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The most interesting London Gins

 TAGS:As a gin lover and a huge fan of gin and tonics on Sundays afternoon (to finish and start the week in the best possible way) I have compiled a list of my discoveries in this area that I would like to share with whom wants to read it to find out which are the four most interesting London Dry Gins:

Geranium London Dry Gin: following a tradition of over 350 years a father and son did not stop until they found a unique recipe of gin. In it, as well as juniper and a lemon zest touch that many be present in some other gins, it has a delicate geranium aroma and a soft palate but with character which leaves in our mouth notes of the other eight botanical specimens that we can find in its composition and which are a secret to all but to those with a gifted palate.

Gin No. 3 London Dry: a London Dry which is distilled in Holland and received its name from the combination of three fruits and three spices in its mix. The peel of sweet Spanish oranges, Italian juniper and grape skins put the fruit in this gin that would not be the same without the intervention of cardamom, coriander from Morocco and Angelica root.

The London Gin No. 1: with has twelve ingredients which make up one of the most stylish flavors in gin: juniper, licorice, iris root, angelica, coriander, lemon peel, orange peel, cassia, cinnamon, almond, bergamot and savory.

Gin 7d Essential: this gin is very different and surprises from the first sip as it incorporates notes of mint. A new feature that makes it a favorite even for those who say they do not drink gin. Lovers of this distillate cannot help but try to discover its power and its cosmopolitan refreshing suspense key.