they gave me the proper names for the impressions perceived. And so I began to be considered as an assessor, but I like to think I’m just a wine lover.
“Do grapes smell different? Yes, as you know a cherry tomato is different form a pear tomato. But if you make a gazpacho mixing these two varieties, it would be difficult to distinguish them. So If you’re interested in learning how to taste wines start with varietals in order to recognize each grape individually.

The smell of one thing or another, is it good or bad? Depends on whether you like the scent or not. There are very faithful to the generic flavor of the grape wines, because the grape winery that wants to take his best, but some wineries (or winemakers) make completely different wines, in which you can hardly recognize the grapes, because they want to emphasize that their vineyards are unique and different, or are able to obtain new flavors in this variety. Everything is ok if you like the result.
What should a white wine smell like? Who knows. Throughout history a standard of aromas have been established, which are the aromas that are usually present in each type of grape. But it is not the same a Gewürztraminer grown in La Mancha than in Austria.Even with a particular wine, as the vineyard ages or external factors change (global warming, new pressing and lift, winemakers contributions), the resulting wine might have change its aromas.
Finally, we must consider that it will not smell the same when wine grapes are collected green, from those collected mellow. It is Logical, right?

Albariño GrapesThe standard of white grapes are more or less, the following:

? Chardonnay: Green apple, lemon, grapefruit, pineapple, melon, banana, …
? Riesling: Green apple, citrus, quince, smoked, spicy, petroleum, …
? Gewürztraminer: rose, gardenia, lychee, mango, peach, …
? Macabeo / Viura: green fruit, apple, white flowers, wine, …
Muscat: There are as many varieties of Muscat as aromas. Also, when it comes to wine varietal it overripe grapes are often used: candied fruits, honey, dried rose petals, orange blossom, peaches in syrup, …
Sauvignon Blanc: ripe fruit, smoke, asparagus, green pepper, passion fruit, …
Albariño: golden apple, honey, apricot, floral, …
Airen: banana, pineapple, hay, barley, lavender, …
Malmsey: white fruit, lemon, peach, plum, …
Palomino: Lima, bitter almonds, aniseed, salt, balsamic, …
Verdejo: White fruit, green grass, mango, melon, fennel, …
Can a wine made from these grapes smell like something else? Yes, of course. Additionally, the name of the aroma must be named after whatever that aroma reminds you. In some tasting notes can be read: aromas “dew of a morning in October,” “recently changed sheets”, “red apple cut in two”,? bakery working full time “,… seem absurd, but if you read carefully that would bring up to your mind some aroma.
How do we know if a wine that smells like apple is a Chardonnay, Riesling, Macabeo, Albariño or any other grape? Well, the aromas are not exclusive. The same wine has several flavors at once, so try to identify other aromas in the glass to help you to decide. More than a recommendation it is an obligation for those who like wine: try, try, try and try …