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10 countries with the highest wine consumption per capita


By making a list of the 10 countries with the highest wine consumption per capita everyone expected to find big wine producing countries like Italy and Franc on the top the list. But data from the Wine Institute of California also reserve some surprises.

In the U.S. the popularity of sparkling wine Prosecco has a comic consequence: Americans consume more Italian wine that Italians themselves. Some of the greatest wine producing countries in the world are not the biggest consumers per capita.

10. Saint Pierre et Miquelon

The French islands of Saint Pierre et Miquelon is located in the western North Atlantic Ocean near Canada. Despite a population of only 5,000 inhabitants, residents consume 35 liters of wine per capita per year.

9. Italy

Home to some of the world’s oldest wine regions, Italian produce between 45 to 50 million hectoliters of wine per year.

8. Switzerland

With approximately 15 000 hectares of vine varieties grown (half red and half white). Very little wine produced in this region is exported, and consumption is mostly national.

7. Portugal

Known for the famous white Vinho Verde, Portugal is located at the 7th position of the biggest wine drinkers in the world.

6. Slovenia

Wine of Slovenia entered the history before the Roman Empire, with 28 000 wineries that produce between 80 and 90 million hectoliters of wine each year.

5. France

One of the largest wine producers in the world, his love for wine can be measured in this ranking.

4 Norfolk Island – Pacific Ocean

It is a small island in the Pacific Ocean between Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia. It was colonized by Britain in 1788. Despite a population of just over 2000 inhabitants, this small island is the fourth on the rankings.

3. Luxembourg

The love of wine in Luxembourg dates back to Roman times. The industry is dominated by a number of cooperative wineries in Greiveldange , Grevenmacher, Remerschen Wellenstein and Stadtbredimus.

2. Andorra

Andorra is a landlocked microstate in the mountains of the eastern Pyrenees. It cultivates the love of wine. Each of its 85,000 inhabitants consumes 50 liters of wine per year.

1. Vatican City

With the lowest population and the highest rate of consumption of wine in the world, the State of the Vatican City in Italy has an average of 62 liters of wine consumed per year per capita.

And since we know the biggest consumers, interested in knowing the most sold wines? Here they are:

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