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The tokaji Eszencia, the essence of Tokaj

 TAGS:As already stated in a previous post, Tokaji is a typical wine from the borderland between Hungary and Slovakia called Tokaj-Hegyalja, near Budapest. Sometimes called king of wines, wine of kings, this is definitely a special drink by its peculiar elaboration process, which uses botrytyzed grapes, i.e., affected by the Botrytis Cinerea fungus.

These grapes concentrate a large amount of sugar and create a must called aszú, with exceptional organoleptic qualities. This liquid so exclusive is mixed with the regular must of the season and, according to the proportion used, the result is different. The measure with which is rated the sweetness of Tokaji is the puttonyo, equivalent to approximately 25 g of sugar per liter of wine, being varieties up to 6 puttonyos (about 150 g of sugar per liter). Generally, Tokaji is usually paired with desserts.

Nectar of the gods

One of the most coveted types of this wine is the Tokaji Eszencia
, also called ?nectar? or ?tear from Tokaj?. The high concentration of sugar of this drink, worthy of the gods of antiquity, makes its consistency and appearance very similar to honey or syrup. As a result, its alcohol content rarely exceeds 5 or 6 degrees. This wine differs from regular Tokaji by its process of elaboration, using the pure juice of the aszú grape, instead of mixing up another must, so it?s understandable, besides the high sugar concentration, its limited production, virtually artisan.

The concentration of flavor and aromas of this wine are unmatched although, of course, its consumption can never be more than moderate because of its remarkable sweetness. Moreover, unlike 99% of other wines in the world, it can be stored with guaranteed stability during times that can reach a whopping 200 or more years, excellently preserved. Imagine what it feels like tasting a wine from the time of Napoleonic Wars!