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Which wines should be cooled and how?


All wine lovers know that each variety has an ideal temperature to drink: some must be consumed at room temperature and that, at times, we can spoil the experience of drinking a wine by serving it too cold or too hot.

For example, most young white and rosé wines, sparkling wines and sweet wines, improve if served cold. In contrast, wines with more body lose some of their richness in aromas and flavors if their temperature it’s too low.

Although we know that reds, for example, shouldn’t be served cold, this doesn’t mean that they should be consumed hot, as sometimes what we call “room temperature” is far from the ideal temperature that should be. This inconvenience disappears almost always if we have a cellar with a good temperature of conservation, but not everybody is that lucky and ends up drinking red wine (in summer, for example, or in homes with heating) warmer than it would be advisable.

A good solution is to put them in the fridge for a while, and check the temperature from time to time using a wine bottle thermometer. In the case of red wines, it’s best to keep them in a cool and ventilated place for the time necessary to cool them until reaching at least about 20º C. If it’s not possible, with 10 or 15 minutes in the refrigerator will be enough.

A low temperature can be, on the other hand, a good ally when it comes to masking, to a certain extent, the deficiencies of a mediocre wine, something that we can easily see in many bars and restaurants, which tend to cool above the normal to hide these irregularities.  

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The ideal temperature to drink wine

 TAGS:The temperature of wine is a long-standing and much controversial topic. As is often popularly said, white wine is drunk colder than red wine but, what is the right temperature to enjoy wine at its best? We will try to elucidate this and other questions below.

Usually the wines are stored in basements or cold spots in the house, places that could reach 11 degrees Celsius, considering that normal room temperature ranges from 18 to 25 degrees Celsius. These environmental details are even more complicated, since everything depends on where you are and what season it is. The range of different climates opens in a myriad of options that make it impossible to get an exact temperature. However, it is always advisable to use wine thermometers to check the temperature exactly.

The temperature in red wines

Red wines should be drunk in what is commonly known as room temperature, i.e. between 16 to 18 degrees Celsius. This temperature will help keep the flavor, aroma and body of wine.


  • If the wine in question is young, the ideal temperature will be lower, between 12 to 15 degrees Celsius, so we can savor its freshness, and eventually a floral or fruity flavor.
  • If it’s an aged wine, the temperature should be between 16 to 18 degrees Celsius, so we can appreciate its bouquet as best.
  • If the wine is of great vintages, it can be drunk up to 20 degrees Celsius. This will depend greatly on the type of origin of wine.

The temperature in white wines

White wines definitely are best enjoyed cold, more than red wines. But as in the case of red wines, there are some specific varieties of white wines. If the white wine we are about to drink is a young white wine, enjoy it ideally below 10 degrees Celsius, up to 7 or 8 degrees is ideal, so we can highlight its aromas, without actually stripping its acidity or alcohol flavor.

If the white wine is semi-dry, we could drink it up to 6 degrees Celsius, so we can highlight its soft, sweet and fruity taste. The fine white wines are enjoyed well at 10 degrees Celsius, for example the Manzanilla wines.

Rosé wines deserve a special mention. These should be drunk preferably below 8 degrees Celsius, never below 6 degrees. In regard to the Cava wines is recommended to drink them between 5 and 7 degrees Celsius.