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How to pair beer well?

Luckily, nowadays we can enjoy a great range of beer flavours: sweet, bitter, somewhat spicy? that means we can mix them more efficiently with food flavours. Now, we can find ways to marry beer and food.

For example, lager marries perfectly with some fishes such as tuna, salmon, and with Sushi as it enhances the flavour of soy and raw fish. Exactly as for wine, the flavour of the beer must never contrast with that of the food to maintain the aromas and flavours, it has to enhance it even more.

Wheat beer marries well with all kinds of aperitif snacks and first courses such as pasta, salads, shrimp, asparagus, cured meet? and many more, thus giving a refreshing touch to all kinds of dishes. For more substantial dishes like meets and main courses, it is best to drink a beer with more body, like roasted beer, flavoured lager or even ale.

With desert, spicy or home made beer marry perfectly, especially ones with touches of liquorish flavours or any flavour that the consumer rather enjoys. With sweet foods such a chocolate, it?s better to favour an ale that will leave you with touches of liquorish and dried fruit.

A fresh lager tends to marry well with more tart flavoured dishes with a strong vinegar touch because it reduces the sourness of the vinegar or escabeche, that is too strong for some palates. You can choose a fresh lager to accompany spicy dishes like curry to also mild out the strong tart and sour flavours. When it comes to cheeses, it?s important to know that not all can marry with beer, it?s always better with cow cheese, and among those, there will also be various degrees of compatibility.

Anyway, every palate is a universe, it?s a matter of the taste and the colour, some people will find that some foods marry perfectly with beer and others won?t.

Which beer do you find marries best with your food? Here are our recommendations:

 TAGS:Carlsberg BeerCarlsberg Beer

Carlsberg Beer, the tasty Danish beer 




Desperados, you will love this gold beer, and its tequila flavour

The wheat beer, German tradition

 TAGS:The wheat beer is unique since it is made partly with this cereal, in addition to the classic barley, basic ingredient of all beers. The proportion of wheat used can be very different, depending on the variety, and can range from 25 to 70%. Normally, all of them are usually served at low temperature (about 4 °) and in large and elongated glasses.

The presence of this grain gives to the resulting beverage different qualities from those of other beers, especially a characteristic aroma of freshly baked bread, a somewhat fruity taste, spicy notes and also smoothness due to its lower alcohol content-making it an ideal accompaniment for short or medium maturation cheeses, seafood, fish, chicken and overall dishes with not very strong taste. They usually also have a pale color, a hazy appearance, little bitterness, high carbonation and a dense and durable foam, although there are variations depending on its origin. Basically we find the following varieties:

  • Berliner weisse, characteristic of the German capital. Refreshing and light.
  • Weizenbier, typical from Bavaria and, in general, southern Germany. The richest in wheat.
  • Witbier or Bière blanche, from Belgium. They differ from the previous ones because the wheat is not malted, therefore presenting a higher density.

Other classes, such as Dunkelweizen incorporate particularities as a deeper color, product of roasting of the malts. The Hefeweizen beers are less filtered, so that gentle agitation will tend to lift the precipitated yeast at the bottom of the bottle. The Weizenbock is one of the exceptions within the so called wheat beers, since it has a higher alcohol content, while in the United States is elaborated the American Wheat, very light, or even in Catalonia we find some sample. Many of the beers flavored with fruits or spices are made based on wheat beers, given its greater lightness and responsiveness to these scents.

Weissbier: the best beer for the summer

 TAGS:A terrace, a sunny afternoon and a beer in your hand. Can anyone imagine anything better than this? Well, in case that heat is starting to dry out your gray matter I am going to suggest an improved version of that utopia: vacations, sitting down on a terrace with nothing to do (zero obligations, that word does not exist anymore), a sunny afternoon in the small town of Weiden in Southern Germany and a Weissbier in your hand, can anyone resist to such a dreamy thought?

Weiden in der Oberpfalz is located in the German region of Bavaria, the birthplace of wheat beer, a paradise on Earth for beer lovers. It’s as simple as to imagine that every hundred feet you can be able to taste a different home Weissbier, all high quality and with such an amazing taste that even makes you sing in German, even though you don?t know a word in that language. Well, this is not so common right after the first drink, but it may become very normal at the end of the tasting tour.

The advantage of living far from Bavaria, is that we can use our Internet skills and thanks to the network we can buy great wheat beer, buy weissbier at great prices and from our own living room.

And then, once you got it, everyone can do as they like best. Have one while watching football, drink it in the park together with some friends, take it out just to the terrace or, in the best of the cases (lucky you!) to the beach. Just make sure that it is always very cold, because that?s when it tastes best.

For those who have never tried wheat beer before, I would recommend to start with a Paulaner. It should be noted, and everybody knows that these beers are not only generous in flavor, but so they are in quantity. They often come in 50 cl formats, a pint of satisfaction that may seem like to few when you really enjoy this type of beer.

Erdinger and Franziskaner are usually the most common. With these two beers experienced weissbier consumers are comfortable while they enjoy all the flavor nuances at a extremely reasonable price: around one or two Euros.

But if you are already tired of having always the same and you want to try something new, I would recommend you the Weihenstephaner Hefe, a German beer which will surprise you, as will the Kasteel, although this latter is Belgian, another point in its favor to not resist the temptation.

3 beers to finish the Euro 2012

 TAGS:I always write about wine: which wines are my favorites, curious things about wine, new wines or wines I want to try. But truth is that I also love beer. In fact, there are times when a beer replaces any other option. That happens for example, when we are at home with friends, ready to see any of those football games that end up making history, in and out of the screen.

There is no better excuse to try a new beer together with the pizzas, olives and chips. That?s the atmosphere. I propose three different ones, each with its inspiration for you to try them if you do not know them yet or to remember them if they were already in your list of favorites.

As the final match of the Euro 2012 has a clear Spanish character, I decided on a Damm Inedit. Despite its name, this beer is made in Spain. In fact its production started 60 years ago. At first it was only produced from October to March, to comply with the March beer character of its true German style, but its launch success got that a few years after it started to be available throughout the year. It will be the right choice for all those who like lagers and also to those who usually prefer brown ales. The last Damm berr, Damm Inedit, was created by Ferran Adria, the great spanish chef.

Italy vs Germany -not played yet when I was writing this. The second semi-final of the Tournament inspires me to suggest to you another beer. My choice has nothing to do with the team I support, but it has more to do with my love for wheat beers. Franziskaner is a classic and, to my taste, the perfect beer to watch a football game. Its generous flavor, its long 50cl and its persistent foam makes this beer perfect for an afternoon watching a game. But before getting started on it you should know that, even if you get a pint, one is never enough.

Finally, I wanted to finish my beer proposals with one of my favorites: the Peroni Gran Riserva. This italian “birra”, with its soft flavour, delicious foam and history make it an almost unbeatable beer. Of course, I prefer a draft beer, but to drink it at home I always choose the bottle, as it is the only guarantee of the quality of the foam as we expect.