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Sparkling Wine On Ice

TAGS:undefinedSummer has arrived and everybody knows. The fine weather invites to go outside to meet friends or family, or just enjoy reading a book by yourself. A new season nearly always comes with new trends and ideas, in summer, we are looking for refreshing and cool drinks. And this year is the year of ICE sparkling wines

What’s that, you ask? Usually, you pour your champagne, cava or prosecco into a narrow and high glass and that’s it. No ice cubes allowed in order to preserve the taste and aromas. Because ice melts and waters your wine. However, these Ice sparkling wines are specially created for summer. You have to pour them over ice to enjoy their full saviours during the hot season. 

Ice sparkling wines simply are innovative versions of famous champagnes and cavas from Möet & Chandon up to Freixenet. For years, they have been growing a special audience just to excel this summer with hopefully more years to come.

Uvinum Recommendations 

When we talk about sparkling pioneers, we can’t go without mentioning the Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial made by Moët & Chandon. The French winery found an innovative way of tasting the classic Champagne variety. Also available in the pink version, Ice Impérial Rosé, for those who prefer fruitier notes of red and black berries with soft nuances of roses and spices.

 TAGS:Moët & Chandon Ice ImpérialMoët & Chandon Ice Impérial

Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial: the first champagne created to be enjoyed with ice. An ideal drink to quench your thirst during hot days and which will achieve a touch of distinction in the most glamorous and chic summer festivals parties. Imperdible!


 TAGS:Moet & Chandon Ice Impérial RoséMoet & Chandon Ice Impérial Rosé

Moet & Chandon Ice Impérial Rosé: a sparkling wine from Champagne based on Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay. Dishes like shrimp and white fish make for an ideal match for the Moet & Chandon Ice Impérial Rosé.

One of the most famous brands for sparkling wines, the Catalan winery Freixenet, brings the Freixenet Ice on the table and has already made it to the top of the icy list. A blend of autochthone grapes, Xarel.lo, Parellada and Macabeo in combination with the French Chardonnay results in a creamy, sweet cava with aromas of ripe pear, white flowers and tropical fruits. The perfect introduction to these types of wine.

 TAGS:Freixenet IceFreixenet Ice

Freixenet Ice is a sparkling wine made by Freixenet from Cava from the Xarel·lo, Parellada, Macabeo and Chardonnay grapes. According to Uvinum users, the Freixenet Ice deserves an evaluation of 4,3 of 5 points.

Further ones worth mentioning are the Nicolas Feuillate Graphic Ice, as well as the François Montand Ice. The most famous brands have opened a new path for enologists and winemakers to target a broader audience and offer an innovative tasting experience. 

With the ice sparklings, the sky’s the limit. Drink them poured over ice in balloon glasses. Turn them into gorgeous cocktails with brand new tastes and aromas and get creative. Maybe you’re the first amongst your friends and you’ll get a chance to impress them with a whole new experience!

Which wines should be cooled and how?


All wine lovers know that each variety has an ideal temperature to drink: some must be consumed at room temperature and that, at times, we can spoil the experience of drinking a wine by serving it too cold or too hot.

For example, most young white and rosé wines, sparkling wines and sweet wines, improve if served cold. In contrast, wines with more body lose some of their richness in aromas and flavors if their temperature it’s too low.

Although we know that reds, for example, shouldn’t be served cold, this doesn’t mean that they should be consumed hot, as sometimes what we call “room temperature” is far from the ideal temperature that should be. This inconvenience disappears almost always if we have a cellar with a good temperature of conservation, but not everybody is that lucky and ends up drinking red wine (in summer, for example, or in homes with heating) warmer than it would be advisable.

A good solution is to put them in the fridge for a while, and check the temperature from time to time using a wine bottle thermometer. In the case of red wines, it’s best to keep them in a cool and ventilated place for the time necessary to cool them until reaching at least about 20º C. If it’s not possible, with 10 or 15 minutes in the refrigerator will be enough.

A low temperature can be, on the other hand, a good ally when it comes to masking, to a certain extent, the deficiencies of a mediocre wine, something that we can easily see in many bars and restaurants, which tend to cool above the normal to hide these irregularities.  

 TAGS:Vidigal Porta 6 2015Vidigal Porta 6 2015

Vidigal Porta 6 2015



 TAGS:La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 2005La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 2005

La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 2005

3 Spanish sparkling wines

 - Sparkling wine is a hit in many countries and Spain would not be less. The sparkling wines are achieved when there is a second fermentation in the bottle. But this should not be confused with artificially sparkling wines, to which carbon dioxide is injected.

Really, sparkling wines are made in virtually all autonomous communities in the country, primarily Catalonia (main producer of cava), Basque Country, Aragon, Castilla y León, Castilla-La Mancha and La Rioja. We recommend three sparkling wines from some of these and other communities. Today we’ll show some of the sparkling wines from lesser known areas of Spain:

Sparkling wines from Castilla y León

The sparkling wines from Castilla y Leon are trendy and its elaboration is increasingly important. Some sparkling wines from Rueda in Valladolid are of excellent quality, made from Verdejo grapes. But within this region, we can cite other wines with these characteristics, such as the wines from Toro or the Flor de Saúco Tinto Brut, the first double fermented red sparkling wine in the Spanish market.

Sparkling wines from Madrid

With bubbles, with a unique flavor, and increasingly demanded, also in Madrid sparkling wine is all the rage. We can find them in many cellars and taverns downtown, perfect with a ?tapa? of cheese or Iberian ham.

This is mainly thanks to Bodegas Jesus Diaz, who have been pioneers in the elaboration of this kind of wine in the community. Its white and rosé cavas are remarkable.

Sparkling wines from the Canary Islands

Though perhaps they are less known, the Canary sparkling wines already enjoy international prestige. The most outstanding are those from Lanzarote, with Malvasia grapes, or those produced in the Guimar valley; and in Tenerife, which has three wineries devoted to their production. They are ideal with the local food, especially if you visit at any time of year.