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Buon appetito! Italian food for beginners


Yes, in Italy there is life beyond pizza. And also much color: green basil, white, red . And is actually so that Italian cuisine is full of joy and flavors. What are some of the most common dishes? We will mention some of them.

Pasta – It is always a delicious dish, especially if you serve with sauces made from fresh tomatoes or mushrooms, you can pair with wines made of many varieties Merlot, Carmenere and Shiraz, and rose wines prepared with Syrah. These wines also go excellent with other pastas such as gnocchi alla romana with cream and mushrooms, Rigatoni ragout of blueberry jam, the cappellacci di Zucca and penne rigate with lamb ragout, or pasta with chickpeas and zucchini. Oh. And if you prefer the lasagna, a Cabernet Sauvignon is a must on the side.

Rice – Rice in Italy is synonymous with risotto. Its traditional preparation requires a special type of rice cooked in broth. One of the most famous recipes for risotto is part of the typical food of the Veneto region, and it is called risi e bisi, meaning rice and peas, as well as the risotto ai funghi. Good alternatives on pairing with wine are white wines made from Chardonnay basis, Pinot Grigio and varieties of Pinot Blanc.

Polenta – Polenta is a recipe from the north of Italy, made with cornmeal. The dish is a very versatile one, and to serve it mixed with mushrooms is very good. Do not hesitate to accompany polenta for wines made from Malbec or Syrah.

Soups – When winter never forget you of Italian soups. One of the favorites is chickpea soup with chestnuts, from the center of Italy and cooked with fresh chestnuts. Another option is the famous minestrone. Enjoy them with a young red wine made from Pinot Noir and Merlot.

Desserts – Do you have a sweet tooth? Do not miss the biscuits Meini, the Schiacciata all uva (focaccia with typical grapes of the region of Tuscany made during the month of September) Shwarzplententorte (buckwheat and Apple Cake made from wheat and apple, typical of northern Italy) and the Panna Cotta (means cream and of Piedmontese origin). Which is nicely combined with white wine, both sweet and dry.

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Ruffino Chianti Classico Riserva Ducale 2012



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Castello Monsanto Chianti Classico Riserva 2012

The Arrival of Wine-in-a-glass


The introduction at Marks & Spencer of Le Froglet’s Wine-in-a-glass, an individual serving of either Chardonnay, Rosé, or Shiraz in a covered plastic glass has spurred a great deal of online discussion. Part of the story is the owner of the idea, Mr. James Nash, had his vision unkindly shot down by the BBC’s Dragon’s Den panel, who have been evidentially been proven wrong as Marks & Spencer reportedly cannot keep the glasses in stock.

However, some commenters have decried the environmental impact of the single use glasses, which is valid, but why should wine not be permitted in single use containers when so many other beverages are? (Target in the US offers more environmentally friendly single use wine tetrapacks, kind of like grown up juice boxes, but that concept hasn’t taken off yet.) And some seem offended by the very idea, that it’s déclassé and  “unromantic”.

Wine has survived the introduction of wine cooler and white zinfandel, so I doubt it will suffer at the hand of a plastic glass. If anything, it’s one more way for wine lovers to enjoy the product– and what’s wrong with that?