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Christmas Pairing


For this Christmas we will have the opportunity to eat special dishes and drinks that goes well with them. Christmas gifts like hams, nougat, soups, stews, calves … everything is ready for your guests. But surely you?ve wondered sometimes what kind of drink goes better with each meal, especially for these dates. Here are some Christmas pairings.

At this time, it is normal to have long meals. That is, you usually start with a aperitif with delicacies such as ham or clams. It’s best to offer a welcome cocktail, a smooth martini or start dinner or meal with a glass of white wine is also low graduation. While some chamomiles are reserved for the end of the meal, they are also recommended for sausage ?based snacks and seafood.

For salads, pasta or fish, white wine is perfect, specially the Verdejo and Albariño type. For seafood, strongly acidic or fruity rosé give a special flavor to the dish. For soup or broth, white wine goes well, some sherry can also be recommended.
The bream is a traditional dish of this holiday in many parts of Spain. To accompany it, white wine is still the main protagonist, but especially with less acidity. It is also valid for white meats such as turkeys or partridges.

For roasted meat it is better to opt for the reds. In this case the young, fruity red wines retain the flavor of the spices that accompany these meats. The food is not over, the desserts can be long. For sweets such as chocolate, red wine from the same meat may be fine, but if we move to the nougat, comes the turn of muscatel, sweeter wines, almonds or hazelnuts liquors, and young cava should put the loop end to the gathering.

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